Monday, January 9, 2017

The Prog Commonality

Meryl Streep makes a fine actress and a horribly uninformed and apparently deliberately stupid political analyst. She joins the rest of the demented hounds in ignoring their own acts of depravity, while attaching their noses solely to the missteps of Trump -- a man who often speaks extemporaneously (without cue cards or retakes) to inspire crowds of thousands to salvage America from people-farming pervs that mean to destroy the beacon of human freedom and dignity, forever.
Progs always become hysterical whenever Trump makes fun of one of their victim-sendups. Yes, Trump ought not make such missteps. However, on the other side of the coin, Trump means to show us that we need to stop allowing our nation to sell away liberty merely because some people prefer to be professional beggers agitating for cronycrats.
In Trump's impatience in trying to inspire and restore models for independence, competence, and enterprise, he often steps on the toes of professional victims. And these victims are often not quite what Proggies make them out to be. Often they are phonies, commies, jihadi enablers, or shills working to drown America in ever more liberty-illiterates and jihadis. Streep and her ilk function to try to drown America in disgusting sludge.
What was more nasty and evil: Hillary's setting the Middle East ablaze and then lying about it at every turn, or Trump neglecting politeness while he tries to inspire us to reclaim individual enterprise, competence, faith, and real charity (not the phony opm commie kind). Don't ask Streep. She's as clueless and brain warped as most of the other denizens of Commieville.

A lot of Progs are beyond fixing. There is no reasoning with them. If putting them back in their cribs where they belong is "vengeful," count me in. To fail to do that is to be accomplice to the fundamental replacement of human freedom and dignity with people-farming bs.
All proggies are wannabe people farmers or people farmees. That is THE COMMONALITY of depraved commies, jihadis, socialists, faux liberals, SJW, professional victims, BLM, totalitarians, fascists, despots, etc.
Proggies are able to attack from all angles, because they have no line-in-the-sand principles. They denigrate Trump as if he were pro-Putin, even though they are far and away more pro-CPUSA. They phony up claims of statutory rape, even though they will fall rapidly in line for legalized incest, child prostitution, and goat love. They act concerned about Pedro living in the shadows, even though they want a NWO where all the masses will live in serfdom. I think they are mainly pig puke.

America was a rarity. The electorates and citizenries of most nations are fit more to be farmed than for self governance. Nearly every system that is not one of checked and balanced, representative republicanism is a system for farming people. Most people farmers and people farmees like it that way. Regardless of words to the contrary, they are simply otherwise unsuited. This is why it is severely stupid to try to export representative republicanism to culture-soils that are unsuited to it. This is why wannabe people farmers and people farmees want to import liberty illiterates. This is why the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This is why I loathe Americans that are people farmers or people farmees.
Given a vigilant, competent, decent, higher minded, principled citizenry, the best political system for a nation like the U.S. is representative republicanism. For good Americans to allow that to be destroyed is beyond stupid. For people farmers to want to destroy that is evil. I see little reason to be patient with such stupid and evil people. Put them back in the crib or in jail. Or deport them. Period.

Most of recorded history has entailed conquest of other tribes, races, religions.  That was immediately followed with enslavement, enserfment, indoctrination, and mind control.  If you are stubbornly unaware of that fact, I will not waste time trying to pull you out of a deep pit of self imposed confusion.

The Open Society, Agenda 21, NWO is a transmogrification of an alliance of lying people farmers, fronted by Soros, UN, Bush-Clinton brothers from another mother, and all their Oz monkeys. 

Clue:  Communism exists only in Unicorn-land.  You're being deluded by fantasies and people-farming maleducation posing as education.  You will never be educated until you learn how best to question your faux-educators.

Most of recorded history has entailed conquest of other tribes, races, religions. That was immediately followed with enslavement, enserfment, indoctrination, and mind control. If you are stubbornly unaware of that fact, I will not waste time trying to pull you out of a deep pit of self imposed confusion.
The Open Society, Agenda 21, NWO is a transmogrification of an alliance of lying people farmers, fronted by Soros, UN, Bush-Clinton brothers from another mother, and all their Oz monkeys.
Clue: Communism exists only in Unicorn-land. You're being deluded by fantasies and people-farming maleducation posing as education. You will never be educated until you learn how best to question your faux-educators.

That Agenda is proceeding nicely, in the here and now. Formal ratification is unneeded. The faith, family, and fidelity by which nations were assimilated are being replaced by pretensing gov, uncaring bureaucracy, and faithless technology.
Give Progs their way and people will no longer assimilate into nations. Rather, nations will be assimilated into an elitist-ruled NWO. You will learn to believe and expound as you are told. More or less as you are doing now.

There is a definite war by elitists to subjugate the masses to their farm. Many Jews consider themselves part of that elite leadership. The main point of Progism is that the masses must be led to progress by elites. They have in mind a supra-system beyond nations. An NWO Open Society.
No conspiracy is needed. All that is needed is like minds and like birds flocking together to form and reinforce patterns.
With regard to freedom and dignity for individuals, that is a difficult pattern to form and sustain. It requires eternal vigilance. As well as vigilance to counter the subhumanizing notions of faux elites, among whom some happen to be Jews, Rainbows, Malcontents, Jihadis, Free Stuff Mongers, and Cronycrat Shills empowering Mooching Billionaires.
Freedom and dignity for individual human beings among the masses becomes especially difficult to sustain if its literary and philosophical foundations are allowed to be delegitimized by prevailing powers that be.

Some Jews with WH influence are proponents for MAGA. Such as Ivanka Trump and her husband.

Minority groups are tending to fight racism and bigotry by becoming the biggest racists and bigots of all!
They seem to be arguing that this is gene-borne. It is not. It is pattern borne. It is how patterns become ordered out of chaos. It is how some cultures become entirely depraved.
So-called White America produced a representative republic out of theretofore histories of depraved abuses by elitists. Over time, it eliminated slavery and advanced human freedom and dignity further than perhaps any other culture has ever done. It turn, it reaps the insanity and brutality of wilfully ignorant ingrates.
This is not gene borne. But it is meme borne. Meme borne insanity and brutality. This s has to be stopped. Memic Prog Goons need to be put back into their cribs until they are more ready for decent society.

Sensible existentiality requires parameters. Everything, done to excess, can spin out of balance. When oligarchic capitalists can invest in and buy gross political influence, politicians, and entire governments, the danger point for being out of balance is reached. Earned wealth within sustainable parameters is great for freedom of expression and enterprise. But not when wealth is made by fiat, mooching, conning, monopolizing, and expropriating.
Our system of representative republicanism lacks effective checks to preclude the unbalanced central agglomeration of wealth and power by self-worshipping oligarchs. The longer this state of unbalance lasts, the more they will undermine and render illegitimate our traditional and assimilating values and faiths. And the more they will weaponize all our institutions to propagandize against the freedom of individuals and for the power of self-godded faux-elites.
Good Americans need to explode the superior pretensions of faux elites, as well as their pretense that progism is any less a religious-like faith than is respect for the Reconciler of the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule. We also need effective RICO-like ways to confiscate the wealth and power of bad-acting cronycrat shills and mooching oligarchs.
As to livelihoods in an age of roboticizing: We may soon have to go to gov-planned workfare/contract/infrastructure programs. But jobs under those programs need to be designed by true representatives, decentralized, and managed by private contractors. Given our failing infrastructure, run-amuck BLM/SJWs, and entitlement-minded looting-ingrates, we need to put the brakes on welfare and replace with workfare.


Regarding Obama's crybaby goodbye speech:  American Thinker put the following comment criticizing the moral pretensions of elitists in immediate limbo:

Re:  Cohen's notion, amounting to:  "the purpose of the Jew was to sacrifice his “parochial” Jewish interests in causes for humanity that, for him, were greater than immediate Jewish needs. He called it Universalism."

What an utterly stupid, corrupt, and evil notion!  As if some stinking busybody has the right or talent to run my life and legislate away my freedom and dignity because he imagines himself to be better and wiser. 

This notion sounds good only to incompetent morons and opportunistic people-farming azzes.  It rationalizes the central agglomeration of power away from individuals, families, congregations, localities, cities, communities, cultures, states, to put all power into an international "elite."  This may be appropriate for a land of despotic liberty-illiteracy, but when foisted on a nation built on individual competence, responsibility, initiative, and liberty, is is subhumanizing, subjugating, and evil.

I saw thiis in Obama's farewell address, given to cheers of troops of Oz chimps.  Well, for the five minutes I could stand to watch of it.

Think about this:  Given all the "liberal" regulating, what range of freedom do you have remaining? 

If you start an enterprise to try to make a living, you will be forced by elitist-imposed taxes and regulations to keep detailed records, to allow you to be audited by central agents that will limit your freedom of association and so-called "hatespeech."  So ridiculous, that to say "all lives matter" would soon become hatespeech.  To say reparations for snowflakes is stupid would, but for the election of Trump, have soon become hatespeech.  To fail to recycle would become grounds for forced reeducation or anger management.  To contribute to the campaign of a Conserver of Liberty would land you in jail with Dinesh D'Souza.  To try to respect the moral code of your local congregation would become ground to fine you or run you out of business.  To advocate for your locally cultivated values would be found to constitute violation of the "wall of separation" against religious practices in the public square.  To teach your child that Johnny does not really have two daddies would be to get yourself fined and to get your child suspended from school.  To be outraged by the abortive harvesting and selling of baby parts would get you surveiled. To be against child marriage, child prostitution, incest, polygamy, and goat loving would get you branded as a non-nuanced non-cosmopolitan.  Verily, the gov will count even the f*rts of your cows and monitor the carbon emissions of your lungs.  To loathe all of this would get you branded as a "racist antisemite."

What do Obama, Soros, Progs, Cronycrats, Carbon Regulators, and International Oligarchs have in common?  Answer:  Zeal by process of legalism to regulate you down to the toenails.  By the time they are done with their regulations of you, there will be nothing left of your freedom and dignity but the squeal.

Bottom line:  Progs legislating their "moral vision" are an abomination under the sight of all that is decent and good.  Short version:  The ACLU s*cks.


Starting to wonder:  Why bother posting at A.T.?


The representative republic is Most Certainly being undermined by the importation of liberty illiterates.  Especially non-assimilable liberty-illiterates that help keep Americans divided so they can more easily be ruled. 

Islam is and was The Impetus for the Patriot Act and all the privacy-destroying, power-agglomeration of centralizing elities.  One who denies that may as well deny that the earth is not flat.  I have no time or patience for them.

The Founders wrote of the "free exercise" of religion:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...."

Thus, the people of constitutent states remained free in their speech, enterprises, and arms to preclude Islamists from impeding the free exercise of religious expression.  The Founders did NOT empower Islamists to render the free exercise of religions apart from Islam illegal or grounds for stoning.  They probably thought that a nation assimilated under Christian values and strong traditions of indiviudalism would never fall easy prey to those (Progs, Legalistic Universalists, and Muislims) that seek to abolish the expression of Christian values from the public square.

However, times and conditions change.  So how now do we reclaim what is needed to reverse the unraveling of the republic that is being caused by (stupid/corrupt) Legalistic Universalists and (demented) Muslims?

Answer:  Appoint better justices to Scotus.  Revive the "free exercise" language.  Show how the foundational aspects of Islam (in its books and its practices) promotes the most heinous of criminal activity and conspiracy against liberty.  Brand Islam as akin to the Mafia, were the Mafia to begin forcing belief in a CrimeHalla for soldiers against mere "muddled infidel citizens."  Then raze its Mosques as bawdyhouse bastions of conspiracy against the liberty of Americans.


If what you say about their "overfill" were a general truth, then population would not be increasing, since the West is not by itself replenishing.  But population is increasing.

Moreover, if what "we" do to them is bad for their health and bad for our moral fiber, then it would seem best if "we" stopped trading with them almost altogether.  "We" are not going to turn them into representative democracies or reduce their populations by giving them cell phones to help them war on one another or set off bombs or learn how to make nukes.

What might change them for the better:  Real charities; better examples; their own people learning and teaching better examples; less feeding of excuses for perpetuating rot.

Nation building abroad is like gov charity:  The recipient tends to be ungrateful; the givers and the intermediaries tend to engage in graft; the culture tends to hate us all the more; the refugees tend to become ticking time bombs or disassimilated multi-culti or part of the rainbow of parasites that vote for a living. 

Nation building tends to be poison to America as a representative republic. It does little to reduce world stress or world population, since the free condoms are offset by the increased health care.  Let the local governments take more responsibility for themselves.  Don't oust their non-democratic agents, where their people are not suited to representative republicanism.  Let localities have the dignity of living with the consequences of their own choices.  Let children grow up.

Gov "charity" is phony charity.

When I look at large populated areas that have not found ways to restrain their increases, I don't see much to admire. Why want smog, pestilence, regulation, unrestrained immigrant pumping, and cattle-people as far as the eye can see? Why want the diminishment of other wildlife that necessarily accompanies increases in human population? Why promote musloidian breeders and entitlement-minded burdens on society?
Maybe everyone of breeding age that wants to live the low life on a hazy high should be invited to a free-lunch island, provided he/she first consents to be sterilized.
Decreasing populations whose primary or only skill or desire is in breeding would do much to improve general security, health, aesthetics, and freedom. More elbow room means more freedom. Seems simple enough that a cave man could understand it.

What do you call someone that attacks an officer doing his job? A Subhumanist. Where do they come from? All races, genders, nationalities, but what they have in common is that they are Infantilists. What are Infantilists? They are Proggies that refuse to grow up to learn responsible, competent skills because they believe society owes them a good living and must be otherwise punished. These s-headed Proggies-Infantilists-Subhumanoids must be stopped.

The women that march on Washington tend to be parasiticial. Their purpose is to get gov to require men to do more for parasites, so men can do less for themselves. Parasites believe in legalistic solutions to universalist challenges. Legalistic Universalism is busybody legalism run amuck. The more the Bill of Rights is marinated in legalistic universalism, the more it becomes noise rather than sense.
The alternative to legalistic universalism is to encourage societies to assimilate values so that force of gov and intrusive regulation is not needed. When faith, family, and fidelity are sensibly encouraged, regulations down to the toenails become unnecessary.
So who wants to regulate toenails to the point of breeding and farming human beings as livestock? That would include the people that want to eliminate higher-minded faith, family loyalty, and fidelity to country. Instead, they want open society, open season, free range access to cheap and desperate, multi-diverse, nationless, faithless laborers raised to view the gov as their real parent.
Who does the legal briefing to support the legalistic universalism of the feminazis? That would be the femimen of the ACLU. Legalistic Universalism is their philosophy for replacing the freedom and dignity of godly individuals and their associated communities with the legal diktat of their "smarter betters." Right down to regulating the calories they can consume, the carbon they can exhale, the speech they can make, the persons with whom they must associate, the reeducation and anger management they must undergo.
Self-godded oligarchs and their compromised cronycrats, demented shills, femi-dupes, and useful idiots can be counted on to do "what's best in all things." First things they do: Eliminate Christian values from the public square. Define away gender and families. Legalize diversions to further alienate the people (dope, polyamory). Import desperate third worlders that can be counted on to support gov bribery (welfare). Compile dossiers for managing and controlling the health and lives of the masses. Impose regulations that make small business enterprise nearly impossible. In trade for licenses to mooch, make corporations subservient to a fascist NWO of international oligarchs.
This NWO will be fascist people-farming to the core, but it will lie and call itself worldwide socialism. It is near the point of becoming irreversible and irrisistible. Among the masses, many women and femimen think they will be getting socialistic entitlements. Instead, they will get farmed. Big time.

No other prezzie has been a bigger parasitic baby perv than Obama. For parasites, he is a hero parasite. He is not "let my people go." He is "let my people suck." And all the parasites say, Amen.

So-called race relations have deteriorated not because of race relations but because of relations between American Conservers of Liberty that want Proggies to grow up and proggies that don't wanna. Per proggies, everyone that believes an adult should learn a competent trade and not advocate for people farming must be a "racist." Or something. Bigot,. misogynst, phobe, antisemite, etcetc. People that want to leech forever will naturally call every reluctant host by bad names. This s won't stop until it is no longer rewarded.

We now have regulators ("legalistic universalists") run amuck, oligarchs proportionately enriched, racial tensions increased, national debt skyrocketed, enemies empowered, defenses weakened. Directions are changing in respect of incoming change. But hey, Obama made the serfs more equal. Then again, isn't that always the goal under aristocratic feudalism?

I am friendly with all Conservers of Liberty.
As to Legalistic Universalists (whether corporatist or facist or communist or religious), Demented Musloids, Cronycrat Rinos, and Self-Godded People-Farming Oligarchs -- their distinctions are lost in their skunkery. I will learn from the Twitter Master and insult them in whatever their hidey place. I will not allow them to take pot shots, whether from behind logs or covered in sludge.


The Left can function only so long as the media-academia-entertainment apparatus run by the self-godded oligarchy can hide behind its curtain. Whether technology will allow that curtain of corruption-ignorance to hold together remains to be seen. The purpose of Conservers of Liberty is to dissolve that curtain, to encourage each individual to become a competent, contributing member of a free-thinking, free-enterprising society. Leftoids hate that because it clears away the drugged delusions in which they prefer to live.

I suspect the Uniparty-NWO model for how people are farmed in politics affects the model for how they are farmed in business. When you have an open society, open bordered, recruitment of serfs worldwide, you effectively reduce every worker to compete with the most desperate among the lowest common denominator.
The workers hardly dare to complain, knowing they can be fired simply by replacing them. Moreover, politicians and managers can fool the most ignorant and corrupt of the little guys by paying lip service to a multitude of "equal rights to fairness." They can hoodwink lofos to get their support when it's convenient, then sob crocodile tears as workers and citizens are replaced wholesale and all the jobs, industries, and resources are sucked out of the country that was made and preserved by the sweat and blood of their betters.
Those at the top tend to be the last to suffer. They can consolidate power and wealth -- even as the general citizenry is fed with contrived statistics, jimmied definitions, bait and switch, and general emasculation.
I suspect most modern business, tax, and political models have been contrived to use political mooching to increase wealth and power at the top while spreading division, confusion, and delusions everywhere below. And this is sold as equality, free stuff, free trade, fairness, hope, orgasm, and "best management practices."
Krauthammer has been criticizing Trump because Trump does not follow the NWO/MBA model. Krauthammer thinks reality (the political uniparty of shills and cronycrats for NWO oligarchs) will neuter Trump. I suspect not. DJT can hurt Congressional Representatives by going over their heads and over the heads of the oligarchy and its captive media-academia-entertainment apparatus. Trump has demonstrated that he can likely go to any Representative's District and summon hordes of supporters if need be to defenestrate Congress of parasites.
Honest, responsible, working Eloi know Trump is for them and against the Morloch Class. Trump and they know the NWO Establishment has perverted the ideal of free trade."" They know the NWO version is not free trade of durable goods, but free trade for the buying and selling of political favors and entire systems of governance.
This is why it is vital, as soon as possible, to nurture thousands of Trumps. (I am Spartacus; I am Trump.) It is a near certainty that many among the NWO Oligarchy will be on edge, looking for the opening to remove Trump -- one way or another. First, they will hammer by using the lofos, dumases, feministas, femimen, deluded profs, law-addled atheistic commies, treasonous talking heads, venomous lawyers and judges. All along, these evildoers will be adverting, "Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest." Keep the Tree of Liberty dear to your heart.

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