Friday, February 10, 2017

We Can't Go On Like This

We Can't Go On Like This.
Forces are coalescing to bring oligarchs together to establish a new world order that entails the destruction of every separately assimilated republic and nation. The purpose is to replace all self rule with "benign" rule under elite KnowBetters. Everyone is to be made fair and equal, except some are chosen to preside to ensure such fairness and equality. (This was taught many times many years ago, such as by Orwell's pig, Napoleon.)
A lot of people complacently believe the kind of riots used to bring down the Czar can never work to bring down the U.S. Are they right? I doubt it. The oligarchs are "all in" to bring down Trump. Either to get him to "say uncle" or to eliminate him. I doubt that would be the case if they did not expect success. So, why do they expect success?
Well, consider their resources and expertise. They have been at this for more than 100 years. They control nearly every significant institution of persuasion and coercion. Consider how petroleum and other oligarchs behind Eisenhower, the CIA, and subsequent regimes were able to destabilize numerous nations, such as during the Cold War. Was it Ike, or America, or the Oligarchs -- that destabilized or puppet-ed up all those nations? (See Greece, Iran, Guatemala, Italy, Hungary, Vietnam, Laos, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Zaire, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cambodia, Chile, Australia, Angola, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Egypt, Syria, Philippines, Indonesia, and so on.)
So, they've had a lot of practice. Consider advancements in propaganda, advertising, indoctrination, media control. Consider how the Major Leagues use the Minor Leagues to farm for replacements. As evil agglomerates, it farms by sending its tentacles down.
Consider the tactic of divide and rule. How the Left Wing and the Right Wing are really two wings of the same bird. A Dino-Rino Uniparty. Consider how Socialism and Fascism are just different costumes for the same purpose: Despotic Rule. Consider how Ranchers keep their herds more easily managed by keeping them separated in differently fenced fields and corrals (ghetto projects). Consider how the Rainbow Coalition consists generally of ghetto-separated, non-assimilable enclaves of Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, Pansexuals, Feminists, etc., united only by hatred spun against a common goat: "White" American patriotic married men with responsible jobs.
Consider how many young people have been radicalized by a media-academia-entertainment-church apparatus that is under the thumbs of a very few oligarchs. Consider how easy it has become for international oligarchs to bribe, kickback, launder, fake "charity" to their complicit, evil-doing politicians. Consider how easy it is for the oligarchy to fund the law drooling ACLU to tie the republic up in knots simply by cherry picking friendly forums to get unelected Fed Judges to throw legalistic monkey wrenches against every administration on behalf of the general citizenry. Consider how easy it has been to force-flood the republic with third world liberty-illiterates, jihadis, and radicals. Consider the moral confusion so easily engendered, especially among the "educated" youth.
Why did Ike overthrow Iran to install the Shah: Was it to preserve America's access to oil, or was it to serve petroleum oligarchs? Was Ike primarily working for America, or for oligarchs?
Consider the number of people who have "suicided" by falling out high rise windows.
Consider the kind of people that float to the top in the world of oligarchy. We know the Clintons are corrupt. Unless that was a plus, why did so many oligarchs favor them? A criminal syndicate will favor criminals that can be bought, stay bought, keep secrets. Skullery and Bonery. Selling your soul to learn where the bodies are buried. The art of selecting for reliable radicals and preserving insulators between radicalized actors and inside puppet masters.
Is there any reason to suppose such an evil apparatus cannot overturn the U.S. as easily as it did all those other nations? That apparatus is sending signals to Trump, to let him know how much power it has. The threat need not be explicitly stated. Undermine his business interests, his daughter's business. Arouse the radicalized horde of Oz monkeys. Rattle the sabers. Deploy leakers.
There is no reason to suppose the oligarchy is unserious about a coup to reign in the NWO. It is obvious that it has declared war against the republic. This fight is unavoidable. And it will have to be decisive. The Republic cannot go no like this, half representative and half oligarchic.  The biggest deficiency in the Constitution is its ineffectiveness, by itself, to protect the republic against the plague of a disgraceful oligarchy.  Lacking a spiritually assimilating citizenry, we let ourselves fall prey to migratory pestilence forced on us by a faith-mucked oligarchy.


When you approve of dividing by zero, you can phony prove anything. When you can call evil good and good evil, you can phony prove anything. When you can call worship of forced monstrosity a free exercise of religion, you can phony prove anything. When you can call a desire to banish worshippers of monstrosity from your borders the establishment of a religion, you can phony prove anything.
We are beset by law droolers, trained to undermine our republic by phony proving whatever they find advantageous at any given moment.
Law droolers behind the judiciary peddle a phony idea: That banning more Muslims from entering the U.S. would be an establishment of religion, in violation of the First Amendment. The unstated presumption is that to ban any class that might disproportionately favor some religious ideas over others constitutes the constitutionally forbidden establishment of religion. IOW, no class or any kind can be banned without implied permission from (those that oversee) the Judicial Branch.
So, even though there was no express ban of Muslims, the judiciary usurps power to look behind the actual words to divine that there is a judicially reviewable issue concerning the true intent. Astoundingly, the judiciary now takes on itself power to review every decision by the Executive Branch to test whether its actions may serve a verboten intention. This is tyranny by a Judicial Branch, which is now stocked with law drooling traitors to the republic.
What do these law droolers want? They want to kill every nation, every republic, every decently assimilated culture and society, and replace it with a new world order that is borderless. In this "open society," all power is to be in "benign" oligarchs, advised by moral scientists, served in courts by tribes of law droolers. They are to be "too big for the law." They are to be chosen and entrusted to redistribute everything, in such manner as they deem "fair and equal." As to the individual freedom and dignity of individual "citizens of the world" -- that is to be "deaded."
Do the oligarchs believe they will prevail? Is a pig's hindside pork ? They have been at work for more than a hundred years, working all sides of despotism, flying false flags of communism, socialism, fascism, do-gooderism, liberalism, progressivism. Always, those flags represent chimeras, while the true agenda is power. Oligarchic Despotism. Worldwide. For that, goats du jour are always in demand. Presently, the goats du jour are white American males who want to preserve the representative republic.
Apparently, some law drooling moron has this "pending. That's ok. I've already copied it.


The Progloids have the oligarchs, corporatists, Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists, talking heads, journalists, entertainers, bankers, launderers, social science professors, educators, priests, pagans, pansexuals, pushers, dopers, looters, gang bangers, cannibals, hollow men, femimen, feministas, groomers, pervs, molesters, malcontents, incompetents, illegals, race baiters, race mongering minorities, law droolers, ACLU, moral scientisimists, narcissists, sociopaths, morons, CIA, and Fed bureaucrats.
Conservers of Liberty have a House and Senate, but filled with poseurs. There is not a single Protestant on Scotus.
Progloids have 100 years of experience running despotisms, overturning republics and nations, instigating riots, "suiciding" defectors, profiting from violence, spreading disinformation, indoctrinating morons, and deploying useful idiots.
Without faith, family, fidelity, Trump, and desire to MAGA, we would be like Poles on horseback, charging fascist tanks.

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