Friday, March 24, 2017

Health Care

Musings regarding Krauthammer and Single Payer (I am not here trying to give an objective interpretation of the Constitution; I am only musing about practicalities):
It is probably too late to put toothpaste back in the tube. Fed money to buy health care will likely be ruled Constitutional, as a "tax."
If so (again, "if" -- and, note: Trump will be appointing judges and justices, and seems to be on record for favoring something akin to single payer or the Australian system), then:
To be a single and decent society, a nation should have a single and unifying safety net, sufficient to ensure human decency even when an individual citizen has become without a job, family, support, or hope. The net should not, however, become a hammock, nor should it encourage citizens to become sloth-like.
To compete internationally, a nation's private employers should be freed from the onus of needing to provide health insurance for their employees.
To remain a decentralized federal republic, the extent of central regulation on domestic matters, such as health care, needs to be minimalized, without sacrificing decency.
HOW might that be done, consistent with our Constitution?
Eliminate most obligations to insure illegals and invaders.
Set up parallel competition via a private system, in which insurers can insure across State borders, and in which policies are made portable across borders.
Allow States to join in regional/area co-operative ventures for ensuring State employees, citizens, and residents.
Allow States/Areas to set limits on fees and costs by making reference to private insurance costs and rates.
Provide a tax credit for every citizen (or for every filer who reports some minimum net income), to be usable only for purchasing health insurance.
Call the health insurance provision a "tax" on the productive health of every citizen.
It will be interesting to follow convolutions and evolutions on this issue of health care, as proceedings unfold ....

A Conservative Position:  Gov ought not require private employers to provide health insurance.  Gov ought to provide a health safety net for citizens who need help with catastrophic health care.  Insurers ought not be required to insure for pre-existing conditions.  The Fed Gov should share revenue with States and State compacts to coordinate and delegate responsibility for health care.

EDIT:  To allow corporatists to "invest" in buying political influence and in importing desperate and cheap labor, then to deny any social obligation to provide some minimal health safety net, is to lower the dignity of citizens, who are supposed to be boss in a representative republic, to the status of farm animals.  The problem with absolutist free marketeers is their tendency to be oblivious to the limits of simplistic linear thinking.  A representative republic, to be sustained, requires that the social contract with citizens be considered as something of more dignity than a legalistic widget.


Should Gov help with health care for wounded soldiers?  Military personnel?  Police wounded in the line of fire?  Veterans?  And once for veterans, then supporters and families of veterans?  For Presidents?  For orphans?  Abandoned handicapped people?
Then there's welfare, earned income tax credits, and guaranteed minimum income coming for many of the same personnel.
Jobs are being robotized.
To some extent, the welfare state is likely here to stay.  Moreover, what are deemed infrastructure jobs will likely increase, as gov takes over more functions, subject to letting bids to private contractors.
The issue will not be whether gov has business in such functions.  The issue will be the level of gov, the kind of state coordination and funding, and the amount of supervision and regulation of private contractors.
Simple minded linear thinking is not going to deliver us away from the alternative, which is:  People farming international corporatists, puppeting governments.  I want to avoid the NWO people farm.  We won't be able to do that with pure (simplistic) conservatism. 
The issue is:  What layers and levels of gov are necessary, given our unfolding and technological situation, to preserve decent human freedom and dignity?  The answer is not to allow corporatists to flood us with desperate laborers, bid them down to non-sustainable wages, then tell them tough luck when they have catastrophic health care expenses.  We need Conservers of Liberty more than conservers of simplistic purity.  To sustain a representative republic, we will have to learn how to draw and amend lines that can actually work and make sense.
When oligarchs can buy and sell politicians and govs, there is no more any such a thing as "free trade" than there is free lunch, free stuff, or free will.  What is there, really?  Well, there is Participatory Will.  Participatory Freedom under a representative republic that does not allow itself to be bought and sold by mind slavers, body slavers, or treasonous oligarchs.

To require insurers to insure preexisting conditions without allowing them to charge higher premiums for assigned risk pools is to engage in reverse eugenics. It is to tax the general citizenry to pay for mal-genics, which is to pay for its own demise. To combine that with porous borders is to serve hemlock to a nation on its deathbed.

Freedom of speech includes freedom to say things that hurt feelings. This kind of prosecution is too much. Suppose someone ridiculed the guy in the gorilla suit by wearing a Cracker suit. Should such a person have been charged with a hate speech crime? I could maybe see a charge for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace. But a felony indictment?! Wth.
Students are being taught all the wrong things about how to preserve freedom under a representative republic. Wth is wrong with our modern professoriate?

An international oligarchy, with millions of usefully indoctrinated and nose-ringed idiots, is at war against the American people, trying to overthrow the representative republic in order to reign in the NWO of syndicated corporatist diktat.
The Patriots of 1776 did not win the republic by playing nice with the British or with their usefully idiotic Loyalists.
The modern version of the Loyalists that were chased out of the early U.S. consists of the imported and indoctrinated socialistic servants of the Oligarchy. They are so stupid they actually believe billionaire elitists, because of some new scientismic idea of godless noblesse oblige, mean to confer "fairness and equality" upon them as an entitlement. Most of them are brain warped beyond fixing.
If the republic is to be salvaged, both the people-farming oligarchs and their brainwashed scum will have to be reduced. Because of their godless corruption and incorrigibly infested brains, most cannot be fixed.
Most of the world is unfit for representative republicanism. Unless the U.S. undergoes a strong regimen to reduce its parasites and predators, it also will soon be unfit for representative republicanism. It will be replaced by sub-humanizing Islamic style mind enslavement and/or oligarchic fascism, that pretends to be socialistic do-goodery while it re-imposes a worldwide plantation people-farm. Satanic rule under law droolers, imposing "law for thee but nor for me." Evil will be PC, with all decent vestiges of faith, family, and fidelity utterly corrupted. The innocence of children will be sold out by sex crazed, doped up, mind enslaved, devils.

More and more, I'm thinking Dems are not just snowflake whiny baby commies. They are actually agents of evil. They have been stalking Trump as a proxy for killing the free-thinking republic. But anyone who wants to take away my freedom of speech to call it hate speech is my sworn enemy and an enemy of human dignity. If we aren't free to think and communicate for ourselves, then we will have become little more than subhuman scum. This will not end well. Especially for Snowflakes.

As most people come to believe that only racists exist, then most people will become racists. As most people come to believe most problems require community organizing and force of law, most people will become parasitical socialists. The patriots of 1776 did not eventually win the Revolutionary War by importing ever more parasitical Loyalists. They won by kicking both the British and their Loyalists out of the U.S.
It's hard to judge an individual by the content of his character when few non-parasitical individualists any longer exist. Gang banging, community organizing, obamanistic law droolers tend to be not good for much of anything. But for law drooling carpet baggers, I doubt Jim Crow would have lived so long. But for FDR's New Deal, I doubt the Great Depression would have lasted so long. But for our indoctrination and importation of massive numbers of third world socialist voters, I doubt we would be in such danger of losing our republic. But for feminism run amuck, I doubt our men would have become such incompetent and impotent snowflakes.
What does a snowflake nation deserve? Well, it deserves to be cooked. And it will be.

Free thinking Americans want to preserve the republic. Rinos and Dinos want to make it a farcical puppet for Globalists. Likely, the Rinos and Dinos want then to support different gangs of Oligarchs. Effect: Once the republic is reduced to a farce, we will inherit a War of the Roses. The people will become canon fodder for syndicating elitists, for years and years, fighting over the spoils. The Swamp Politicos tend not to be nice people.
Meanwhile, millions of dufus Snowflakes support the Swamp Politicos, who are seeking to destroy the republic. It's a wonder these dufi (plural of dufus) have sense enough not to drown from dousing in the down piz, like the mythical turkey that keeps looking up during a rainstorm.

So our Fed gov now deploys "Education" officials to groom school children to deviant sex. Likely soon to normalize transgenderism, pedophilia, polyamory, bestiality, polygamy. To grant rights to multiples of same sex partners to adopt children. To outlaw free speech when it opposes PC-approved perversion. To fund deviant "charities." To agitate students to protest the defense of our borders from sworn jihadi enemies.
So why be surprised when our gov authorities call Islam a "religion" of peace, or Satanist Clubs tax-exempt charities?
Assimilating faith, family, fidelity: Undermine those, and no representative republic can long stand.
A foolish consistency is the downfall of linear minds. Foolish consistency is how marriage is expanded to meaninglessness. How citizen status is rendered meaningless. How forced acknowledgment of a worldwide murder cult becomes a "religion." How worship of evil becomes protected as a religion. How republics are destroyed.
Law-drooling linear thinkers bent on foolish consistencies tend to assume the sides of an equation, with regard to its terms, remain static. That the terms will change and balance in number, but not in kind. But reality often entails terms that change by fluxing and phase shifting into terms that are different from those of the original equation with which they were being observed, recorded, or considered.
Methods of observation, recordation, and consideration flux with phase changes in status. Rebalancing is often pulled from a wider context, not from a simple linear formula. Especially when terms under an original formula are stretched beyond their point of consistent application. When attempts at consistency become morally foolish.
This is often the case when an oligarchy of self-pleasuring hedonists becomes too wealthy and powerful over a representative republic. Linear thinkers may presume oligarchs "earn" their money, property, influence, and power and "should" be entitled to keep them. They often fail to comprehend how power, beyond a point of balance, easily tips and phases to absolute corruption.
For a republic to fail to implement checks against the rise of oligarchs whose only principle is for self-pleasuring is for that republic to sleep with devils. And to promote devil worship to a protected form of "religion."

Ye have heard it said that slavery is freedom. Given the hatred of oligarchs united against Trump, they would now have us to believe that freedom (Trump) is slavery (Russia). The oligarchs want to enslave us, so they can deliver us from freedom, which they now tell us is slavery.
When 1/10 of 1 % own every significant institution of persuasion, there are sheeple that can be conditioned to baa for everything. Those are the sheeple (simple-minded linear-thinking grass eaters) the oligarchy wants to force us to import and indoctrinate. The great flaw in our tax system is the allowing of an oligarchy to agglomerate nearly all power and political control. No representative republic can allow this trend of agglomerating power to continue and yet remain a republic.
Given the power to do so, oligarchs will always judge in their interests to rationalize that the people are better off because of their rule. This agglomeration of absolute power is bound to corrupt, absolutely.

Why would anyone think the Deep State would want to deep six or studiously ignore all evidence of its activities?
Why would anyone think the Oligarchs who own the Deep State would unite to try to depose Trump?
Why would anyone think the oligarchy would play puppet master to the media-academia-entertainment-legislative-judicial-charity-church apparatus that it owns?
Why would anyone think the constant efforts to take down Trump are coordinated and orchestrated?
How much circumstantial evidence do we need, to believe we are being fattened while fed kabuki?

Re: "The suggestion that intelligence services are surreptitiously cooperating to use the data readily available to them via raw NSA surveillance is now taboo. "
Among cattle, it's taboo to discuss why their oligarchs are having them fattened.

All possibilities have always been implicated. Tinkering, persistence, correlation, imagination, and insight merely facilitate rearrangements of form-ulas, patterns, and sequences in ways that are often unexpected to our limited perspectives. They surprise us because we are so limited, not because they are freshly created.

Without respect for innate spiritual higher-mindedness (the Godhead), science-reason-secularism would be lame. Science is powerless to derive or inspire higher-minded morality and empathy. Pure reason cannot derive ought from is. That requires receptivity to the immeasurable Source-Reconciler. And that receptivity is only available in direct intuition, innate empathy, good faith, and good will. Organized religion merely provides forums for assimilating the sustaining values of good faith and good will. Without that, we would be mere serfs and slaves to law droolers, who would rule us and exempt themselves. Christian values inspired and sustained America's Founders. No other system or religion has come close to that record for promoting decent human values of individual freedom of expression and enterprise. Too often, scientisimists rush from moral lameness to spiritual blindness.

I want Americans put in their rightful place. Of all colors, races, and religions. Caveat: Religion pertains to what you believe, under your own participatory will and free thinking. Because Islam does not allow for freedom of belief, but is spread and maintained by force and oppression, it is a slave cult, not a religion.

Independent minded Americans (Black Sheep) have been pulled into a Dino-Aino-Rino vortex. Dinos want to be devoured and farmed. Ainos want to devour them. Rinos want to farm them.
Incompetent Sheep want to be the herd. Wolves want to cull the herd. Sheep Dogs want to farm the herd. Black Sheep (unlike many Black Americans) want to escape from the herd minders.
But the Sheep, Wolves, and Sheep Dogs want to leave them with no place to go. Long ago, America invited Black Sheep (independent-minded small-business entrepreneurs). But, until Trump, America, like most of the rest of the world, had long been unraveling. Since Trump (praise be upon him), Black Sheep are finding their voice.
With Trump cutting regulations, removing central strings, and reversing foreign depredations, Black Sheep may once again find ways to make their own way --- while refusing to be devoured or farmed. Make America free-minded and dignified again.

I do prefer the KJV. Regardless, politically, I am concerned with preserving the representative republic, with equal dignity for all who are faithful to a decent republic that respects the freedom and dignity of individuals. So I try not to mix religion any more than is essential.
That said, I think faith in a caring, inviting, reconciling, Sponsor of Higher Mindedness of some sort is essential. I do not consider Islam to be a spiritual faith, because it is based not in faith but in oppression and force.
The doctrine of original sin, etc., is complex and, when considered in depth, is not nearly as simplistic as some like to believe. Imo. That said, I do believe mortals are inferior to the Reconciling Source (Trinitarian Godhead) and in need of guidance and correction. Beyond that, I do not much engage.
I have no quarrel with religious study in Church. Nor with Christian or other values of decency being represented in the public square. I do not think all societies, cultures, or countries are suited to representative republicanism as a form of governance. And I think they, and oligarchs, seek generally to undermine the American Republic. And that, politically, is my main concern.
I suspect the Godhead is interested in, and needs, outlets for experiencing particular points of view within limiting and defining contexts, and vice versa. I think the relationship between the Trinitarian Godhead and individual Beings, unavoidably, is one of constant, continuous, and appreciative feedback and reconciliation. So I think our imperfection (being limited as part-iculars) is one of necessary, innate design. Original sin and ongoing sin may somehow be bound up with that, but that idea does not seem as essential to the furtherance of a representative republic as the idea of shared and humble receptivity before a guiding Reconciler. Imo. :)

Free Trade, like Communism, is a delusion. It has often been taught by filthy "Think Tanks" to the masses as a way to get them to eat crap sandwiches.
Even if all national borders were erased, there could not be "free trade." This is because such a world would not be free from central meddling. Rather, the central meddling, conniving, and sharp trading would simply be done by syndicates of oligarchs to get the central authorities to favor some over others.
It is necessary to get real, look behind the curtain, and pull the masks off the central meddlers, corrupted bureaucrats and cronycrats, and amoral disloyal international corporatists. The alternative is the plantation. But, instead of picking cotton, the picking would be of the masses.
We need leadership that does not lie to us or peddle free condoms, free dope, free sex, free marriage, or free trade. We do not have free will. We have participatory will, under the reconciliatory guidance of the Godhead. When we pollute that with delusions of free stuff (like Communism and Free Trade), we make ourselves easy prey.
No wonder free stuff appeals to Dem donkeys.

So a tribal crybully gets caught, then defends himself by crying that his proclivity for crybullying is a disability. Pity him because he suffers from pity mongering. Lol!!! Which he teaches others to do. So, BLM, OWS, ADL, CAIR, assaults on freedom of speech, and destruction of a free republic continue to accelerate, unabated. How great is that? S/
Jews (and the various anti-American, hyphenated, law-drooling minorities they lead), if they don't want such tendencies to be associated with being Jewish, need to put the kibosh on all this pity mongering and start manning up. I don't know about the Israeli Ideal, but the American Ideal is based on independent manning up. Not on pity parasitism or law drooling.
The femi-manning of America needs to stop.

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