Friday, January 20, 2017

Freedom of Speech

Preserving decent society necessitates that freedom of speech include a right not to be jailed on account of expressing political opinions unfavorable to existing agents of the government.  It does not extend to deliberate attempts to foment criminal activity.  It does facilitate freedom of thought.

Freedom of speech ought not extend to require businesses to accomodate speech deemed unfavorable to their business interests.  Even so, a culture of decent respect for the dignity of fellow citizens should encourage people and businesses to accord due hearing for most information and ideas. Absent good reason to the contrary, opposing and discomfiting ideas ought to be tolerated for verbal expression.  Usually, the better way to oppose such ideas is by showing how they are likely inconsistent, incoherent, incomplete, or simply false. 

Otoh, when a person is shown to be an habitual, deliberate, incorrigible, trouble-making, con-shilling, lying deceiver or thief, such a person ought to be marked or identified, pending satisfactory evidence of rehabilitation.

No mortal has free will to violate laws of nature (gravity, etc.)  What we have is participatory will.  From our individual perspectives, we get to participate in a great unfolding process of reconciliation of parts, fluxing among patterns, bringing order out of otherwise chaos.  In a free society of human beings, participatory freedom extends to freedom to speak your mind without unwarranted fear of being jailed by the authorities.  It does not extend to freedom to physically harm your neighbors.  It may be regulated to mitigate against clear hazards and rioting. 

In most cases, freedom of speech may not be curtailed by U.S. authorities merely to assauge against hurt feelings.  However, even though it may not get you jailed, it may get you banished, expelled, or fired.  And, if slanderous, it may get you sued for civil damages.


But for 1400 years of cousin inbreeding and cultural depravity, what thinking person could read the Koran and adopt it as a decent basis for a religious congregation? Ugh!
But for 100 years of mass indoctrination and child mind-abuse, what thinking person could listen to NWO agents for people-farming and adopt their propaganda as a decent basis for centralizing governance? Ugh!
Why should we tolerate, much less celebrate, the subhumanizing antics of Muslims, Marxists, and Morons -- ugh, ugh, ugh!

Soon, persons perv'd by FedEd will be suing to claim equal rights to receive clearances for top secret assignments. Nuttery! To be encouraged by now-serving perv'd Generals.
A society that tolerates and encourages perversion will soon celebrate and require perversion. We often become what we tolerate. Without vision beyond sex organs and drug addictions, a people and a republic perish.
Patterns form out of chaos, but not all such formations are benign to decent civilization. It is willfully stupid disavowal of moral responsibility to consign all blame to God ("God don't make no mistakes"?), without apprehending that the Godhead functions in a feedback relationship (responds to our prayers and wishes and signifying acts) with us. How else could we and our societies share participatory responsibility?

It seems K1-12 has become molestation/grooming for service to the NWO. Get the agglomerating Feds out of education. Had the Feds not been in Deep Education, would Manning have grown up so confused?

He wants his daughter to "grow up" in a world where she never has to grow up. Because gov will print all the money she needs to continue her parasitism indefinitely. Or until the host is sucked dry. What a s for brains!

Somehow, the 2% that constitutes deviants, malcontents, jihadis, commies, and brain-cramped proggie-profs has spread its pattern so that it has poisoned and taken large control over nearly all our institutions of education, entertainment, grifting, and persuasion. Something about our culture has produced or been infested by a viral clone maker of prog trash. Global Rotting. New World Diaper Loading. Examples will have to be made of some of the more virulent prog-rotters. If they are allowed to succeed with their unrelenting crybullying, we can all kiss republican freedom and dignity good bye.

T for tat tends (but not always) to be the best policy. That is why Trump succeeded by counterpunching, while W and Mitt went down in disgust and flames by failing to direct vigorous consequences to vigorous bad actors. Generations raised free of consequences tend not to grow up, mentally.

W is George W. Bush, as distinguished from George H. W. Bush. W's popularity sank like a rock during his final months, as he withdrew from counterpunching. Maybe he liked the nation being greased towards absorption into the NWO, even if that required him to be made the goat?

The reason our republic lost its way for so long is because it tolerated infantile and morally criminal irresponsibility for too long. If the opposite of that over-tolerance is "rude," then we have been too little rude for too long. We indulged too many infant-brains to believe they had the moral high ground. The readjustment is bound to be accompanied by tantrums.

Coexistence is for every kind of blood sucker against the American host. Coexistence is for utopian new worlders, not for good faith conservers of liberty. It is for the life sucking spider. It lasts only so long as the host is bound and still living as lifeblood is drained from it. Then, it's on to the next host.

The DOI and Constitution were the work of educated free thinkers. Not the work of indoctrinated serf-brains (i.e., socialistic proggies of the people-farming/people-farmee Uniparty). Patrick Henry would not have traded away his freedom for a little more slop.

Infantile, diaper-loaded, chooming, entitlement-minded, genital-fixated proggies will be with us always. The trick is to not take them politically seriously, by putting them safely back in their cribs.
Obama pardons or commutes twisted people like Manning and Bergdahl because he identifies with them. Obama ruined America in the same way an infant ruins his diaper: So he can force someone else to change him, without having to find his own way to the commode. Obama is not a man among men. He is a twisted, perpetual infant among twisted, perpetual infants. A nation that cannot produce a political cure to salvage itself from Obama-like infants is a nation that lacks dignity.

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