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Ownership of Human Identity

Fundamentally, I suspect we have been, are, and will be, all the same person.  "The interconnected I." 

The only difference between that -- and what we now present as -- abides with degrees (fractaled layers and levels) of separation. 

If so, the better questions, in "Kevin Bacon terms," are: 
- With which previous and present expressions of personage do "you" feel (intuitively and empathetically) most closely connected? 
- And, how should you, as presently your own dignity, seek meaningfulness with which to express yourself, freely? 

in free participation, because you own "your" self.  To not assert responsibility for such ownership of yourself is to fall back into a sub-human state.  In respect of being human, such falling back would be regression, not progression.  In that respect, Collectivizing Progs are Regressives, not Progressives.  But then, Progs always like to wash words through Orwellian Cycles.

It may be that this exact context only goes around once.  But "you" do not only go around once.  IOW, YOLO is b.s.  "You," like Jacob Marley, continue to have an investment in that for which you have been responsible.


What causes the "liberalization" is the hyphenating antagonism against assimilation to the American Ideal of individual freedom and dignity.  Otherwise, the American Ideal would teach respect for private property (ownership responsibility) and the marketplace (as opposed to corrupt favoring redistributive bureaucrats).

Untill fairly recently, each State determined its own requisites for voting.  Because of our "original sin" of slavery, that led to Jim Crow.  That led to forced Reconstruction and gross intrusions by Feds into freedoms of association.   Soon enough, Reconstruction led to its own kind of corrupt abuses. 

At this point, we live in a populous nation with vastly interconnecting trade interests.  I much doubt that forced Reconstructive measures remain worthy to their originating purposes.  The business owner or State that engaged in policies for fostering racism would soon enough find itself a pariah to the marketplace.

Btw, the biggest racists and bigots tend to be the Prog baiters.  What is more racist, misogynist, or bigoted than saying one group deserves gov-backed special favors or reparations solely on account of its race, gender, or religion?  What is not racist, misogynist, and bigoted about Progs' allowing of filthy Saudi money to influence our politics?  California and Sanctuary Cities are probably the biggest racists in the U.S.  What is not racist about academics and mayors of inner cities pandering to denizens that declare open season on cops?

Yes, the determining of who has a right to vote should be blind to color, gender, and ethnicity.  However, it need not be blind to generalized measures for profiling for responsible maturity. 

Factors:  Age, period of citizenship, passage of a basic civics course, lack of criminal history, time of residence, payment of property taxes.  I don't see how reasoned application of such requisites would "tear us apart."  I do see how it would cause snowflakes, thug-baiters, cronycrats, and people-farmers (i.e., neo-carpetbaggers) to crap their drawers.


I don't much care about the skin color, gender, or ethnicity, per se of a President. I care about whether he/she is pro or anti American representative republicanism. For or against the freedom and dignity of every citizen to pursue happiness, under law as founded by the Constitution. American or Globalist.
Unfortunately, Globalists tend to be Collectivists who tend to care more about collective redistribution for favored, gang-banging sub-groupings instead of individual responsibility. And globalist propaganda has most definiteily infested some sub-groupings more than others.
The consequence is this: Blacks, Gays, feminists, and femimen tend to have been indoctrinated to a similar cause. That cause is to erase the Constitution, the borders, and the republic, and replace them with a centrally regulated apparatus that will enfore their ideas about "equality and fairness" right down to the toenails. What this really means is: They mean to take from some and redistribute to their favored gang bangers. Not under any marketplace of competition or colorblind system of regulation, but under a hierarchical regime headed by their choice of MacDaddy Despot.
So, until society regains its senses, I do not want ANY hyphenate to become President ever again. All hyphenates need to be put back in their cribs and not be consulted about matters of politics until they show some signs of growing up. Somehow, authority to participate in the politics of a representative republic needs to be more closely tied to demonstrated individual competence and responsibility. The right to vote ought not be freely conferred to every perpetually infantilized adolescent. Especially so long as he/she/it presents more as a hyphenate than as an American.


In taking action to restore America, Trump will be investigating the waste, fraud and abuse of years of establishmentarian rule. Establishmentarians don't want that. So they deflect. They want to short circuit Trump's coming investigations of their shenanighans by preempting with their own "investigations," bent to a preconceived story: That their corruption in taking Russian and Saudi money should be laid at Trump's door instead of their own. Progs are truly some foul sh eest.


The philosophers of human dignity and Identity. Asimov and Rand, when they took off their anti-god blinkers. Further back, de Tocqueville.
According to your link,
In a past life I was a knight, born in 1437 somewhere in the territory of Southern Germany. My father was a castle guard, and my mother was an ordinary peasant. I was loyal to my king, so he rewarded me with a large area of land.
Well, it's pretty to think so. :)


Fundamentally, I suspect we have been, are, and will be, all the same person. "The interconnected I."
The only difference between that -- and what we now present as -- abides with degrees (fractaled layers and levels) of separation.
If so, the better questions, in "Kevin Bacon terms," are:
- With which previous and present expressions of personage do "you" feel (intuitively and empathetically) most closely connected?
- And, how should you, as presently your own dignity, seek meaningfulness with which to express yourself, freely?
in free participation, because you own "your" self. To not assert responsibility for such ownership of yourself is to fall back into a sub-human state. In respect of being human, such falling back would be regression, not progression. In that respect, Collectivizing Progs are Regressives, not Progressives. But then, Progs always like to wash words through Orwellian Cycles.
It may be that this exact context only goes around once. But "you" do not only go around once. IOW, YOLO is b.s. "You," like Jacob Marley, continue to have an investment in that for which you have been responsible.


It's impossible to be a Prog over 40 and not be a shameless, incompetent, corrupt, perpetually infantilized and irresponsible adolescent. Oxymorons: Prog Principles. Clean diapered Prog. Wise Prog. Prog Charity.

Obama: Go flush yourself.

If DJT is not an anti-establishment pro-American, then WHY is the establishment so panicked? Why is it pulling out all the stops? Pray for DJT. And America.
The biggest danger to humanity is not the Russians. The biggest danger is the faithless cohort of cronycrat establishmentarians that has taken over every institution of persuasion and force, except one: The institutional memory of decent, competent, freedom-loving Americans with regard to their inheritance of freedom and dignity.
With faith in the Reconciler and the justness of our humanitarian cause, we can defeat these evil morlochians. And put their aiders and abettors (perpetually adolescent Progs) back in their cribs.


Diaspora, I mostly agree.  To look at what Progs produce for movies, music, and social studies is to know why they should never be trusted to run DC or the Courts. 

I am wary of conscription.  That would seem like baking trrds into a cake.  I would prefer something different, but with similar results. 

First, scale back welfare to make the low life less palatable.  (The truly worthy will likely obtaini additional help through bona fide charities, and those charities would insist on results -- unlike gov giveaways.)

Then, share more revenue with States -- but under a proviso that the revenue be used for infrastructure.  Some infrastructure maintenance jobs would be so recurring as to be permanent.  Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  Use tax revenues to promote more infrastructure contracts -- and exclude illegals. 

Make some volunteer infrastructure jobs into something akin to work-study programs.  No free tuition, but funding for infrastructure work-study workers.  (They would likely learn more via OJT than in most classrooms.)

It seems likely that there are ways to control a mix of incentives and disincentives so that actual conscription is not needed -- except in national emergencies.  The only reason conscription can work in a national emergency is because the emergency focuses peoples' minds so they don't waste time catering to snowflakes.  Otherwise, the dirty snowflakes would ruin everything they touch.


That's because MSM is owned by oligarchs, who are the real bosses from whom most of DC takes its orders. The real Americans whose blood and sweat actually defend and work the country, who embrace the American Ideal, are more ignored or misdirected than represented. Loss of faith and lack of leadership has reduced them to this sorry state.
With DJT, we have a chance for that to change. That is why the Establishit is losing its mind. The Establishit consists of behind-the-curtain oligarchs funding cronycrats to mooch off Americans while building electoral power by importing third-world liberty-illiterate cattle-people. With DJT, those formula babies will be put back in their crib. There's nothing like the smell of freshly inspired, free-thinking Americans in the new morning.
Behind the oligarch's masks, we see that most of them have become mere faithless, self-godded, virtueless POS's, not worth admiring. Their talents have inclined less to inventiveness or inspiration than to management of fiat money, gov favors, confiscated ideas, people farming, and deconstruction of all the institutions that would support a decent society of free, dignified, and responsible adults. While we slept, they constructed a pig party and came very near to consolidating totalitarian power.

Progs will survive until their host either dies out or wakes the heck up.

It's not a whiteness problem. It's a babybrain addiction. Babybrain addicts often blame whiteness in order to deflect examination of the real problem: Perpetualized babybrains. If you have an alcoholic relative who gropes her way through life by blaming everyone and everything except her own utter lack of personal accountability, you may know what I mean. I doubt that buying into their deflections helps anyone.

Libs/Progs/Commies/Crybullies have a problem with every competent, energetic person who succeeds. They don't like blacks that "act white," either. They just call it a whiteness problem to avoid confessing that they are incompetent, infantile, crybulling, shriveled testicleites. They don't propagate grownups -- just more whinyazz, gang-banging, shriveled testicleites.
Edit: For which they compensate by flinging their crap and showing us their 'tude, i.e., droopy pants, SNL, pierced tongues, hatred for responsible adults.

The problem is that the cronycrats that control the direction know full well what they are doing, and it is what they intend to do: Prepare the masses for the giant people farm. Indeed, they take our money and our sweat and pur it back into their people-farming machine. You are to become first a sheeple, then a widget. Giving them more central power over domestic policy is the last thing we should be doing.

Among the worst things taxpayers could waste their money on would be funding free education for the further indoctrination of socially incompetent morons. Actually, that is worse than waste. It is active treason to the republic and to humanity.

We need a Porkwarts Schools for Weeweepigies. It could teach courses on Problems. The Problems of: Blackness, Redness, Yellowness, Snowflakiness, Femimenness, pinkiewaggerness, pansexualness, goatlovingness, fakescienceness, fakephilanthropyness, farmingthestupid, debtaddictiononaccountofstupidity, Profswithoutbrains, Goodsenselosttoablackhole. So many choices, so much to learn. A mind is a terrible thing to proglytize.

They are immigrants only if one intends to include invading hordes and criminals within the term. When most people think of immigrants, before MSM redirecting disinformation, they think of people with papers or processed through official channels. They remember Ellis Island. Not Typhoid Mary.

Why do the politicians funded by oligarchs want to increase third world immigration? Well, not because of any stone tablet that says diversity is better. Not because of any prescription by Gaia. Not because such immigration helps build democracies abroad. Nope. Faithless oligarchs promote diversity for one reason only: To solidify their positions as people farmers.
The NWO is not about spreading democracy abroad. It is about making the entire world one vast people farm for a syndicate of oligarchs.
Why has this NWO people-farming movement come to pass? Is it because alien masters have invaded us from outer space? Not likely. It's because too many people have forsaken all decent invitations to higher mindedness. Instead, they flock to invitations to the most base and immediate of gratifications, And that is how they have flung their freedom and dignity away, along with all the clothes of decency.
That's why so many "churches," "charities," and pagan-satanic cults have embraced the "new higher mindedness": "Free" sex, free abortions, free borders, free dope, free "education," free salvation. But these things are not free. And when they are mistaken to be free, they turn into the chains of Jacob Marley.

By definition, people farmers are traitors to humanity. By definition, globalizing anti-nationalists are traitors to their nation. A good many of these scum need to be hung, to encourage the others to curtail their faithless rapine. There was good reason for hanging traitors in bygone days. Those good reasons resound today.

What do I call them? Faithless, self-godded, treasonous, free-loading, diaper-loaded people-farmers. Aka, Skrotumm Ticks.

"Far Right" is dog whistling for anti crybully. By Progs' own reasoning, "far right" should be sanctionable hate speech, since it is hateful against competent individuals.
Indeed, to give aid and comfort to collectivist crybullies is to be a traitor to the principles of the Founders. And these aren't voluntary collectivists. Nope. They're gang-banging, gov-forcing collectivists.
Progs: Still not potty trained after all these years.


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