Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Progressive Tax on Consumption

When the business tax hits all businesses similarly engaged, the gradual effect is for the industry to pass the cost on. Especially as more and more small businesses are replaced by oligarchic businesses. The income tax is a trick to help the oligarchy keep its wealth and farm the people, too.

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The argument is a good one. But it may not apply just to corporate income taxes. It may apply to all income taxes. The more an employee is charged to pay income taxes, the more his employer (corporation or business) will have to increase his wages. By that argument, the employing private industry pays all income taxes. In effect, income taxes are charged against industry generally, to pay for government, much of which consists of boondoggles or redistributive politics ... as directed by the oligarchs who in effect own the government and its system of taxation.
The oligarchy, by relying most on income taxes, is best able to coopt and farm the masses. It holds out redistributive carrots as needed, while it re-takes the handouts by putting its hand in every worker's back pocket. Well, every worker who lives above the level of a bum who is in effect paid by the owners of the gov for how he votes.
IOW, income taxes are a device for people farmers to farm wannabe farmees. They do not touch accumulated wealth. They do not touch wealth used to launder and buy political influence (which is often recouped many times over).
There is a way to tax accumulated wealth in a way that could reduce the vicious cycle of people farming by oligarchs. That way is to tax all personal fiscal consumption, progressively. And to tax all political lobbying, by imputing it as a personal tax against the (business/corporate) agent who authorized it.


We could replace the income and estate tax system with a progressive tax on consumption by individuals.  Gifts and bequests could be treated as forms of consumption.
IAE, the reason we have disloyal international oligarchs undermining our republic is in part because they feel themselves to be unconnected to, and not in any way responsible for, either the general citizenry or the republic.  In effect, the gulf in wealth has made them an irresponsible class of neo-aristocrats, that perpetuates its wealth by buying, selling, and investing in political influence and control. 

Why should any sane republic want to perpetuate such a scummy class of aristocrats?
Don't tax domestic business transactions or profits.  Don't tax individual income.  Do tax individual consumption.  Don't tax money imports.  Do tax money exports.  Don't tax non-money exports.  Do tax non-money imports.

Preserve initiative, preserve the republic, counter punch against all that seek to undermine the republic or to establish an oligarchic NWO.

If a son or daughter is truly involved in a small business or farm, then a share of that business, whether corporate or partnership, will likely already have been transferred.  Insurance can also defray against unexpected issues of demise.  Incorporation can facilitate stock transfer planning.  Public corporations will be able to absorb needs by some investors to sell stock to pay transfer/consumption taxes.

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