Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hubris of the Gay Lobby

Prog Gays wanted equal "access" to innocent children: To require tax funding for indoctrinating them in schools; to give multiples of deviants "rights" to adopt multiples of innocent children; eventually to grease the way for children's "rights" to share drugs and sex with adults.
Why else do so many of them favor Islamic immigration, that will almost certainly in practice lead to child brides and polygamy? Given where Prog idiocy has taken us, on what reasoned basis would a Prog Scotus fail to mandate recognition of polyamorous "marriages" and communal "adoptions"?


The problem with gay marriage and special minority culture is this:  Where they are widely regarded as legitimate, they don't need special legislative protection.  Where they are not widely assimilated as legitimate, gang bangers often try to force the issue.  That is not legislation.  Nor is judicial fiat legislation.

The more the gov takes illigitimate steps to force such issues, the more its elites practice treating the people as cattle.  That is despotism.  The more disassimilated we become, the more divided and ruled by elitist gang bangers and despots we become.  No representative reublic can long survive such a trend.  And that is precisely what the wannabe cronycrats, oligarchs, and despots want.  That is no way to make a representative republic great again.

Alas, nearly all institutions of persuasion and control are in the hands of minority gang bangers and their people farmers.  That includes institutions of education, academia, media, think tanks, Hollywood, ACLU, law schools, churches, charities, foundations, federal courts, civil service bureaucracies, and banks.  They all serve the meme of elitist rule over the masses. 

This is why, using discretion as the better part of valor, Trump understood that, for now, he ought not take a position to kick the Feds out of the issues of abortion, marriage, family, or faith.  But I think he also understands that the Constitution cannot survive the path we are on.  Trump will appoint less adolescent federal judges who understand that.  Maybe, in due time, the republic will still have a chance.  But not if it keeps to the course it has been on.

The course we are on is not on the right side of history --  if we want to preserve a representative republic that respects the freedom and dignity of the citizenry at large.  The breakdown of the American family is the great sucking opportunity for the oligarchs that want to control gov to farm the people.  To replace the family with the rules of oligarchs as promoted  by their paid agitators and appointed fiat judges is to destroy the republic.

There is no such thing as participatory freedom outside of law or completely under the thumb of manmade law.  Two things -- generally assimilated spiritual faith and the American family -- were the primary institutions for preserving American freedom under law. 

I do not say that the American republic was the permanent apex of cultural evolution.  What I do say is that, without generally assimilated faith in meta-values and the man-woman family, the American republic cannot survive.  It will be replaced by NWO fiat farming of the people at large as if they were cattle.  Elites know how to agitate cattle to rule and turn them where they want.  With cattle-people, elites know how to hit below the belt to excite and deploy impulses at the glandular level, farming urges for choom, sex, and mind dopery. 

Gays and dopers are used by elites as Judas goats to lead Americans into captivity and loss of individual freedom and responsibility.  You will find very few gays and dopers that do not believe their urges should be sanctified in law.  Very few of them will have given a moment's thought to the sanctity of children or coming generations of Americans.  This incapacity to think beyond their wannas and genitalia is why I tend to refer to them as moral infants.  And why Justice Kennedy and his cohorts are judicial adolescents.


I don't derive values that work for American society from the ancient Athenians.  We are much more influenced by recent Christian values as handed down to our founders through the British.  You cannot make sense of social values by elitist rethinking from the beginning.  If you try to do that, you will not be able to exclude all manner of social and abusive relationships and groupings.

I want to keep a representative republic.  I don't find much in history or logic to suggest that a representative republic would long be preserved by adopting ideas of polygamists, primogeniture, elitist privilege, harems, natural indenture, and so on. 

What we do know is that America, not long after 1776, with the help of Christian faith and values, led the world to a new form of representative republicanism.  And it has worked, in main, up to now. 

Now, with the help of gay Lefties, that republic came very close to being buried under NWO globalism that would surely have been accelerated had Hillary been elected.  That globalism push would have been the death knell of the Constitutional republic.  And, after all is said and done, that is plainly and precisely what Obama and the cronycrats and oligarchs fronting him want. 

To me, the NWO that would reduce the masses to a global people farm ruled by elitists would be a monstrous subhumanization of our civilization.

Blithe knowitall Progs think they can wave a wand, safely do away with the traditions of the Ten Commandments and the traditional ideas of family upon which our republic was founded, and replace with a "better" system designed based on moral logic, fairness, and equality.  Problem is, their appreciation of moral logic, fairness, and equality tends to be stunted at the level of an adolescent, perhaps often of an infant.  Pure pleasure principle.  Sex, choom, exhibitionism, power, hubris, deceit.

I agree that there are cases where a child that otherwise would be abandoned would be better served trusting to two caring gays.  Problem is, people that think all social answers should belong to laws as prescribed by elites always fail to see what comes quickly along with the nose of the donkey (or camel) once it's in the tent.

I don't want to see the gay lobby turn children into mere commodities to which Gays (whether singly, doubly, or in harems or communes) claim equal access.  Some people adopt for reasons not really "loving."

That's a problem for a lot of Lib delusions.  Like complete decriminalization of drugs, without regard to children.   Nope.  Assimilations of values based in spiritual faith are far more important than you seem to assume.


Re: "I don't think that gave SCOTUS the right to impose legal gay marriage on all states."
I certainly agree with that!
Regarding a right to access to child custody: I think children also have rights. I think children are too often sacrificed to the wannas of adults. I don't quite get why an adult who is not a biological parent of a child should have a "right" later in a child's life to adopt that child. Or, for that matter, two adults neither of whom was a biological parent of the child.
Nor do I see why a judge, in considering the best interests of a child, must give "equal consideration" to an adoption request by a gay couple. I suspect this is opening a box of woes. Given the arguments by the gay lobby, I suspect a society already primed for such arguments will quickly fall to polyamorous "marriages" and communal "adoptions."
The Gay lobby is monkeying with forces for which it has little understanding or foresight. The consequence will likely be an unraveling of the values of faith, family, and fidelity without which a representtive republic cannot endure. Adolescent Social Progs are monkeying with forces they do not understand.


Gay marriage is not marriage unless having same sex friends with benefits is marriage. Regardless, concern about gay civil unions is a matter for the States or for contract law. Scotus ought not generally be telling State courts how to interpret State laws within the States' prerogatives. Not every problem merits a law. Nor does every State problem merit a decision by a Fed court. A problem with Dems is that they are in thrall to ACLU nancy boys.

Republicans want Dems to grow up, learn personal responsibility, and stop asking the Fed gov to take over the functions of the State govs. Dems do not want to grow up. The smarter and more responsible Dems will find common ground when they become about 40. The others, when they become 60, if ever. By that time, they will be Republicans. Until then, it is better to keep Dems in their crib than to waste time seeking common ground with them. They are making themselves irrelevant without needing help from Republicans.

The only reason the election was not a complete blowout is that Hillary was 100% supported by all the crybullies that did not go to the further out nutcases. Crying racism is what they do. No matter what!

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