Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spiritualism, Assimilation, Civilization

People are often embarrassed by personal responsibility for fairness and charity. So feminazis and femimen wash their hands by saying those things should be done by laws and governments. Which they then try to except themselves from.
When their phony cover is lifted so they are plainly seen as ignoranti and corrupti, they are again embarrassed. Then, they seek to put their boots on opponents' faces. Then they can revel in the superiority of gang-banging and no longer need care about embarrassment.

I suspect manipulative provocations and agitations on behalf of the Deep State are involved in much of what the CIA does. Rewards tend to go most to those manipulators who are least bothered by scruples -- indeed, agnostic and carefree about scruples. That's how opportunities for political influence and wealth are custom made to snowball. The means and motive are inherent. All that blocks the Will is higher-mindedness. In which a lot of prevaricators, agitators, and hedgers likely do not believe --- except when it behooves them.
Among the most powerful of individuals, natural selection, unimpeded by higher mindedness, often favors sociopathy.  Reference History.
Of course, natural selection impeded by poorly enlightened higher mindedness often leads to dysfunctionality. As in the cases of feminazis and femimen. Heaven help us!

I do not dispute that we have to live in the world as it is and as it unfolds.
Along the way, we can try to inspire and assimilate values that can make it better. For that, we need tough love and receptivity to miracles. Feedback with principles of Reconciliation.
How long can any two nations live in peace, once each acquires capacity in a lightning stroke to annihilate the other? Eventually, the human form will be phased out and transcended.
Note: Weapons manufacturers (and hedge funders) need conflict. The ones that float to the top tend to agglomerate political influence, often to a point so that it cannot be resisted and so that human factors get reduced to objectified body counts. Even if that seems to lead relentlessly to mutually assured annihilation.
Without inspiring receptivity to higher mindedness, we hardly have a prayer.


SPIRITUALISM:  Suppose each separate Identity of Conscious Perspective is in a constant and continuous process of feedback at spiritual, sub-quantum, fractal-receding levels of math.  Each would be coordinated, selected, and conditioned, via evolution and from birth, to understand and relate to such transmissions and feedbacks, at levels below self-awareness.  Maybe affecting how dreams are coordinated with present accumulations of information.  May this be part of how fractals and evolution unfold and are reconciled?  May such processes forever recede and elude complete control under science-based technologies?  Yet, may such processes allow special masters to intervene as control-coordinator-reconcilers at various fractal-levels of limitation-definers?



So our Fed gov now deploys "Education" officials to groom school children to deviant sex. Likely soon to normalize transgenderism, pedophilia, polyamory, bestiality, polygamy. To grant rights to multiples of same sex partners to adopt children. To outlaw free speech when it opposes PC-approved perversion. To fund deviant "charities." To agitate students to protest the defense of our borders from sworn jihadi enemies.

So why be surprised when our gov authorities call Islam a "religion" of peace, or Satanist Clubs tax-exempt charities?

Assimilating faith, family, fidelity: Undermine those, and no representative republic can long stand.



A foolish consistency is the downfall of linear minds. Foolish consistency is how marriage is expanded to meaninglessness. How citizen status is rendered meaningless. How forced acknowledgment of a worldwide murder cult becomes a "religion." How worship of evil becomes protected as a religion. How republics are destroyed.



Law-drooling linear thinkers bent on foolish consistencies tend to assume the sides of an equation, with regard to its terms, remain static. That the terms will change and balance in number, but not in kind. But reality often entails terms that change by fluxing and phase shifting into terms that are different from those of the original equation with which they were being observed, recorded, or considered.

Methods of observation, recordation, and consideration flux with phase changes in status.  Rebalancing is often pulled from a wider context, not from a simple linear formula. Especially when terms under an original formula are stretched beyond their point of consistent application. When attempts at consistency become morally foolish.

This is often the case when an oligarchy of self-pleasuring hedonists becomes too wealthy and powerful over a representative republic. Linear thinkers may presume oligarchs "earn" their money, property, influence, and power and "should" be entitled to keep them. They often fail to comprehend how power, beyond a point of balance, easily tips and phases to absolute corruption.

For a republic to fail to implement checks against the rise of oligarchs whose only principle is for self-pleasuring is for that republic to sleep with devils. And to promote devil worship to a protected form of "religion."

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