Sunday, December 11, 2016

How to Tell a Prog

When Lefties can ban Huckleberry Finn, they will soon get around to making the flying of Old Glory into hate speech, just before they rule the Constitution unconstitutional. Progs are afflicted with a mental disorder that short circuits their common sense. If not repaired before age 40, that disorder tends to become permanent. Then there is no fixing it. At that point, the best that can be done is to put all Progs afflicted with perpetually infantilizing adolescence back into their cribs.
With only about 10 questions, I suspect a good many Progs can be identified with 99.99% accuracy. We should start profiling with those tests.
1) Do you think the Constitution, as written, mandates that all the States recognize gay marriage and polygamous marriage? (Should an hermaphrodite be entitled to equal protection and to marry a man, a woman, a gender-fluid, and another hermaphrodite, at the same time? Should a child be entitled to a village of Daddies?)
2) Do you think blood related siblings should be entitled to obtain marriage certificates?
3) Do you think the central gov has the right to force state public schools to teach elementary students the "ins and outs" of gay marriage? (Do you think bestiality is good for the human and good for the beast, so long as both are pleasured and neither complains?)
4) Do you think central overseers ought to be authorized to fine small business people for calling other people names or for refusing to serve them in the way they like?
5) Do you think colleges should grade different races on different curves?
6) Do you think the central gov should print money to make college free?
7) Do you think it's racist to advocate for smaller central gov?
8) Do you think it's bigoted to be against the further importation of Muslims, without extreme vetting?
9) Do you think whites are per se privileged, and should therefore be specially taxed to pay reparations? (Should one drop of white blood oblige a person to pay reparations?)
10) Do you think the central gov should mandate the confiscation of all pistols and repeating-fire rifles? (Do you think police should be required to patrol gang-banger neighborhoods without guns?)


The places you will find to be quickest on the draw to ban or insult tend to be the sites that specialize in Progressive "education." Progs tend not to look good pretending to be accomodating to contrary views. The whole point of conditioning for hyphenated diversity is not to accomodate assimilation, unless to conquer and replace it. We routinely see a similar pattern in Islam.
The whole point of "progressivism" is pretense that there abides some perfect form of collectivist governance, of which prog experts have superior insight that merits (nay, requires) affirmation by all the "ignorant" small businessmen. Progism inherently promotes iron-fisted elitist intolerance, even when it sometimes temporarily tries to hide it under velvet gloves.
Progs always want to take over the legal machinery for dictating governance in every particular. Equal "rights" for Blacks soon enough expands to equal (superior) rights for left cleaning, goat loving, bacon eschewers. Always, they get their foot in the door by claiming only to want tolerance, that soon enough fills billions of pages of arcane legalese. And all of it collapses into black holes of laundered bribery.

Why do hyphenates not want to go all the way and completely segregate themselves? Why do they shamelessly feel entitlted to take economic sustenance from those that do not want hyphenates?
Why do they come into non-hyphenated society and expect affirmative privileges? Why don't hyphenated gays, jews, aryans, muslims, blacks, hispanics, pansexuals, illegals, etc, accept that non-hyphenates just don't care (and don't want to care) about their hyphenated status?
Why come to a generally non-hyphenated business or society that rewards individual competence and the taking of personal responsibility and then shamelessly complain that it does not reward special entitlement-mindedness?
Yes, reality avails places that cater to hyphenated status. Hyphenates should go to those places and not feel entitled to specially tax non-hyphenated societies. We non-hyphenates have no interest in being slaves, taking slaves, or taking hyphenates to raise as perpetual children. We just don't care about your gayness, so long as you aren't foisting it on our children.
Prog dhimmification proceeds by teaching thusly: (1) You should (must!) be your brother's keeper. (2) I am your (most worthy) brother.
I have relatives like that. They constantly harp about what I should do more of, to support others. While they themselves NEVER support anyone. If Progs want to save the world, let them volunteer their own time, resources, and money. Ah, but there's the rub. Progs tend not to believe in owner-ship. Only in entitle-ship.

By far, the more dangerous cohort against America is the Establishment of NWO cronycrat moochers and oligarchic people farmers. Much, much more so than the Ruskies. If they were to give aid and comfort to a treasonous cohort among the Electors, then, truly, that would be the shot heard round the table of every patriot.

Re: "[Lefties] have no confidence they can care for themselves, and nov shame when others are forced to care for them."
I confirm with my experience. Everytime I encounter an incompetent who is without shame, he/she seems invariably to be a Lefty. Savage is right, that Lefties truly are "red diaper doper babies." A republic that allows them to become the voting majority has lost the better part of its senses.

Communism is primitive socialism, meaning it is without a market based medium of exchange. Ask Pol Pot how that worked out.

If DJT is a fascist, then the woman who is picky in choosing a husband to father her children is an eugenicist. To argue DJT is a fascist is to act as a corrupt Rino or an ignorant Dino. It is to project evil and ignorance.
DJT wants to deregulate business and to clamp down on lobbyiing (mooching).
To rely on new businesses to organize productive employment in a society is an indicator of freedom, not fascism. What would be the alternatives? To rely on despots to stack and rule gov and/or corporate hierarchies.
There is right (freedom) and there is wrong (destruction of freedom). Those that want to destroy freedom can almost always be relied on to tell the public that up is down, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength, small businesses are fascist, and to resist totalitarians is only to make them stronger.

But equality is not a right.  The whiny minority is not equal to the cancer ridden and dying child.  Nor to the smart, innocent little girl who is stoned to preserve a father's "honor."  Nor to the child whose fortune was to be "adopted" by pedophiles.  Hope is in growing stronger by pulling strength from the Reconciler and persevering in the face of one's personal challenges.  That hope tends better to be availed in a culture that is liberty-literate.  Progs are poison to that culture.


If DJT is not an anti-establishment pro-American, then WHY is the establishment so panicked?  Why is it pulling out all the stops?  Pray for DJT.  And America.

The biggest danger to humanity is not the Russians.  The biggest danger is the faithless cohort of cronycrat establishmentarians that has taken over every institution of persuasion and force, except one:  The institutional memory of decent, competent, freedom-loving Americans with regard to their inheritance of freedom and dignity. 

With faith in the Reconciler and the justness of our humanitarian cause, we can defeat these evil morlochians.  And put their aiders and abettors (perpetually adolescent Progs) back in their cribs.

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