Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump Junior

Show me where the meeting was actually about Russia providing info on Hillary. Yes, it was a set up, whereby an individual lured the meeting, But show me where she was an operative on behalf of Russia. Show me what policy she was pursuing on behalf of the Russian regime. Jr. did NOT meet with any agent or policy negotiator for Russia. If you say he did, show me the agent, the authority of the agent, the Russian policy being negotiated, etc.
Re: Discussions could violate. Yes, and Jr., Hillary, and you COULD all be late blossoming kool aid lovers of Jim Jones. I think we should investigate that. At least, that is how the "evidence" could be interpreted. S/
Re: "... a federal crime to conspire with anyone, including a foreign government, to ‘deprive another of the intangible right of honest services ...."
"That would include fixing a fraudulent election, in my view, within the plain meaning of the statute."
Define "fix." Did Trump pay Hillary to play politics poorly, so she would lose, like for the Black Sox? That kind of fix? Are you saying opposition research is criminal fixing of an election? OMG! Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. Did Trump register dead people to vote? Did he invite hordes of illegals to invade and corrupt the republic and the political process? Did he encourage motor-voter registration of illegals? Did he trade political favors to launder campaign contributions? Define fix, then give me your "evidence" that Trump engaged in any fixing.
Re: "Laws have apparently been broken": I'm sure a lot of laws are broken every day. Give me your evidence that Trump violated any law. Other than that you and Progs don't like him.
So far, were I judging, I would say you don't have a glimmer of a scintilla of an evidentiary fact that could be pertinent to anything other than this: Oligarchs doing all they can to put their train back on the tracks for completely destroying the republic, except in its name. My evidence for that is strong! Trump wants to make America great again. He wants to enforce the borders. He does not want to endanger us with non-assimilable cultures. Your guys are the exact opposite. I say investigate them! The evidence against them is profound.
Why do you want to help the forces that so obviously want to divide and destroy the U.S.?

Collusion IS going on ... to destroy the republic. It is collusive coordination among media owning oligarchs who kick bs at Trump and Conservers of Liberty, 24/7/365.
Their purposes and methods need to be investigated. Why do they want to promote open borders, floods of uneducated socialists, breakdown of family units, hatred for the founding ideals of the republic? Is this collusive enemy of the representative republic entirely within, or is it also colluded without? What is the quid pro quo?
How many in Congress and the bureaucracies have been compromised by it? Does it amount to treason or war against the republic? Should it require forfeiture of licenses and assets? Forfeiture of pensions for treasonous profs? How deep does the corruption go? How much does it threaten the republic, and the world?

What did the Russian regime offer Trump, when did they offer it, when did Trump accept the offer, what was the quid pro quo, when was it agreed or consummated, and what law was violated? Crickets?
What did the Russian regime offer Hillary, when did they offer it, when did Hillary accept the offer, what was the quid pro quo, and what law was violated? Uranium?
How do domestic Oligarchs weaken the U.S., when do they weaken it, how do they coordinate constant and continuous talking points that undermine every politician who seeks to salvage America, what do they get in exchange, and what laws are they violating? Borders/cheap labor?

Jr. met with someone who was not an agent for Russia, who had no authority to bind Russia, who had nothing to offer, who was promised nothing, who never met with DJT, who someone thought had dirt on Hillary, so Jr. met to see if there was dirt, Jr. did not get any dirt, Jr. ended the meeting, and there was no quid pro quo. That's about it. So, of course, the stoopid party calls it a smoking gun. That's because they are looking feverishly for something, anything, that can get them back on their track for killing the republic.
The Oligarchic puppeted MSM has nothing, so it kicks up dust, like Billy Martin when he managed the Yankees. Except Billy Martin did not kick up dust constantly, continuously, 24/7/365.
What do we get from this? Well, if one has a brain, one gets that the Oligarchy is very upset with DJT for trying to salvage the representative republic from the clutches of the NWO wannabe people farmers and their toolish farm-ees.
This s is very tiresome, very old, very juvey, very stoopid. Time to turn off the indoctrination machine and take a ride through the beautiful mountains. There's too much in the mountains to waste time on progloids. Take 10, and then start figuring out ways to punish the progloid media that wants to erase our borders, flood us with liberty illiterates, and turn us over to the NWO despotism. Freaking f the bastids!

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