Friday, August 19, 2016

One Thing v. No Thing

Of the Trinity:  If there were One Thing, with no potential to be any other thing, then its creative potential would be no more than if there were No Thing.

Muslim brains are choked between One Thing and No Thing. 

If your brain were similarly choked, you also might be full of rage upon encountering other beings that displayed actual and superior reasoning capacity.  Having been warped since infancy to "believe" you had answers, you might find the very existence of independent-minded beings an unpardonable reminder of your inferiority, and thus a raw affront.

Sort of reminds me of perpetually infantilized Progs.  No wonder they make common cause with one another!  At this point, it's not likely we will with reason turn them into allies.


Perverted Faith v. No Faith:

Our Neo-Colonialists and Imperialists are trying to dupe people to believe that erasing borders will erase colonialism.  Actually, it will erase republics, and in their stead it will install the NWO of international elitist colonial syndicalism.  Masses of the world:  Give up your republics and Inherit your cheap wages and servitude to monsters!

No "outcome" is desired, other than cauldrons for continuously stirring up and burning off elitist driven divisions and animosities.  That's how you sell arms, undermine republics, arrange kickbacks to buy politicians, and signal to other oligarchs how they can do the same to farm people.  This is Hedge Fund Management 101:  How to play and use the people like crash dummies.

Obama Ilk are the Neo Colonialists (mass people farmers) to replace the Olde Colonialists they pretend to despise!  Our Prez is a strutting phony and a liar!  He doesn't want his Rainbow Coalition to be made equal.  He wants to use it to intimidate, plunder, and rule.  These are the New Goosestepping Fascists, in all their infantilized and Gay Glory.  They won't know where or when to stop until enough people are finally outraged enough to stand athwart and holler,Stop!  Unfortunately, it will probably be bloody to get to that point.  And beyond.


Anonymous said...

There may be truth in this: If we weren't propping up Israel, American Jews would have a lot more skin in the game to stop the propping up of Middle Eastern Arabs.

As things stand, it's mainly the arms merchants of death that profit. The deaths of your progeny constitute a considerable part of what floats the oligarchs' boats. They live by making your blood and sweat cheap. NO WONDER THEY FEAR TRUMP! If Trump keeps exposing the true nature of their evil, there will tear a great rip in the political cosmos.

There can be little doubt that Trump is putting his life in considerable risk. To think, as Muck Cuban does, that he would do that for nothing more than more shackels is asinine. Eff the oligarchs!


I would not say the U.S. is the evildoer. I would say the Establishmentarian Elitists monkeyng at the controls are the evildoer.

Ordinary Americans do have this responsibility, however: That they have for so long been so clueless about what has been done by so many Johnny Rottens in their name. We NEED TO FLUSH. We need term limits to flush rotted pols. And we need some serious confiscatory tools to flush rotted demigogic oligarchs.

Those btards have for too long thought themselves untouchable. They need to be touched up. They are stealing everything that better Americans have bled and sweated to build. Now they are showing their true colors by aiding and abetting the notoriously criminal, crooked, lying Dem Candidate for Prez.

To hell with a flat tax against oligarchic evildoers. I want pounds of rotted flesh. There need to be transparent, steep, and progressive penalties against mooching cronies. End taxes on legitimate domestic business profits. Instead, impose punishing taxes on international corporate cronies. Make the great sell off of America unprofitable.


Obama/Hillary supporters and Never Trumpers are like Doug Kinney (Stork): Prone to fatally slip while looking for a place to jump.

Stork: "What the hell are we supposed to do, ya moron?".;

Otter: "Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!"

Bush Otter: I know! Let's waste thousands of lives and billions of dollars and build democracies in the Middle East!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded a little of the game ordinary Americans have played, deluding themselves they can align either with Dinos or Rinos, when both are establishmentarian elitists bent on selling out the U.S. The end result of playing games with Establishmentarian NWO Elitists is the destruction of both the U.S. and Israel. And that turns the cheapened masses over to the NWO people farmers, when everyone can become subhuman and kiss goodbye to their freedom to think and do for themselves.

Once we submit to subhuman status, there will be the "peace" of the NWO Plantation. Progism and Islamism both mean submission. Apparently, Blacks, Hispanics, Fems, and Gays never really wanted to leave the Plantation. They just wanted a Massa' who would give them phony promises of "safe spaces" and "free stuff."

Anonymous said...

This reminds me a little of the game ordinary Americans have played, deluding themselves they can align either with Dinos or Rinos, when both are establishmentarian elitists bent on selling out the U.S. The end result of playing games with Establishmentarian NWO Elitists is the destruction of both the U.S. and Israel. And that turns the cheapened masses over to the NWO people farmers, when everyone can become subhuman and kiss goodbye to their freedom to think and do for themselves.

Once we submit to subhuman status, there will be the "peace" of the NWO Plantation. Progism and Islamism both mean submission. Apparently, Blacks, Hispanics, Fems, and Gays never really wanted to leave the Plantation. They just wanted a Massa' who would give them phony promises of "safe spaces" and "free stuff."

Meanwhile, Monsters learned how easy it is to agglomerate wealth and power by hedging phony promises. And how much typical mind slaves will go nutso against any "privileged Whitey" (or "Uncle Tom") who presumes to tell them they are being ruled by lying monsters. They love their Big Brother Monsters!

Diversely deluded Dinos and Rinos might be expunged, but most cannot be fixed. Any culture or people that would be free cannot afford to invite such "diversity" into their bloodstream. Once they reach critical mass, they kill off all the red and white blood cells that sustain the republic. And that's when we will be delivered to the NWO Mafia Caliphate and taught to abandon hope in this lifetme.

Anonymous said...

I agree there is a Judge! What I don't agree with is that the Judge is pre-set. If the Judge were pre-set, the effect would seem much the same as a "pre-deaded" Nature. I think the Judge is participatory, caring, feeding back, and Reconciling.

There abides a test, but not a presently known answer-in-all-details. I think the test may fairly be stated thusly: What unfolding system is best suited to entertain the concerns of all participants? Restated for a republic: What system of checks and balances is best suited to avail a Worthy citizenry with decent respect for the free expression and enterprise of its constituent members? What inculcations of faith, experience, and education best prepare constituents to be worthy of a representative republic?

I don't have a centrally detailed answer. I prefer delegations among the faiths, families, and fidelities of worthy constituents.

Regardless, if America's demography continues to be polluted by irresponsible collectivists, the answer to what is best will fundamentally change. Fundamentally, a society of libertine pleasure addicts is unfit except to be ruled by despots. IOW, some people are best ruled by despots.

If we don't want despotic rule, we ought not be importing such people into our society. We need to profile against such wannabe parasitic immigrants. Otherwise, our system of governance of, by, and for the people will surely perish. Then we will have failed the test of Gettysburg, and we will be shunted back to the mind slaving plantation.

Anonymous said...

Under Prog philosophy, decent people are "extremists," while people with no scruples, no principles, who groom and prey on innocent children, are "moderates" and "progressives." Nationalists are right wing, and lowest-common-denominiator people-farmers are "reasonable." Under Prog rule, the cosmos is switched to bizarro mode.

Insanity: Once you accept Prog philosophy, there's nothing you cannot argue, but no principle you can sustain. The apotheosis of Prog philosophy is the "woman" walking around in a man's dna. Forward! S/

Anonymous said...

Why does it seem most "Proud Gays" can be so reliably counted on to be pro-Hillary, pro-groomer-Gruber, pro-PC, never-Trump, or anti-Israel? When Proud Gays grow some more grown up brains, Conservers of Adult Liberty will have less Gay Fatigue. Until then, talk to the hand. Oh, wait ...

Why the heck is Proud Gayness a federal issue!? Prog Gays SAY they don't want central gov regulating morality. But nearly all they DO is central regulation of morality! They regulate morality so much that they want central gov to require states and localities to impose non-discriminatory public bathrooms, gender fluid school bathrooms, gender fluid school instruction, gender and orientation quotas for military, police, scientific research --- and on and on -- regardless of existential realities. 99% of their thought processes seem to center around their desire to publicly flaunt their genital orientations -- especially to youth and kiddies.

Go ahead and be proud. Just stop with the central goosestepping fascism that is prefatory to the destruction of the free exchange of ideas and opinions -- without which a republic that respects the liberty of individuals cannot possibly be preserved. We have enough hyphenism. We hardly need central movements for hyphenated Gay-Proud-Americans. How about first and foremost being proud adult Americans? And get off the central-gov gangsta wagon. Honestly, when is enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

Rinos are upset that Trump prefers turning political capital to invest in the U.S. instead of in International Crony Oligarchs.

In some ways, it's simple: Stuff is going to get done. There's no way not to do stuff. Instead of turning more stuff to empower Globalists, we need to turn stuff to strengthen the U.S. This is more a matter of re-direction than of re-creation.

How currency is applied is what greases the direction for stuff to get done. If it's not applied to invest in the U.S. on behalf of Americans, then it will be applied to cannibalize the U.S. on behalf of crony Globalists. Not turning stuff to strengthen the U.S. would do nothing to reverse our fall into Globalism.

Among other things, money is a measure of turns in social trust. Motorcycle Zen: The direction in which we look tends to be the direction in which we go. If you look only to balancing books to pay debts connived by Globalists, we will only continue to fall into their grip. Besides, the currency system is already set to fall. So we have no choice but to steer beyond that box.

Bottom line: Who you gonna trust? Trump or Globalists? I say, water the tree of liberty, and tar and feather the globalists. They've earned it. They're scared s-less. As they should be.


The Founders provided for a Federal Republic, to be kept in balance by checks and divisions of power.

Unfortunately, they did not foresee, and succeeding generations did not notice, the need to check against the fast pollution of home grown moochers, who devised extra-national corporate laundries for bleaching out the nation.

America's biggest enemies are her home grown corporate moochers and politically "charitable" foundations. They own and operate the Rinos and Dinos. They fund the Never Trumpers. And they mean to destroy the republic and replace it with the people-eating Imperial Crime Syndicate. An old pedophile offers child victems candy. An Imperial Crony Criminal offers rainbow people "free stuff." Either way, the end result is to take the candy back away from the baby.

Anonymous said...

Establishment Republicans do not favor the conserving of America. They favor the conserving of oligarchs who sell out and use America, like disposable toilet paper. When an Establishment Republican talks about America being exceptional or indispensable, he is propagandizing for the NWO Empire. He says such things as he wipes and disposes of you.


Elephants feel tremors through their feet. Trump's ear is grounded closely to ordinary, forgotten Americans who just want fair, consistent, and decent rules and opportunities. As opposed to crony moochers for political favors and rainbow-entitlement mongers for "free stuff." In that, Trump is not inconsistent with conserving the foundational Constitution. Call it Constitutional Reawakening.

Malignant elitists farming people by holding out phony promises of social redistributions seems to be the default condition of civilizations throughout history. The American Experiment and Ideal was a once in a milleneum miracle, now being casually dismissed by Prog Dopers. Our Establishmentarian Progs are trying to force us to trade away our spiritual inheritance and all human dignity for little more than a bowl of phony pottage. Seasoned with some que er sexual ventures.

I suspect Cruz will be hounded by an issue if he soon runs for reelection against Perry, which is: Daddy, when the war was on between lowest-common-denominator Globalists versus red blooded Americans, where were you?

Some argue that the roots and branches of Islam are so twisted and gnarled that it is impossible to say what is the purest Islam. I don't care much about that. The reason I don't care is because regardless of whatever the root or branch that an Islamist follows, it will be a root or branch that is demented and subhuman. This is because every root and branch of Islam is demented and subhuman.

So who is attracted to the Muslim adhan? Why, that would be the people who have been made demented and subhuman -- by centuries of inbreeding, perpetual propaganda of authoritarian cacaphony, unrelenting cycles of abuse, years of too tightly toweled heads, garish nightmares from mind enslavement inculcated since childhood, and doped up delusions of superiority and entitlement. The crème de la crème of subhumans.

Anonymous said...

Re: If Trump is this mastermind you tout him to be, how about "investing in the U.S." without putting us further into the backpocket's of other countries?

OK. If you're this economic mastermind you pretend to be, how about explaining how you would change course to put the republic back on safe footing from the Globalists? How are you going to do this, without changing directions on what money is spent on?

I'm not sure whether you're intellectually dishonest or just stupid. I did NOT say debt doesn't matter. My import was that debt is one among various factors. For example, during war, a society may be less prone to ask whether it can afford certain defenses. If our world is not yet in open war, it is perilously close.

I think you're trying to construct a simplistic world of matter-based either-or's. But reality is messier than that. For one thing, matter probably does not even exist in and of itself, independent of a feedback-observer effect. So observations and changes in orientations factor!

Now, if you construct an imaginary ivory tower where only certain controlled material forces rule, then you may in that unreal realm be able to direct and control supposed results. For example, you may imagine a world whose nations or industries are all led in long perpetuity by responsible fascists working together in respect of some shared apprehension of laws of accounting, There, you may be able to imagine budgets where everyone pays as they go and lives within their means. But the real world is not like that. Leaders, fascists, and regimes change!

In the real world, leaders tend more to selfish fascism than to benign fascism. They tend to burn bridges and try to force continuation of their policies, however misguided. So Obama doubles our debt, fires all responsible civilian and military employees of the central apparatus, propagandizes our youth, scares our nimrods, stirs up his storm troopers, and sends forth his academic apologists to tell us why we cannot, must not, alter our course.

This is the world in which Americans have for 70 years been bouncing from one wall to the other, listening to so-called expert economists from the ranks of Rinos and Dinos (who are all elitist establishmentarian fascists) as they seek to finally break through --- either to kill the republic once and for all or to suffer Americans to restore the backbone and infrastructure to make the republic safe again.

If you want to be taken with any seriousness among Americans, you need to explain how you would knock the Globalists back on their heels. Would you do that by just accepting each ratchet job the Globalists do on our demographics, judiciary, institutions of persuasion, and industrial sell outs to foreign despots?

We are teetering into permanent status as a banana republic. So what changes would you recommend Trump should make, to put the U.S. republic back on safe footing? How would you fund those changes?

No matter which changes a republican might recommmend, all would necessitate a change in how money is channeled. Are you suggesting that no changes should be funded to stave off the Globalists until the debt damage already done by them is paid for? Until then, would you have republicans just sit dead in the water, while Globalists circle and wait for more opportunities to tip and sink the republican Ship of State once and for all? Who is paying you?

I hate to break it to you, but I'm not buying your political snow job masquerading as responsible economics from straight out of Ivy Play Land.

Anonymous said...

What if your prusuit of happiness entails destroying the nation? Well, the people who bled and sweated to build this nation might take offense. On a heirarchy of values, they may place preserving the republic higher than improving your profit margin. They may say you should factor into your enterprising costs the costs of preserving an independent republic.

How does funding the preservation of the republic make anyone a conservative? Well, the answer is obvious to everyone who identifies with conserving the American Ideal of an independent, representative republic. If what you said is the best you can muster, go bother someone else, because I am never going to buy it.