Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kinder and Gentler Materialism

It’s an evil lie to deny the Quickening NWO, whereby fewer and fewer are centralizing controls over more and more. This quickening occurs under shell-games of good cop-bad cop, capitalist-socialist, individualist-collectivist. Civilization is a complex system, and complex systems of heads and bodies will change and evolve. The more complex, the more varied the functions that must be delegated, subject always to moderating feedback. When either the head or the body becomes too independent, the system falls. Like it or not, evolution and eugenics occur, indirectly or guided. As human civilization becomes more complex, ways will be found to delegate and moderate functions within hierarchical systems. Every measurable system of conservation avails unfolding expression of hierarchical, complex, trivalent patterns of positive attraction, negative repulsion, and neutral indifference. Such systems will be representative (enlightened), despotic (elite), or tumultuous (dangerously random and unstable). If despotic, precursors will be established for dividing humanity not just between castes, but between super and sub species, one to receive genetic therapies, the other not. Once enough Subs are conditioned to believe Supers (either under masks of political power or economic wealth) know best and deserve to rule, then the system is well on its way to hardened differentiation of species, i.e., slavery or Fed-sponsored, indentured servitude of the masses. The only distinction is one that makes little significant difference: the idiotic among the masses believe their crony governors actually mean to be fair; the merely dumb believe those who own the cronies will listen to representatives rather than fetch after red herrings. Caesar was careful to preserve the apparent form of a republic.
There is an alternative to the eugenics of class separation and the devaluing of humanity of the lower castes. Eugenics need not be given to establish Super species under cover of denials. Eugenics need not be applied in Nazi fashion. Instead, eugenics could be applied to serve complex civilization by availing indirect incentives to the population of a society or nation generally, as a whole. Indirect incentives could be established so that less competent populations would tend not to produce more offspring than the system could absorb. Thinking people could be treated as adults. Myths could be recognized for their myth values, as opposed to scientific values. Condoms could be encouraged for families already unable to support their existing children. Machines could displace repetitive movement jobs. Within limits, tax incentives could favor the basic unit for propagating civilization (the traditional family), without unduly increasing central regulation. Environmental concerns could be addressed mainly by incentives to reduce populations. Societies that over-produce would not be availed relief valves calculated to cause them either to continue or to undermine neighboring cultures. Despotism would not be facilitated cover under guise of religion. Government would address genetic drag humanely, by providing only such safety nets as would not entice irresponsible subcultures of bums. Most concerns about empathetic fairness could be left to charitable foundations and churches.
The alternative to bringing along the population generally is to promote Supers for the purpose of reducing Subs to a lowest common mass.   Casting epithets — such as bigot, racist, unfair, mean, benighted, Nazi, fascist — against a vision for bringing along the population generally is to play into the hands of quickening Supers. Supers stand trained and ready to use the Fed to print the fiat money for leading the masses to sell themselves into indentured servitude to cannibal cronies, worldwide. Wide open capitalists mean to turn governance into a for-sale commodity. Technology is centrally quickening the human culture. This quickening must be addressed. The choice seems to be either (1) to foment differentiation into Super and Sub species or (2) to apply general incentives to foster a society of enlightened citizens (a City on a Hill).
The measurably substantive wealth of Earth cannot exceed the substance that is availed to Earthlings by the Cosmos. This fundamental law of conservation cannot be denied except by posing ridiculous. No particular thing can relate except within limits imposed by a conserving context. No particular thing can substantively exist unless governed and conserved by a whole. Although aspects can be abstractly imagined, mythologized, and even counted, like fairies on the head of a pin, they can exceed zero-sum parameters of conservation only insofar as they relate to non-substantive abstractions (such as freedom, governmental “bigness,” gross national “happiness,” or general fairness or merit). Abstractions such as freedom, pursuit of happiness, and fairness are qualitatively important, but not directly measurable. Still, one knows happiness and fairness when one sees it. Vision tends to be most fulfilling when exercised most locally. The tendency of a sustainable, complex system is to cycle through stages of centralization. Such tendency is dangerous to a culture of human freedom and dignity unless balanced with institutionalized checks. At present, the worldwide quickening towards rule of the masses under a separate class of Supers is hardly checked, but is enormously facilitated by ever consolidating control over Groupthink and central printing of Fed-sponsored fiat money for buying and selling the trust, faith, and credit of the masses. The tipping point for “Gaia to decide” whether or not to impose worldwide financial servitude over the masses is at hand. It’s time for the thinking and empathetic middle class to take a Tebow, and then to rise, demand, take, and institutionalize a right to recall crony politicians from pretending to represent the people at large, as opposed to serving cronies who mean to rule.
Why are some Americans, in the name of free enterprise or free trade, so cavalier with allowing people to position themselves to sell out technology and infrastructure to unfriendly regimes and to replace jobs for Americans with jobs for foreigners?  Why aren't the rules for American capitalism moderated to preserve liberty for Americans, or at least for Western Civilization?  What's so great about being incentived to apply financial and political advantages of scale in order to put small operators out of business and force Americans to compete with serf labor?  What's so great about monopolizing the market by accomplishing economies of scale by driving out small operators, reducing the number of concerns that compete for American labor, and buying congressional influence to write regulations that make upstarts prohibitive?  Were Congress to restrict itself to less power grabbing, why should Congress need to centralize so much regulation or need so much help from lobbyists to write regulations for concerns that pay the lobbyists?  Merely to slogan "Free trade!" or "Economic liberty!" leaves me cold.  I want American laws for American trade that is governed to America's interests, and I want liberty that does not sell out my country.  It's a fraud and an insult to shout Free trade! while getting Congress to grease your way, recruit third world partners to promise cheap labor, rewrite immigration rules to import cheap labor, use the savings to buy American business, replace American workers with foreign workers, use the profits to buy American resources in order to cannibalize more of the same, and then somehow say you EARNED it!  These are not benign economies of scale, but economies for cannibalizing America, and by cannibalizing America, to undermine human freedom.
The gall of linear "I earned it!" thinkers can be astonishing!  The substantive cosmos can never disobey the law of conservation of matter and energy.  If you push any substance too far in a linear direction, conservation eventually pulls it back into balance or converts it to something else.  Both communists and marketeers push materialism too far when they use it to push towards the reduction to impotent serfdom of the masses and entire middle class.  Either form of unmoderated materialism soon sacrifices the liberty of the masses.  To operate a nation as a going concern for availing human freedom and dignity, factors have to be checked and balanced --- including "entitlements" to buy or monopolize laws in exchange for intimated kickbacks.  America needs to be moderated against the world.  Against non-loyal crony and vulture capitalists, an array of devices should be given careful consideration:  tariffs, death taxes, local property taxes, local regulations, forbidding of corporate lobbying or campaign contributions, local recall of corrupt politicians, treating individual political contributions as a form of taxable consumption.

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Anonymous said...

An American Conservative cannot very well get financing to run, because neither the Republican nor the Democrat establishment wants to conserve America. They want open borders and freedom to sell out to despots! They want to conserve capitalism for cronies, but not for Americans. This is in the short term interest of everyone who is in postion to benefit from being a cannibal. Throughout history, short term interest has almost always trumped. Have Congress folk gotten rich merely on their salaries? How are they "earning" most of their money? Apologists are even fond to argue that vulture capitalism that amounts to immediate profit taking is a viable long term path to national prosperity for the masses. Go figure. How does vulture agglomeration translate into a competitive market for an American worker to sell his labor? To resist addiction to short term pleasures would require something analogous to strong, sustained, religious faith. We will need strong, sustained faith to elect the smallest sell out, retake the Senate, rewrite the rules, and then, by force of national will, inspire leaders to restore the sense of America. As we fail to restore faith, so also do our leaders fail in will to serve us. Don't trust journalists, cronies, or cannibals. Believe, think, work, and eventually we will get the representation we deserve.