Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Of Donald, Hillary, and Warren

Regarding The Long Term: If Hillary is elected, the republic does not have a long term.

Forcing position: There is no point to forcing Trump to positions that would render him unelectable.

Freedom: Freedom from China means little if it just means selling the republic to international oligarchs.

Class warfare: Morlochs always want Eloi to stop conducting class warfare.

Re Cato Treatment: It's the corruption and incompetence of our very own federal government who you have to blame massive debt, massive deficits, job-killing regulations, cumbersome healthcare, poor education, lawless immigration and an IRS that is effectively a criminal enterprise. Globablist this, nationalist that, it just dilutes the actual problem ....

I AGREE with the first sentence; DISAGREE with the second. It is obvious that Rinos and the Chamber of Commerce want to erase the borders that define the U.S.! -- every bit as much as the Dinos.

Why trade one set of nation killers for another set of nation killers? I have no desire to kill the values set forth under the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. I have no desire to trade rule under national fascists for rule under international fascists.

I don't believe our crony elitist wannabe rulers are virtuous or benign. I don't believe they share my values or those of most of the Americans who have sweated and bled to make the nation. And I don't believe we should be allowing them to import multi-culti whose values are those we fought to resist.

The actual problem: The actual problem is the race to sacrifice the U.S. to a lowest-common-denominator syndicated rule of the worldwide masses by internationally competing corporate gangsters. I think you need to get out of the city and spend more time in rural America.

Warren G. Harding: He urged the reduction of war income taxes, an increase in tariffs on agricultural goods to protect the American farmer, as well as more wide-ranging reforms, such as support for highways, aviation, and radio. He reduced federal spending as a share of GDP. Wages, profits, and productivity all improved.

Technologies and production brought an age of modernization. Harding restricted immigration, except from Northern Europe. His Socialist opponent, Eugene Debs, was in prison.

His subordinates' handlings of Teapot Dome seem similar to Clinton's pay to play "charitable foundation."

So Harding was a product of his time. In some ways, he seems comparable to Trump, in other ways, to Hillary. His appointments were a mixed bag. Some (like Charles Evans Hughes) were good. Most likely, ALL of Hillary's would be like death for the republic.

It seems to me, given our times, that Trump is the man for the job. But to get elected, he has to project caring. That is a trick. He would be pilloried if he used the words "kinder and gentler." So he has to speak in generalities. And, actually, I suspect our general situation would quickly improve, if a sense of can-do responsibility and hope are inspired. Inspiration from a real American would go a long way to restore morning in America. That's a bit more complex than mere accounting.


So now we have the alt anti-American movement.  It is globalism stirred by crony miscreants.  It makes ordinary Americans out ot be goats by calling them white privileged and alt right, while it pretends to be for socialistic redistribution of wealth -- but only as a way to dupe masses into serf traps.

Until recently, people understood the American Ideal to relate to a culture of Christian values revolving around individual liberty and responsibility, characterized by emphasis on decent faith, family loyalty, and national fidelity.  This was a culture for conserving liberty, open to persons of all colors who are willing to stand up against invasions by depraved collectivistic leeches.

Now, most of our formal institutions of persuasion have been bought and coopted by miscreants bent on people farming.  With their broadcast platform, they try to re-brand Conservers of Liberty as "alt right."  That is, nationalists bent on restoring white culture to the exclusion of everyone else.  They were not satisfied to try to re-brand adherents to the American Ideal as "Uncle Toms."  Now they want to rebrand everyone who stands for the American Ideal as being alt right -- which they want to pre-judge and pre-profile as being racist, jingoistic, and intolerant.

In actuality, the alt anti-Americans (Progs, Commies, Reconquistas, Militant Gays, Feminazis and Femimen, Globalist Cronies) are the ones who are most racist, anti-ethnic (anti-caucasion), jihadistic, murderous, and  intolerant (of the First and Second Amendments).  They claim to be after Whitey, but they are really intent on murdering the American Ideal.  This is Global Maternalism Gone Wild.  Munchausen Mothers of Murder, Inc. Warning: You will consent to being made safe, or you will be eliminated.


Anonymous said...

Most people recognize that there tend not to be moderate hyenas. A hyena may be moderate among hyenas, but not generally when running free among human beings. So we don't generally allow hyenas to run about, uncaged. Nor should we be importing Muslims to run about.

A human being is capable of higher, rational thought and abstract moral reasoning. A human being believes in the goodness of capacity to reason for oneself and believes one ought not have to live in fear for exercising such capacity to reason. To Muslims (and Progs in need of safe plantations), such capacity to reason for oneself and beyond the lowest common primate is not valued. To not value reasoning for oneself is to allow oneself to be made a subhuman.

A decent civilization ought not be importing subhumans and allowing them to run about, uncaged.


Since and before Moses, cronies have sought to impose bondage on the multitudes. Now, they are seeking the final solution -- beginning with the destruction (fundamental change of the U.S. and the neutering and multi-culti dividing of its citizenry. For this, they pimp lackies and lofos worldwide -- who think freedom is just another word for not enough dope.

Biden, et al, are not Americans. They are Faithless Cronyists. Lying devils. They promote fellow gangstering race pimps, while they demote and harass every decent and influential soul. The only way decent people will assimilate to put these evildoers back under adult supervision is to reach out, all together, to the Big Guy Up There. Once they look to their souls, then they will learn what needs to be done. Until then, not a prayer.

See http://mercatus.org/sites/default/files/Henderson_cronyism_1.1%20final.pdf:

"Cronyism is the substitution of political influence for free markets. It comes about when government has a lot of power over private-sector decisions and when the government officials in power have great discretion over how to use it. Cronyism is not simply a zero-sum game that takes from some and gives to others; it is negative-sum. The losses to the losers substantially outweigh the gains to the winners. In short, cronyism destroys wealth. By shifting power to government, cronyism makes political power more important and increases the competition for that political power. The way to reduce or end cronyism is to reduce or end that government power."

My comment: Cronies do not mean to make a bigger pie for everyone. They mean to make a bigger pie for themselves. Everyone else will get the droppings that trickle down, which will be less rewarding than if they had, through the participation and dignity of their own talents and trades on their own labor, made their own way. Progs sneer at trickle down economics, but then they give aid and comfort to its apotheosis: serf down economics.

Prog shills "educate" lofos that they deserve reparations and will receive "free stuff" under a "kinder and gentler" NWO -- and the educated fools believe them! Decent people might not be able to fix this, short of secession or exile. Which they will lack Will to accomplish unless and until they reach out to the Spiritual Source of Human Decency -- beyond the "moral science" of "educated" people farmers and their prof apologists, institutional shills, and common lackeys.

If DJT does not prevail, we will likely be many, many years in the desert.


Imagine a nurse at Auschwitz taking pity on the inmates, telling the Commandant, You must bring us more. That nurse would be like more than a few Hollywood divas.

Anonymous said...

Blackie is incorrigibly conditioned to believe he can never compete without making Whitey a goat, to blame. Metro Whities are conditioned to want to be blamed. And ordinary Americans of all colors will continue to be called Whities and be blamed for this nonsense until they holler: Stop! Grow the hell up! Man up!

Until then, "Whitey's" role will continue to be to pay for the sins of the world -- because so many Multi Cultis, Muslims, and Blackies utterly refuse to pay their own way, and because so many MetroFems and FemiMen grease their way.

How far behind do Asians start, when they come to America, often without even knowing the language, yet very soon thrive? How long will ordinary Americans continue to coddle loser mentalities with this "white privilege" crap? If the goal of Progs is to raise a permanent class of entitlement-minded losers who can be relied on to do little more than vote for a living, they have perfected mining of the mother lode. Every thinking person should be ashamed of Progs and their infantile mentalities and bs warped profs.

In America, if you're not making as much money as you think you should, more likely than not it's because you're spending your time and energy blaming others while failing to man up to the situation. The way to get more of this crap is to reward it.