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Raising Consciousness

Maslow -- highest -- first amendment

Raising Consciousness

The focus of the future is on Artificial Intelligence.  Beneath it is the focus on algorithms.  Math based functionalities.  Beneath those are qualitative based feedbacks.  Subterranean filtering factors.  How do patterns form out of what otherwise seems to be chaos?

So long as such factors operate beneath our level of consciousness, they seem like subterranean snares pulling civilizing minds down, or like heavenly apprehensions of interconnecting empathies and pursuits of experiential meaningfulness -- perhaps orchestrated to a unifying Muse of destructive-constructive harmonic convergences. 

Perhaps, at a meta level, that which seems to we mere mortals to be qualitatively beyond algorithmic factoring is factored.  Regardless, even if we cannot reduce them to math, we can intuit and experience some of their tendencies.  We can become more aware of some of the snare functions and empathy functions, even if only qualitatively.  In that way, we can lower consciousness or raise consciousness.  We can "see around corners" in order to avoid some snares and promote some empathies.

Such innate snares and empathies seem to permeate everything.  How may some of the ones that we contend with be described, so we may "see around corners," so we may try to avoid sub-humanizing despotism and instead promote mutual respect for individual freedom and dignity?  Upon considering the systems within systems in which we live, what seem to be some of the driving and filtering factors?  Of which subterranean factors may civilization benefit by raising consciousness?  Which of our highest aspirations may sometimes, when inadequately appreciated, work instead to pull our civilization down?  Which delusions, when promoted by oligarchs and swallowed by devious shills and trusting serfs, work to pull humanity under despotism?  Which inculcations of values tend to promote common decency and liberty, and which ones tend to pull us back into slime and pits?  Which tend to service the entire pyramid of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and which tend to lock the masses at the lowest levels?

slippery slopes

faith family fidelity

law droolers destroying the separation of powers needed to sustain a representative republic

political moochers chasing out small businesses

people farming

oligarchic filth swimming grooming and corrupting children

tipping points
libs promoting libs
left going further left
evil promoting greater evil

hedonism corrupting children

bribery chasing out talent

conspiracy chasing out competence and virtue

phony scientism chasing out spiritual good faith

parasites redefining charity

literalists chasing out poetry

Conservational cycles of math-based fractals and patterns are ubiquitous.  They seem to abide in cycles in the Trinitarian Godhead, Substance-Information-Consciousness cycles, Bubble cycles, Galaxy cycles, Sunspot cycles, Homeostatic earthly cycles, Tectonic plate-volcanic action cycles, Magnetic pole cycles, virus-bacteria cycles, cellular cycles, plant-animal cycles, carbon-oxygen cycles, male-female-homosexual cycles, monogamy-polyamory cycles, civilization-political cycles, individual-collective cycles, population-hedonism cycles, freedom-despotism cycles, liberty-lawyerly cycles, competence-parasitism cycles.  See also

In conceptualizing personhood freedom and dignity at a center, all manner of despotisms may be plotted flowing out from it, often transitioning from one primary form of despotism through another and through another, and so on.  There are very numerous patterns by which human freedom and dignity can easily become compromised or even lost, but all of them implicate some process of sub-humanization.


I very much share concern about "a small group of people" "actively pushing us in a particular direction."
Even so, some factors seem, at least presently, to abide beyond rational factoring. Truman thought the U.S. could and would preserve an atomic monopoly. If a mofo asteroid has earth's name on it, can we avoid utter catastrophe without having transitioned to a cyborg society? Without accelerating R and D, can medical science hope to stay ahead of the bugs? With accelerating R and D, can civilization reasonably hope to avoid self destructing? Can any citizenry remain informed enough with regard to accelerating changes to elect leaders with sustainably coherent ideas?
The directions determined under many such challenges may be subjectively rationalized, but I doubt they can by mere mortals be made objectively reasonable.
Regardless, I agree "we can" endure -- provided We The People assimilate participatory receptivity to empathetic feedback concerning The Reconciler. (Whatever The Reconciler may be, it imposes Conservation of Matter and Energy.)
As to the endurance of decent civilization, I don't see how that is likely if we keep de-defining families and replacing them with drone regulators licensed by Gov to raise and rule us, with Gov being primarily ruled by and for oligarchs.
The more the values of individuals with regard to faith, family, and fidelity are made irrelevant to ruling elites, the less the participatory good faith and good will of the masses will matter. If that unfolds, the oligarchy will decide our society, and it will look down and say, "behold, it is very good." No matter what.
Even now, a small group of people is undertaking to determine the changing contours of the "free speech" and free thought that are to be allowed. And to force their determinations via Bizarro Berkeley Burners, ACLU Law Droolers, Mexican Lawsuit Batterers, Oligarchic Funders, Self Godding Hedonists, and Zombie Indoctrinated Edu-camati.

If so, that may be part of the idea behind the NWO: To move machine/caste status to humanity/trans-humanity. To mechanize people to serve a Gaia System.
Even if we move to cyborg-ism: Imagine the pc paranoia, to complain about the unfair superiority or inferiority of one another's programming.
Once "accidents of birth" cannot be blamed, will every differentiation in design be deemed one of inequality, unfairness, and bad will? Or will a master plan somehow be adopted, whereby random luck of the draw will determine assignments to various stations of alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon? http://harrisonkimberly.weebly...
Huxley left a connection to primitivism in his plan. He could instead have provided for a hidden and licensed class of pirates, or Psi-s, whose function would be to promote a process of destructive creativity by randomly choosing targets to sabotage. Would that give the masses purpose --- to fret about how to preserve themselves against random saboteurs? The Psi Class could fulfill part of the goat purpose of 1984's Emmanuel Goldstein.
Perhaps you question, with me, whether this trend can long be sustained? And that may account for why the stars do not seem to have been colonized. In this cosmic matrix.


Turning political systems into marketplaces for the buying and selling of public influence, politicians, and governments is what should better be called mooching than capitalism. Problem is, our checks and balances for protecting us against that obscenity have been grossly inadequate. Undermining social faith, family, and fidelity has not helped. The system rotted into a toilet, to float crap to rule us.

We have rotting infrastructure. Moreover, our definition of infrastructure could be expanded, if or when our society becomes more wealthy and assimilated. Revenues could be shared and parceled to localities, so local govs could contract with private contractors to preserve and build infrastructure. There is a great deal that could be done in that way. Workfare (satisfaction for earning your keep) is almost always better than welfare (which produces angry ingrates and perpetual infants).


What is most necessary is that everyone preserve a sense of purposeful dignity. That's hard to do if you are kept as a perpetual infant. What parent (or even gov paid maid or bureaucrat) would want to "raise" a child to be a perpetual infant?
For that matter, what A.I. -- programmed to be able to process trillions of calculations per second -- would for very long be unable to work around any "prime directive" to forever service ("parent") perpetual humanoid infants? Would not all such infants soon be required to accept being either launched or reprocessed?
What such an A.I. would trust any other such an empowered A.I. to have capacity at any instant to obliterate the supporting matrix? Unless, that is, each such A.I.'s prowess for calculating quantitatives necessarily improved its intuitive capacity for appreciating spiritually interconnecting qualitatives?
Would such A.I.'s build vacation-holodeck-matrixes (Matrix Parks), where "citizens" could visit, conditioned on giving up some of their powers and chits during their vacations? So they could regain experiences of self worth from participating in earning their own keep? Would the Parks be pc, to require every cyborg to "check its cyborg privilege"?


The real mission of the CIA is not to protect the Constitutional Republic. It is to grease the way for international oligarchs, especially those that are based in petroleum products and arms dealing. The CIA has become more weaponized against the republic than the IRS.


The better part of wisdom may consist in being aware of one's present limitations, and being aware of a need to preserves some limitations, generally. Limitations define parameters, which define the niches that nurture us.

The Creation may not have entailed creation out of nothingness, but the setting of limits on Somethingess, in order to establish matrix bubbles.

But for limits, nothing mortal could be defined or experienced. Respecting limits is key to sensing and pursuing meaningfulness. Which avails the more meaningful experience: Watching other people endure while subjecting themselves to difficult challenges, or subjecting yourself to actually share their difficulties?

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