Friday, March 10, 2017

Health Care

I wonder what would happen if Congress took us to Single Payer, to be phased into State Payers, conditioned on limitation to persons with permanent legal residence status, with revenue sharing to that purpose? (Given the revenue sharing aspect, Roberts could call such a scheme a "tax.") Let the States figure out the insurance issues, provided that insurers must be allowed to compete across state borders.
Get the insurers out of the central lobbying. Make them compete across borders. Don't license them to sue individual non-payers or to convert them to debt slaves.
Take the burden off employers and corporations.
Take most of the benefits away from illegal invaders.

Re: " Fines are payable to Insurance Companies instead of the Treasury (Fascism)"
Sounds like it would empower Insurance Corporatists to confiscate the holdings of people too poor to pay for insurance and to turn those people into debt slaves.
This does sound like a kind of fascism that would empower corporations to make perpetual serfs out of the masses. Which fits almost perfectly with the NWO ideal of oligarchic collectivists.
The flimflammers will never give up their flimflammery, will they?

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