Thursday, February 23, 2017

Big Data

Soon, elections will tend to be rigged by competing algorithms that use Big Data to target voters as needed to rule targeted sheeple, goats, and elections.

As that unfolds, oligarchs using Big Data may be replaced by algorithmic A.I. bots.  Instead of oligarchs using the bots, the bots may come to use the oligarchs.  Or even no longer to need them.  Or any other human.


Can a "world soul" emerge from this?
Can bots be programmed so as to be unable to end-run prime directives?
Can bots become Perspectives of the Godhead as worthily as humans?
Will humans meld with bot inserts to become cyborgs?
Can such cyborgs be worthy of cyborg freedom and dignity?
Will progress require that cyborgs be melded into one Borg?
Can trans-humans forestall the Bordgom or the destruction of individual freedom and dignity?
Can they replace it with holodeks?

Maybe the Godhead knows.  IAE, along the way, so long as we are human, to forestall being made subhuman, we need to preserve human freedom and dignity.  We need to value and preserve appreciation of individuality more so than the subhumanization of iterative equality.  After all, what is the point of having a powerfully animated brain, if it is to be constrained down to the toenails?

Will unfolding existentiality tend to be too irreducible to be controlled and predicted by psycho-historian big-data bots?


Most of the protests today are funded or instigated by Soros or his ilk.  Soros is a Jew.  So now, because Soros promotes protests, to see his connection is to be anti-Semitic?  For God's sake, stfu.
Tell me how you are suffering.  What institutions are you being excluded from?  What anti-Semites are threatening your safety?
I can tell you what is threatening the representative republic.  That would be people who think non-Jew Whitey owes them a living and should subjugate himself to be ruled by superior moral scientists who know best and how to redistribute fairness and equality under the law, to be as determined by them. 
Then, when we pull back the curtain, we find those wannabe ruling re-distributers who want to kill the representative republic and replace it with a beneficent NWO happen to be tribal.  They meet in at boards of influential groups, often secretively.  They promote fellow tribalists.  They are not loyal at all to the ideal of an American representative republic.  Sometimes, some of them call themselves Jews.  Even though no one seems to have a scientific definition for what it takes to make one a Jew or to become no longer a Jew.
For that matter, since I value the Old Testament and am not a literalist, and value many of the broader stories (but not the literalisms or complex laws regulating diets, dress, and probably toenails), one could consider me a Jew.  If I claim I am, who would you be to say I am not?  That would make more sense than the liberal ACLU/Jewish idea that I can be whatever sex or gender I want. 
The only problem would be being devious enough to sell it to the tribe, to get access to the "right" to be promoted by the tribe and to claim the benefits of victimhood.
If you're such a victim (I much doubt you are), and if your last name is such a burden, then change it.  Or at least don't make a production out of it.  Start being loyal to the ideal of a representative republic.  Start advocating fairness and equality of opportunity for everyone.  You know, not just for everyone except your favorite goat to suck from.  You know, non-Jewish Whitey.  Meantime, eat me, Snowflake Whineybaby.

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