Friday, January 20, 2017


There is little reason to impede eligibility of any person who was a citizen of right at birth and who has resided in the U.S. for at least 14 years. As to sub-variants of interpretations of NBC status, I doubt many adherents have rubbed together enough brain cells to present even 50% consistency. Rather, they are more like a gurgling of simplistic gobblers.
Is a child born in the U.S. of parents who are citizens of the U.S. a NBC:
If the child were born in an airplane.
If it is unprovable whether the airplane was then over the geographical U.S.
If the mother did not become a citizen until after the child was conceived? Or born. Likewise for the father.
If the father is unknown, but thought to have been a citizen.
If one or the other parent obtains dual citizenship: at the time of conception, birth, school enrolment.
If the citizenship of the parents were not fully fixed because they were underage because of then existent law.
If the child is born of citizen parents that happen to be serving overseas at the time the child is born.
If the child was born of parents bent on Islamic overthrow of the U.S., who raised the child to be educated only in Islamic schools in Islamic ghettos.
If the child was born of U.S. parents who left him/her with an orphanage because the parents renounced both the child and the U.S.
If the child was born in a Russian embassy of a Russian mother/diplomat whose husband and father of the child was an American.
If the child's parent(s), unknown to them or the child, retained a right to become citizens of some nation in which their parents had been born.
If the child was born of Puerto Rican citizens while vacationing in the U.S.
If the child was born in Puerto Rico of a Puerto Rican, anti-American mother and the father was thought, but not certainly known, to have been an American.
If the child was born of a Mexican illegal mother who had been raped in the U.S. by an American or a person of unknown nationality who later became a citizen.
If the child was born of a Mexican in residence on a valid work permit, who had been raped in the U.S. by an American or a person of unknown nationality.
If the child was born from the womb of an American mother, who had gone abroad to be impregnated with a donor embryo.
If the child's mother died in the back of a transport and the child were cut from the womb and birthed in the U.S.
If the child's dna incorporates a design feature by carrying genes from a third-person foreigner.
If the child's dna is wholly designed outside the womb.
If the child was maleducated with uniparty disinformation in all his schooling throughout all the years of his/her worldview formation.
Bottom line: The lily has already been perfumed by rabbit pellets quite enough. The people that want to perfume it further tend to have little insight concerning the new problems they will unleash.
If a person has been 14 years a resident of the U.S. and was a citizen of right of the U.S. at the time of his/her birth, then he/she is a natural born citizen and qualified to run for the presidency. Period. The rest is rabbit pellets, recycled to a point of complete lack of nutritional value. But hey, if reprocessing old rabbit pellets and ridiculous interpretations of "natural law" or French "law of nations" is your entertainment, enjoy. Everyone needs a hobby.
EDIT: Patterns form because like reinforces like. Birds of a feather flock together. Now that Trump is President, the chickens can gather and cluck. Nothing wrong with that. But it explains why other thinkers don't bother to enter such a henhouse. Problem is, the resident cluckers tend to reinforce one another's removal from wider, critical thinking. All the ideas explored herein have been explored countless times before. To my mind, most of the NBC arguments have been soundly discredited by any reasonably informed analysis of history, law, and logic. Here and now, there is no point in rehashing that.
However, two other points are interesting:
First, no magic NBC law is going to protect against the utopian commie chooming idiocy that is rampant in all our institutions, most especially in our most prestigious colleges. To restrict candidates to those educated in such a cesspool of idiocy is no cure against anti-Americanism.
Trump's parents were both of immigrant stock. GWB, WJC, GHWB, JC, FDR, and many other lousy presidents were born in the U.S., of parents that were citizens. Bad as Obama was, he was not so much worse than the aforesaid. Hardly worse than any of the Dem candidates. Nor do the aforesaid give reason to suppose such as they would not produce even worse than Obama.
Our real problem is the infestation of godless-utopian worship of the Great Free Stuff Dispenser In The Sky. NBC notions are not going to fix that in the least!
Second, this very article demonstrates how patterns of groupthink often clog together to constipate thought processes. Among the opponents of DJT, some of the worst establishmentarians were NBC qualified even by "birtherthinking"" -- including JK, JEB, LG, CC, GP.

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