Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Political Gayness and Soros' Open Society

No gay gene has been identified.  However, fecundity in females may relate to homosexuality having been expressed in the maternal line.  And children adopted into gay marriages may be more open to homoerotic relationships and may be more likely to adopt non-heterosexual identities.

That said, I doubt science can prove what causes or "makes" much of anything.  It can and does show strong correlations -- that can, through feedback with our "participatory will," be manipulated.  I suspect homosexuality is not "caused" by any one thing, but correlates with an interplay among genetics, hormonal activity, and environmental influences (culture). 

Moreover, I suspect becoming a "Proud Gay" correlates politically with becoming an anti-American globalist.  So, do such globalists "have no choice"?  On that account, ought Americans just to give up their borders, so there can "be peace"?  Why is George Soros' Open Society such a big promoter of gay marriage?


It's true, as robotics replaces human labor, that means alternative to (or in aid of) the marketplace will have to be found to make politically viable distributions based on "merit." 

However, as Progs recognize that the marketplace will no longer, by itself, be sufficient to steer allocations, they must also recognize that the same applies to the marketplace internationally.  When elitists say the marketplace cannot much longer apply nationally, but can much longer apply internationally, they're talking out of both sides of their mouth.  They're finally and clearly showing their true colors:  They WANT elitist rule over the masses in everything that can be made a subject of material trade.  They aren't bothered by a worldwide caliphate, so long as they imagine it can be made subordinant to a worldwide syndicate of elitists.

In effect, they're arguing that the freedom and dignity of Americans must be sacrificed to the lowest common denominator of invading third-world fascist societies.  They would purport authority to trade what has been bled for by their betters in exchange for hand-me-downs, free stuff, and safe spaces.  No thanks!

It's Elitists that doe not understand.  Or care.  Globalism is the flip side of worldwide enserfment to elitists.  Presently, by the Fed's signifying and assertion of power to buy (international) corporate debt, it is signifying that elites can, by hook or crook, cinch the masses more and more under their control -- anytime they want -- regardless of which face of the Prog Uniparty happens to be in favor.  Even without law.  Simply with executive elitist diktat.  Very neat and gay.

In this, elitists expect to succeed, and are working feverishly to spread lies and disinformation to help ensure they do.  And Never Trumpers are helping them.  Shame!

If bending masses worldwide to elitist rule is not a problem and affront to basic human dignity, then Orwell rules, and words mean nothing.  How did they squeeze the empathy out of you for the dignity of your fellow human beings?

If elitist diktat were really about "free trade," as opposed to lies about the "greatest good for the greatest number," it would  not require 10,000 word bills and treaties.  What is prosperity without freedom?  Answer:  A bawdyhouse for pigs, some of whom are "more equal" than others.


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