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Gay Marriage

The USA was founded to be a representative republic. Not a Sheikdom. Not a Communal Grope Society. Not a marriage of citizens to Big Gov. Only recently have Western States embraced the idea of Gay Marriage. Whether they can continue to do so and remain representative republics is far from clear.
I am not aware of any representative republic that endured very long in history while embracing gay marriage. If anything, it appears to me that militant gays are leading the West down a primrose path of destruction by advocating for Big Gov to force tolerance for every kind of *poison to representative republicanism. Indeed, the destruction of republics and their replacement with an open society NWO (people farm) is what the oligarchy wants! So it's hardly a coincidence that the oligarchy would be "all in" for something as poisonous and destructive to the fiber of a nation as gay marriage.


To argue that Christians as a group are bashers is, well, rather biased bashing.  By that broad brush method, I could as easily argue that all gays must be bashers of Christians.
Since you raised the topic, I would remind you that there is a difference between sexual relationships versus marriage ... under the traditions of a society and the laws of a State.  Whatever may have been the religious or other practices in Ancient Egypt would have no bearing on that.
I'm sure sex slavery, chattel sex contracts, and polyamory also predated the Bible.  However, the people who founded the USA were mainly from Britain.  Their legal usages were from the British Common Law.  (They were not immigrants to the USA, because the USA did not exist before they founded and created it.  When they founded the USA, they joined via a Constitution. ) In main, the various States had adopted common law usages from Britain. 
During that time, Britain did not recognize any legal form of marriage between persons of the same sex.
The USA was founded to be a representative republic.  Not a Sheikdom.  Not a Communal Grope Society.  Not a marriage of citizens to Big Gov.  Only recently have Western States embraced the idea of Gay Marriage.  Whether they can continue to do so and remain representative republics is far from clear.   I am not aware of any representative republic that endured very long in history while embracing gay marriage.  If anything, it appears to me that militant gays are leading the West down a primrose path of destruction by advocating for Big Gov to force tolerance for every kind of poison to representative republicanism.
390  – The Roman emperors Valentinian II, Theodosius I, and Arcadius issued an imperial decree to the Codex Theodosianus, that criminalizes "all persons who have the shameful custom of condemning a man's body, acting the part of a woman's to the sufferance of alien sex (for they appear not to be different from women), shall expiate a crime of this kind in avenging flames in the sight of the people."
1541  – The Buggery Act 1533 only ran until the end of the parliament. The law was re-enacted three times, and then in 1541 it was enacted to continue in force "for ever".
1680  – A same-sex marriage was annulled. Arabella Hunt married "James Howard"; in 1682 the marriage was annulled on the ground that Howard was in fact Amy Poulter, a 'perfect woman in all her parts', and two women could not validly marry.
1828  – The Buggery Act 1533 was repealed and replaced by the Offences against the Person Act 1828. Buggery remained punishable by death
1866  – Marriage was defined as being between a man and a woman (preventing future same-sex marriages). In the case of Hyde v. Hyde and Woodmansee (a case of polygamy), Lord Penzance's judgment began "Marriage as understood in Christendom is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.
2004  – The Civil Partnership Act 2004 is passed by the Labour Government, giving same-sex couples the same rights and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
On 17 July 2013, Royal Assent is given to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.


Now you're not advocating for gays generally, but for rich gays. I would agree that rich people often find an easier path by knowing whose ass to kiss. I believe the acronym is KUSD. That tends to be a default mechanism for selecting out representative republicanism and replacing it with people farming. Which is precisely what the NWO wants to bring about: The undermining of national and moral borders to replace them with a one world people farm -- to be run by oligarchs and their tools. Maybe that's why fascists often make such fashionably dressed goose steppers? And this would make the world better, how?

Schumer is scary smart about knowing things that are evil and stupid. Who does he serve? Not ordinary, decent, free-thinking Americans. Nope. He serves people farmers and their tools. Big Nasty NWO Gov.

For NYC, it'd be tough to call who would make the best fit for Mayor. Carlos Danger, Hellary, Al Franken, or Chelsea Clinton. A lot of dogs are coprophagians. New Yorker's, too. What can you say about a city that voted 79% for Hillary?

 We are now plagued with Four Poisonous Horsemen: Islam, BLM, La Raza, and Gov Forced Sponsorship of Gay Marriage. They are poisonous to a representative republic that is based on free-thinking about decent values.
Christianity is based on freedom of conscience. There is nothing Christian about advocating for drinking poison.
Show me one representative republic in history that has long endured while under the control of Muslims, Race baiting codependency, Race based entitlement mindedness, or Homosexual de-defining of marriage. Evil has united to form a fist against decent civilization. Meanwhile, our leaders are mainly wussie men and feminazis.

Alinsky Nutjobs in a nutshell: Pagan Commies who demand Christian charity, but who want it their way --- free of Christian obligations. As long as that's their style, they can ESAD.

Too many Americans allowed wussies to pretend massive codependence is a virtue. This is why we have so many men who want to become women and so many children who want never to have to grow up.
Now, we are getting more men who see this as a deal breaker. They do not want to be made responsible to take perpetual care of people who see themselves as entitled.
So, the wussies seek replacement care providers, by importing third worlders. Yeah, that's a solution! S/

When everyone wants to marry the gov, the gov needs revenue. Taxes. When gov takes over employing most people, it needs ever more taxes. Which leads to ever more regulations. Intrusiveness. Break up of community, volunteerism, and family life. When faith, family, and fidelity are undermined, you get Big Gov, with big misery.

Competent people can be happy alone or with other people. Miserable people are never happy, but they do love company for their misery. So much that they feel compelled to impose their misery on everyone else.
Miserable people push drugs, corrupt youth, want to screw everything and everyone, tear down all monuments to heritage, and corral the masses into pens --- where law droolers regulate them up the wazoo. They call this "social justice." They tend not to like children because they want to be the children.
The formula for producing hordes of miserable people: Undermine faith in a caring Godhead, undermine traditional families, and promote admiration for burdens on society (anti-patriots, anti-police, anti-borders, anti-decency).
Lefties want to be burdens, forever.

I don't care about your private make believe. What I care about is using the law to forcibly indoctrinate kids. Shoo. Get off the gay pile and read and learn a little further. There's a whole internet out there.
Is general profiling of Christians a Prog thing? Americans generally are NOT obsessed with bashing gays. They tend only to be concerned that gays ought not be licensed to use gov (in the name of tolerating gays) to forcibly regulate and require the people to indoctrinate and groom their children.
They do not tend to believe gov ought to be specially and monetarily rewarding expressions of gayness. They tend not to believe gay unions, formally encouraged and favored in law, are conducive to the preservation of a decent republic. They prefer traditional families over minutiae-regulating government.
Professing Christianity probably has little to do with the underlying concern. I think you are demonizing people who admire the teachings of Jesus under much too broad a brush.
Will militants among gays be satisfied when the institution of marriage has been de-defined to the point of meaninglessness? I doubt it. Modesty does not seem to restrain them in anything else.

Sovereigns v. Globalists. Americans v. Totalitarians and their Tools. Free Thinkers v. Law Droolers. Human Beings v. Corrupti and Ignoranti. Responsible Adults v. Codependent Scientisimists.
Sovereign Americans can do for themselves or incentivize help. Globalists will always force misery and be miserable. That's why they want to screw everyone and everything, and reduce it to the lowest common denominator.


To not notice how water runs downhill is to be oblivious. Water will do that, whether or not it offends you. Con-spire just means to breathe together. A conspiracy does not have to be planned or malicious. A society of care-less people can easily fall to a lowest common denominator. If you don't apprehend that, then your avatar (Truth&Morality) is just an insult.

I read enough of your history to see you show no great fondness for representative republicanism. Your attitude (Supreme Arbiter?) bespeaks elitism. I suspect the ideal of a society of independent and free-thinking citizens offends you. IAE, I don't detect much concern from you about how to establish or preserve any such a society. Perhaps because you take the condition of mass enserfment under the rule of elites to be not just a default condition, but a good one?

I don't see the truth or morality in your rationalizations. Just rationalizations for your wannas.

Maybe if humanity evolves to a society of pre-programmed and sexless (or omnisexed?) cyborgs, then we will have no need or desire for raising children or for individual freedom of conscience within anything like a representative republic. But when the day comes that freedom of conscience becomes irrelevant, then we truly will have become the farmed subhumans.


We are all in service as perspectives of the same Godhead. Consciousness is Consciousness. If your consciousness had been associated with the body and context of a different perspective, the feedback for your life path would have followed the same as that perspective.

What is managed is the Information that accumulates to each perspective. Information that serves a reconciling, unfolding purposefulness is preserved. Information that does not, is not. What we find joy in affects what the Reconciler finds joy in.

No system of patterns can stick -- to repair and replicate itself as needed to nurture and sustain itself --- unless it has means to find its likeness to be attractive. That "means" is conscious appreciation. It's why patterns, as they happen to be programmed to develop, happen to be programmed to attract likeness.

Sinning pertains to bad faith and bad will. The story of Jesus is to illustrate that the Reconciler has not "left the building." That God knows our pains, angst, joys. Jesus wept. Endured mortal death. Disclaimed yolo. Christianity is a story about how the Godhead cares and reconciles. It is less a blood cult than a care system. (Godless pagan omni-sexism-hedonism, otoh, seems to be a feces cult.)

If everything were physically, measurably equal and equally charged (if symmetry were not cracked), could anything manifest or any value find expression? it is only because our experiences and contexts are different (unequal) that we can each express ourselves as a different person. To rebel against that is to rebel against humanity. That leads to corruption and idiocy. IOW, Sinisterism (Leftism).

What the sinister Left really wants is equality for itself (without earning it), and servitude for everyone else.


Gov, brought to you by people farmers, will be inviting everyone to call every kind of relationship a marriage. So gov can regulate it, tax it, pander to it, open borders to it, and gain power over whatever progeny may be produced by it. This will be In the (fake) name of equality and social justice. Per Obama, the proponents of this think we should all say, "Thank you." Once decency is dead, evil has a clear field.
Some Libs thought, ok, we can tolerate this. Which we could, if we were still able to define limits. But, so far, all the defining has been to erase. To erase limits, borders, nations, families. Toleration has moved to celebration, to required celebration, to required indoctrination, to prosecution of opponents as hate mongers. Evil loves to prosecute its opponents. Soon, no one will be able safely to resist. This is "progress"? When personal pleasure is the only guide star, what principles can possibly resist the abysmal fall to every depravity?
Transhumanism and gov control over progeny requires that marriage be de-defined, and then eliminated once it has been rendered meaningless. At that point, families will become irrelevant, and the masses will become the livestock of oligarchs. Under fair minded principles of science, of course. S/
Along the slippery slope, independent nations, to most effects, will be eliminated. Of course, Progs will lie, claim the slippery slope is not there (even as it operates right before your eyes), and divert the attention of its dombies with prog-candy. We are beyond respectful argumentation with such people, because, apart from what pleasures them, they have no concept of truth.


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