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Power of Positive Consciousness

It seems reasonably to be conceptualized that the only thing that actually exists is the Godhead, being for its aspects comprised of Consciousness (including Unconsciousness), Substance, and Information.  Its expression would seem to unfold with Consciousness (including Unconsciousness) using Math to correlate with Math-Verses to express the aspects of the Godhead.  Consciousness is expressed as a correlate with manifested potentiality.  Unconsciousness abides as a correlate with in-manifested potentiality.  What is manifested is that which has become incorporated as Information into a record that can be sussed by at least one perspective of Consciousness, that happens to correlate with the manifestation.

Consciousness feeds back with Math-Verses, to imagine models, tinker with math, tinker back with each model, until it is ready to expand on the model.  By imagining and acting as if a model were true to a purpose, Consciousness tinkers to make the model true to a purpose.  This is the power of Positive Consciousness as it feeds back with Math.  In our own human realm, we have power to imagine systems of virtual reality, and then to make them so, perhaps even to inhabit them with our Consciousness.  Thus, we can design new systems of forms (Substance), wherewith to accumulate new systems of Information.  (Is anything posted on the Internet ever really lost?)


The reason I is continuously renormalized:  Is because each aspect is continuously expressed in respect of the other two.

Consciousness is that which has capacity beyond mortal measure to function with math-verses to produce appearances (manifestations) of Substance that is measurable within whatever the limits as happen to be established for each math-verse.
Substance is not produced merely out of math, but out of C that has capacity, functioning with math, to express S, that will, consistent with math, pass into I.
Mortal POC perspectives of consciousness are what associate with each manifestation that appears as S.

No appearance is collapsed as an expression of S unless there is associated a way to sense/interpret/record it, as I.

Whatever senses/records a manifestation is, then and there, at some level, conscious of it.

Higher C is that which retains potential capacity to express manifestations that have not yet been determined, as well as capacity to reconcile all those that have been determined.
It may have capacity to experience the qualitative feelings of all lesser mortal POC, that is at least coextensive with whatever math-verse it sponsors.

For every manifested pattern, manifested to sensation, there is associated at least one mortally attached POC.

A recorder is a level of C.

The way to believe, to have one's I preserved, is by expressing GW.  Mere profession of incantation is important only to reinforce that end, not as an end in itself.


Would sustenance of life in a derivative virtual cloud be at the mercy of the laws of nature of our present math-verse, i.e., limits to the speed of light, etc.?

Or could it "break through" to expand and redefine new limits for a new math-verse?

Ex.: By arranging for a parallel array of computers, calculations could exceed the SOL.
To exist, the new math-verse would have to be defined by renormalizing limits of some kind.  But how may our present limits could they break through?

May we, by designing out own math- based math-verse simulations, inhabit a tech cloud, perhaps thereby to immunize ourselves to black holes?
I have no opinion on this.
May some higher consciousness already have designed such a higher math-verse, to which select POC's may be invited?  heaven?

May an informational record of dead people be revived, to resurrect some such perspectives to such a heaven?  I have no opinion on this.

From my perspective, I do not think in terms of a series of collapsing cosmic waves as accounting for all that is expressed with the cosmos.
Rather, I think in terms of a continuous, math-based, feedback flux of CSI.

Now, for measurably practical and expanding limits of tech, I may think in terms of collapsing waves.

Moreover, I suspect those limits are altered and phase shifted, however slowly, by our participatory feedback.

What we can dream, we can often move towards.
On this, I think David Deutsch has some interesting ideas about the nature of science in his The Beginning of Infinity.

POC's associate with appearances of patterns, but we do not abide "inside" such patterns.

That a pattern is sensed does not mean it is conscious.
It just means at least one POC senses it.
Moreover, POC's at levels below that of humans abide.
Every pattern that is sticky is, in that sense, sensory and conscious at some level.
The C as the general level of the Godhead is conscious of all reconciliations of participating wills.
And it is qualitatively empathetic of each P.
Because each P is simply a limited, blinkered, P of the general C.

No real time in itself.
No beginning of time.
No film at edge of soap bubble
No age of universe.
Just an age during which I concerning such age happens to be accessible to associates for what happens to be the math-verse that defines the experiences to which our senses and capacities are adapted.

What so empowers and leverages the general C?
The math for which it has innate capacity to be the activating ingredient.
Stored appearances that are not presently associated with any mortal POC, such as an early Big Bang out of a black hole, are simply math-based artifacts of the flux of the CSI Godhead.


When no C any longer supports any appearance, the math behind the sponsoring light cone simply winks out.

The senses of each POC is mathematically limited to a renormalizing light cone that defines its mortal limits.  Each such light cone arose in a sequence by transversing through a renormalizing black hole.

During its life, and the lives of its progeny    will perceive its field of appearances to be expanding outward in entropic disorganization.

Even as it accumulates I.

Matter is stored I.
Energy is transmitting I.
All present S is a transitory combination of M and E (stored and transmitting I), that is to be accumulated into past recorded I.

When no mortal POC is associated, then whatever the storeage/transmission, it is a function of flux of the CSI Godhead.

No pattern is in itself C.
But some patterns are associated with POC's.
And all patterns are associated with the flux of the CSI Godhead.


The so-called origin, instead of from a point in space, may have come from a sequence beyond which, from our access from our math-verse, I has been lost.

Our Universe/Cosmos may be in a Steady State, after all.

Had POC been around, 13 B years ago, more I, further back, may have been available to them.

Moreover, their sensory interpretation of the Universe/Cosmos at that time may well have been re-normalized to have been somewhat different from ours.

Why do appearances seem to be flying apart?
Does that have to do with where we are in our I cycle?

May black holes be instruments of renormalization to preserve the Steady State?
Is every POC inexorably headed to a black hole?


Not soap film.
Diff math-based systems of dimensionality. for defining separate universes, with which the inhabiting M-E and POC so happen to be attuned to sense, record, interpret, communicate, transmit, renormalize.
Even if so, that suggests the inhabitants are all connected with a communizing C, which is a basis for their innate capacities for empathy.
Whatever availed the communizing C, therewith availed empathy, i.e., the Golden Rule.
Sagan:  I don't know why we should respect the GR, but we are unlikely to have evolved as he have if we had not.

But, why is survival an important purpose?
Because, without a predator instinct --- for elites to rule masses --- our economies would not have happened to have evolved as they have.
NOTE:  They myths we adopt affect the way we evolve, which in turn affects the myths we continue to adapt and adopt.

***??? Does the communizing C care about "me"?  Does it empathize/feel my joys and griefs?  Experience, recycle, preserve, learn, appreciate
Left the Building?  Feedback, connection, reconciliation

Is Big Bang v. Steady State really resolved???
No matter the POC, it would always be renormalized to experience the appearance of rainbows, i.e., a false end of the apparent universe, and a false record of a spacetime "point" of beginning.

I is lost.
But it is lost only in ways that renormalize so that no one can know what was really lost.  What is lost can no longer be known.

Lost I is what lies behind the so-called Beginning.  Not any real "point" in S-T dimensionality.

RAINBOW -- receding
If manifested M-E is necessarily associated with C, and C adopts perspectives, and perspectives overlap among various math-based layers and levels, then whatever connects C fully appreciates each and every perspective of it.


Opponent is postulating a common S-T, which is amenable to the collapsing of innumerable "bubbles" and differential dimensional experience.
Different systems of math-based rules for connected POC to inhabit.
Still, if C is C, then it would be the same Creator, creating/collapsing each and every bubble.
The collapsing/creating does not take place "in" S-T.
But with no-thing but a field of math.


Sinning is bad faith and bad will.
God not left the building.
God knows our pains, angst, joys.
Jesus wept.  Endured mortal death.  Disclaimed yolo.
A way to show cares and not left.
Not a blood cult.  A care system.
Not a feces cult.


For our math-verse, there is no ultimate algorithm in itself.  Whatever the math-verse, it is applied by and to the C that accompanies it.  Whatever the nature of any math-verse that we ferret out, there always abides behind it potentialities for an infinity of collapses, shifts, choices, applications.

With what math does DNA provide a frame for an organic body/form to direct the building, repair, replacement, and mutation of appendages and cells, at the cellular level, in the transmission and reception of math-charge-based signals?  How do math-based electrons "know or decide" where they want to go?  How far up and down does C extend?

Implicate something other than math, which is not measurable by math.  So, how does it relate in any relevant way?  A: It relates to innate intuition, empathy, via GF and GW.

Energy is what is signified as I is carried/transmitted.
S is what is expressed as I is stored/organized.

E-M are aspects for carrying and organizing our ongoing accumulation of I.

C Awareness is associated with every collapsing manifestation of newly recording/accumulating/storing/carrying of I.
As the process produces complex bodies, able to coordinate, sense, and store I on many levels, animal and human POCs emerge.

Beyond the M-E, something spiritual renormalizes/reconciles/feedbacks for the various POCs.
Otherwise, choices from possibilities would not be effected.

Our bodies are not the causes.  Only the significations.

Because C consists in being aware from a P of I, and I is what is fluxed to be carried and stored, therefore, M and Ë appear to be physical because locally contextualized P's experience them as such.
To what purposes are I  thus contextualized?
"I" am a locally contextualized, renormalized system of stored and carried I -- expanding and transcending Information.

Is part or all of what unfolds pre-determined, contemporaneously determined, or post-rationalized?


How is it that all Matter that absorbs E is preserving pattern reorganizations that will preserve Information --- as if all M were sensible/aware/receptive of I.

C, at some interconnecting level.

So, what is the ongoing goal purpose of C?
To appreciate art from among many reconciling perspectives.
To reconcile Ps to communicate appreciation of art/beauty reconciliation.

At math-quantum levels, M-E fuzzes.
All M is stored/organized E.
All M is stored/organized I.
All E is reactive/radiating M.
All E is I being activated within limits defined in math.

As I step, I apprehend a world of supporting casts of POCs, contemporaneously renormalized.

Functions of fractal infinities

As one POC steps/apprehends into a realm of fractal math, it does so as others also so happen contemporaneously to be inclined. ...
So as to support the appearance/renormalization of Substance.
In some fractal possibilities, there is only fuzz, awaiting happenstance activation.


By remaining empathetic with GW, we are obeying God, thus exhibiting GF.

Be Empathetic.
Try to be understanding, which may well entail tough love.
Place for wussie atheists and gay jesus people to prevent anyone from questioning their "truths".

As near as I can tell, a number of them are not sites for informing insights or debating issues.
They are more like e-harmony fast-date services for gender-fluids and snowflakes.

If IT has power to set the math-based laws and allow for choices, then I see nothing in science to defy intuition that IT retains power to feedback to guide the choices.

As I is signified to a POV and contextualized to a locus, it re-presents as measurable S.
As S forms complex patterns with feedback and means for taking in nourishment and preserving itself, it expresses a level of awareness.
As levels of A become more complexly organized, self-A emerges, coordinate with the locus of S-T where and when it is expressed.
The reconciling C, as it chooses and guides the forms it purposes to express, necessarily appreciates when and where some forms feedback to become more resistant or accommodating to change and flux.

The Reconciling Consciousness RC is appreciative of forms associated with C at all levels and layers.
No form/level/layer can be expressly manifested and made a part of the I record that is beyond the appreciation of the RC.


I wonder:  May the math-verse we inhabit be amenable of being sensed differently, depending on how our group of inhabitants happens to be formed?  I, and all who happen to share my general context, may sense the stars to be receding at such and such an accelerating rate.  (Regardless of whatever the loci for the general context I happen to inhabit, I suspect every present observer from every star would measure the away-acceleration of other stars, in all directions, to be at the same rate.)
However, may there happen to abide other perspectives, in parallel aspects of our math-verse that are beyond our potential experience, that may sense stars to be receding at a different rate?
May our math-verse be such that, whatever the rate of away-acceleration of stars, that rate will be renormalized to fit the experiences of whatever the form and context of observers that happen to inhabit our math-verse?  May we live out our lives chasing an away-acceleration, much as a country boy may chase one or the other of the ends to a rainbow?
Perhaps the ideas of an originating point in space or a limiting ceiling in expanse, may fit, ultimately, more with illusion than with measurable reality.  What we measure may be more fit to whatever renormalizations are needed to sustain our math-verse as it appears to us than to fit with any "real" nature of physicality. 
Whatever the math that defines our math-verse, perhaps it is intimately related to the character that avails our perspectives of consciousness.  Perhaps a unifying theory of substantively measurable physics must remain forever incomplete, because our physics seems to be so intimately related to an immeasurable aspect or capacity of our consciousness.  (In itself, the math-verse as we occupy it need not itself occupy space-time.  Rather, space-time would be a derivative of the math-verse being activated by a reconciling aspect of Consciousness.)
Even so, by postulating and acting as if various models of empiricism could offer a more complete explanation, we do seem able to tinker to express and bootstrap astonishing capacities ....


C at every level


Cracked Symmetry
At each instant  C, at whatever level, takes a contextual POV from one perspective, it simultaneously takes a POV from every perspective that is necessary to support its reconciliation with S and I.
At every fractal layer/level of manifestation.

No system of patterns can stick -- to repair and replicate itself as needed to nurture and sustain itself --- unless it has means to find its likeness to be attractive.  That "means" is conscious appreciation.  It's why patterns, as they happen to develop, happen to attract likeness.  This is a derivative of patterns that happen to be formed by C as it images with math-verses.  Something ineffable about C avails it with capacity to image/imagine/in-form S out of its inter-functioning with math.  Something ineffable about C allows it to advance empirical technologies by bootstrapping them.

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