Monday, February 20, 2017

Worldviews Concerning People Farmers

Patterns evolve (change) within a matrix of allowed and coordinate parameters, where even the matrix seems to change, however slowly.
However, to say that rules of conservation constrain allowable parameters is not to say that choices within such parameter are disallowed. It is not to say that the precise path of every bit or particle is pre-determined. Nor is it to say who or what originates or changes the parameters (and even the matrix).

However, since rules of conservation so clearly appear to apply to the system as a holism, then feedback seems necessarily to be entailed --- to constrain unfolding changes to degrees of freedom within conserving (reconciling) parameters.

With math, we can measure and tinker with observations of limits, but we cannot prescribe the precise future path of any particle-in-itself. Perhaps because the very idea of a "particle-in-itself" poses a conundrum: How can the idea of a particle-in-itself communicate any meaning, in the absence of a medium (accumulating context) beyond the particle and a mind to form the idea? 
Substance, to be defined as other than trivial truism, is the presently communicable translation of a point of view (Consciousness) to amenable perspectives of a contextual frame (Information).

Consciousness (idealizing observer), Substance (particle), and Information (context) all seem to require (and feedback with) one another, in a fashion that is irreducibly Trinitarian (CSI). IOW, Consciousness seems to be an innate aspect (or "meta-face") of the measurable Cosmos.
If not by "pure empiricism," how does Consciousness and its various Perspectives ("personages") formulate and assimilate moral codes and meaningful purposes and ideals? My response: There must be entailed something or some process of appreciation and apprehension --- that abides beyond objective, substantive measure. Some reconciling process that is innately spiritual, intuitive, empathetic, caring, purposeful.

This is not inconsistent with observations that the physical brain and body seem to "make choices" a split second before the brain records (measures) self-awareness of the decision having been made. Rather, it begs a question: If purely biological processes are neither pre-determining nor choosing or reconciling of decisions, then who or what is? Perhaps something spiritual. Some metaphysical aspect of Mind, of which each of us is only a perspective --- because each particular Identity is formed and defined by how its limits have been imposed, rather than by how it has empowered itself.

The import is not scientific or technological. The import is to appreciate a legitimate human interest in spiritual intuitions and empathies --- and congregational forums for respecting and assimilating them. As opposed to Elite Moral Superiors to divine "scientific morality" to rule and impose "scientific betterment" ("progress") on the masses. The import has to do with respect for innate human freedom and dignity. As opposed to Marxist/Progressive/Liberal "scientific" management and regulation, as if we were mere cattle for superior oligarchs.


Substance, to be defined as other than trivial truism, is the presently communicable translation of a point of view (Consciousness) to amenable perspectives of a contextual frame (Information).

The "mechanism" for moral causation is that which is beyond measure, which is intuitive-empathetic-caring-appreciative-purposeful.  Each Perspective is a vehicle to that reconciliation.  No one perspective, as a particular perspective, can be the cause of that reconciliation.   Rather, each perspective of the Holism is only a participant.  It part-icipates as a part of the mechanism --- which is beyond measure.  It part-icipates from its perspective in experiencing the intuiton-empathy that, in its fullness, is beyond its measure. 

No particular Perspective has access to empirically measure the causal potency of that which is of the realm of intuition-empathy, but beyond measure.  Those who, from their Sense-of-Beingness, sense such reconciling potency, believe they benefit from congregational reinforcement of their receptivity to it. 

Those who do not believe, who think they do not sense such intuition-empathy in any way that is beyond measure, may someday "come to the light."  Or not.  Regardless, it would be hubristic, despotic, and evil of them to presume, without support in reason or science or philosophy, to deny such freedom in others to congregate in hopes of assimilating heightened senses of spiritual and moral purposefulness.


When scientists (scientismists and scientologists) pretend to have empirically defined moral crime, then Evil will have defined the scientists.
When a society is corrupt, "tells" may signal who is likely to defy the society --- but that does not mean that defying a corrupt society is a crime, unless ruling elites are allowed to make it so by fiat.
I think Steven Pinker and Sam Harris are very smart, but both seem to be morally blind in one eye and clouded in the other.


Support Trump. Expose and discredit the people-farming oligarchy and its established media-academia apparatus. Rico the Oligarchs. Restore respect for the Separation of Powers as set out by the Founders. Promote understanding of the difference between science and scientism. Restore a decent regard for a Source of good faith and good will. Restore a decent regard for the common sense, freedom, and dignity of the ordinary liberty-literate American. Stop the immigration of liberty illiterates and Muslims. Point out the hypocritical bigotry and racism of the Uniparty of Rinos and Dinos. Ridicule the phony religious faith in a beneficent elite of moral scientists intent on ruling some kind of "objective" fairness and equality in results. Restore the assimilating value of congregations meeting in good faith to appreciate the founding religious parables and figures of speech. Decentralize and enhance gov investments in infrastructure, while getting gov out of the PC, education, and fake charity businesses. More workfare; less welfare. More personal dignity; less free stuff. More work; less entitlement. More Americans; fewer Hyphenates. More assimilation; fewer enclaves and ghettos. MAGA. But don't waste resources trying to force liberty literacy on liberty-illiterate cultures. Expose race baiters, phobe baiters, crybullies, and femi-whiners bent on making every opponent out to be an anti-Semite or part of a "War on Women."


Regarding the "danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite":
In a nutshell, that precisely expresses what the uniparty of rino-dinos wants to accomplish: To erase national borders and to establish an open society of NWO enserfment for the cheap-laboring masses. Proggies want to trade their human freedom and dignity for the security of a serf. They imagine that will promote fairness and equality.


The more "scientists" try to convert philosophical issues of morality and spirituality into issues of science, the more they sound like Scientologists. Next, they will want to audit us for our crime thought.


"Fascist" doesn't have a rigorous meaning. It has become a word for all seasons, to mean whatever the uniparty of corrupti and ignoranti want it to mean. It is now mainly an epithet against those that oppose the destruction of national borders so they can be replaced by the oligarchy-ruled NWO. IOW, unicorn utopia. s/


Soros wears the hat of a socialist one minute and the hat of a fascist the next. His ilk want the masses to believe in socialism so they can be more easily prodded to the fascist farm. This is common sense, but "smart" (phony) "liberals" are too stupid to see that modern liberalism entails the destruction of liberty.

Satan's oldest trick is to call his opponents evil. So of course the fascist oligarchic establishment that opposes Trump will call him fascist. And of course they will deceive the masses with promises of socialistic unicorns --- the better to enserf them to the fascist farm.
But the elephantine questions are: If Trump is the fascist, then why are so many oligarchic billionaires and corporatists so aggressively aligned against him?
If Satan is so good, then why are so many pleasure addicts so sick and miserable?
If free stuff is so free, then why is everyone so much more regulated?

Watch The Miracle Worker, now on Netflix or Amazon Prime, not sure which. The way the Teacher got Helen Keller to move past barbarism into enlightenment was by removing her to a separate cabin, away from the family that was rewarding her for being a barbarian. But for that, the darkness would have continued to own Helen.

Next, Progs will be demanding a 5 year plan to provide "free" charter-cyborg-hive-implants, to destroy both the fascist system of innate inequalities in mental aptitudes and the favoring of those that work hard. They want hive-mind to reign in a 1000 year Reich for the Borg.


It seems that every school with strings to the oligarchy is used to make some students out to be goats and others parasites --- to condition minds to socialism, so they can be cheaply bribed and more easily made to swoon for fascists. The founding ideas of individual competence, responsibility, freedom, and dignity are discredited and replaced by the buzz of hive mind.
Eventually, most of the students will swarm to vote, work, and pay for their own enserfment. The propaganda/indoctrination/advertising mind-reduction apparatus has become strong throughout media and academia. Everyone who wants to be promoted in this crap-filtering-selecting-process needs, by careful adherence PC, to swear fealty.
The consequence is mass corruption. Among such corrupti, the most deceitful leaders will tend to have higher IQs, but lower common sense and much lower moral fiber. Those that succeed without selling out to the prevailing evil will likely be smarter still. Those that reach 40 yet still subscribe to the ProgBS are likely sub-marginal.
Charter schools, to the extent beholden to the central apparatus, will find it hard to change the selection filters now hardened in place. And the fascist oligarchy that seeks to rule the masses will never stop trying to convert every institution to a socialistic mind-enserfment apparatus. Gnarfle the Department of Education!


The alt left religiously believe in unicorns of fairness and equality that will guide the hearts of elitists, if only the representative republic would just die and be quick about it.
The alt right religiously believe they have the right to deceive the alt left so they can be better farmed. They are two sides of the same coin of despotism. A marriage made in hell, that wants to take every decent competent individual down into the abyss with it.
Evidently, it takes an IQ around 140 to see this clearly, because dinos and rinos do not come close to seeing what is so "bigly" in front of them.

Proggies are so ignorant or corrupt that they do not respond to rational argument. They respond to years of indoctrination, stupid promises, and outright bribery. This is only hard for "liberals." Most are 40 before they realize they've been had by lying people-farmers. As to hate mongering, name calling, and free speech killing, those are mainly of the proggie bag of tricks. But that is changing. Some Conservers of Liberty are starting to hold up mirrors, so your crap can splat back.
Btw, if IQ tests among the general public mean something for evaluating the comparative mental competency of so called liberals versus conservatives, then why do they not mean anything for evaluating the comparative mental competency among races or subgroups of races? Don't ask a "liberal." His head will spin off.

Results for IQ comparisons depend on how you define liberal and conservative. In modern usage, there's not much difference between a so called liberal dino and a so called conservative rino. Both are so dumb they want to trade liberty to be "taken care of" by elite rulers
Moreover, many among the youth in college are indoctrinated, but will grow out of that. It would be more interesting to compare the IQs of people above 40 who have grown out of childish liberalism and those that have not.
Many scientists work so hard at difficult subjects that I suspect they gloss over "liberal studies" and tend to default while in college or grad school to the prevailing political mindset. If that were more in the vein of Conservers of Liberty, I suspect considerably fewer would consider themselves to be liberals.
Common sense suggests that most young people in college or subject to such polls have been filtered by a system that rewards political silliness.
If the modern "liberals" who voted twice for Obama had brains enough to blow their noses, they would not have voted for such an instrument for destroying liberty. IOW, they would not be voting and working to destroy the representative republic. Heck, they don't even have brains enough to understand that liberty cannot be sustained by swamping a republic with third world liberty-illiterates. If "liberals" are so smart, why do they make common cause with 7th Century Muslims in order to drown the republic?
Are Israelis "liberal"? If not, why do they have all those Nobel Prizes?
On its face, this IQ crap is fake news. As fake as a participation trophy for being so open minded your brains fell out.

Trump takes care to say he is lowly compared to the Lord. Remember the expression, WWJD? Jesus confronted the people farmers, to restore dignity to the people. That is what Trump is trying to do. That is what all good Americans should be trying to do. Not to compare, but to be guided.

For historical comparison, is Trump more like Jesus or Hitler? This article provides a compelling response.
Moreover, Hitler sought to build an empire, used the most defenseless as goats, committed atrocities, stole art. Trump does not seek to build nations abroad, blames terrorists for terror, is concerned with improving the domestic economy, does not seek to install a master class of elite rulers with tastes for acquiring and controlling refined art.
Hitler controlled the media with direct force. Trump has to confront the media and controls it only by inspiring the citizens -- all the citizens that want to restore respect for the Constitution and the separation of powers (federal/state and executive/legislative/judicial),
Hitler sought to impose a master class. Trump seeks to return opportunity for all Americans -- to make America a beacon -- not a slaver.

Trump's win was the most surprising win since Truman's. That's because he is the ONLY candidate to have run directly against the established oligarchy. Moreover, the Oligarchy has been flooding the nation with liberty-illiterates and parasites ever since Reagan. The mix of liberty-illiterates is likely worse now than at any time in our nation's history. Trump overcame all of that!
The Left can't accept that they lost because they have been exposed as little whinny snots, not yet ready for big boy pants. Everyone sees it except the little snots and the institutions they have soiled.

Progs voted for Dems funded by and shilling for Oligarchs. Why do they think Dems wanted to raise the legal minimum wage, except to bring in cheap, off the books, replacement labor? Did you really think the Dems meant it, when they promised free stuff and safe spaces?


Dems are the well-creased floaters in the toilet bowl. The fake crème de la crème. Don't drink what they offer.


I agree with Limbaugh, that the media (whores for the Oligarchy) that did not make Trump cannot break Trump.
If a Hitler comparison is to be made, it should be made more against the Oligarchy. The Oligarchy controls the media/academia, spreads division and disinformation, relentlessly repeats big lies, ridicules the values of ordinary Americans, incites thugs and looters and Oz monkeys, benefits by farming the masses, is willing to sacrifice untold numbers to feed its pleasures, taxes the people to "educate" useful idiots, and works to erase the borders and overturn the demography with liberty-illiterates and Hyphenates.
Ordinary Americans see all this! They will not turn against Trump so long as he opposes the fascist Oligarchy and seeks to reduce their grip on America in order to restore the separation of powers as envisioned by the Founders.

    The cause of the darkness is rampant non-receptivity to the Source of spirituality, morality, direct intuition, and interconnecting empathy.  And the giving over of all reason and morality to a scientism that has no capacity to derive "ought from is."  The consequence is the floating of oligarchic crap to farm the people as if they were of no more worth than cattle.  Evil flows and agglomerates from self-godding as surely as water flows downhill.  Hedonists with no faith higher than pleasure naturally fall for and flock to lying, false-promising, bribing Oligarchs.  The Uniparty of Rinos and Dinos is a tale as old as agriculture, although it has been called by different names throughout the ages.

    Hitler was a despotic people farmer. He had no respect for the freedom or dignity of the masses. That is precisely what the ruling godless, god-mucked, self-godded oligarchy wants to be: People farmers.
    Their role model is not Jesus. Their role model is an ugly amalgamation of Hitler-Stalin-Mao-Mohammad-BigBrother-MustaphaMond.

    The genesis behind Agenda 21?
    It is clear that those that want to farm people and those that want to be farmed have made an unholy alliance (of lions and hyenas?), by which they mean to subjugate everyone else.  Freedom and dignity for individuals is to be destroyed.  This is undeniable to anyone who looks at immigration policies, meant to drown every representative republic under onslaughts of liberty-illiterates.
    This is why the Establishment of Corporatists and Oligarchs hates Trump and will do whatever it deems necessary to destroy him.  This is why his opponents are an alliance of corrupti and ignoranti, posing as "Progressives" and "Liberals."  They are liars.  There is nothing progressive, liberty-affirming, humane, or decent about these people-farming scum-suckers.  They are at war with every representative republic, and every representative republic that fails to see that is doomed.
    The people-farming model is a monstrous amalgamation of Orwell's stick, Huxley's carrot, Marx's delusions, and Mohammad's evil.  Every decent person who opposes that evil amalgamation of pervs, perps, pueriles, pedophiles, profs, parasites, and people-farmers is castigated by the Oligarchy and its Oz Monkeys as "racist."

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