Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moral Truths

Phony saints are fundies who assert that only others are fundies. A Lib-t (i.e., a Liberal, Libertine, Libertarian, or Literalist) will tend to be a fundie. By "fundie," I mean one who does not merely believe he apprehends an approach to moral truth, but instead believes he KNOWS (or can know) moral truth. Indeed, he is the truth he has been waiting for! Throughout history, many thinkers have reasonably intuited that concepts based only on notions about substance (matter and energy) are inadequate to appreciate all that reasonably should be appreciated. Something spiritual, beyond physics, is needed. This "something" abides and permeates as Unifier of holism and particulars, Reconciler of moral purposefulness, Connector of metaphysical will to measurable physical effects, Effector of logos between spiritual intentions and measurable signs, Immanent and immeasurable quality of empathy beyond quantitative substance, Guider of individual efforts, and Definer of perspectives, contexts, and purposes. The character and properties of this "something" are beyond the confining power of mortal categorizations. IT cannot be reduced to a single coordinate, coherent, consistent, complete concept by which mere mortals could adduce all else. Yet, it can be intuited, appreciated, and communicated. How? Not by scientific probes and quantitative measures, but by innate quality of intuitive empathy, apprehension, and appreciation. Thus, our mores, logic of ethics, parables, figures of speech, and sacred stories often inspire wondrous insights for appreciating moral truths, but not quantitatively measurable truths. Different religions and cultures often recycle similar parables about floods, cribs, and sin under different words and names. We can append names to concepts of God, but cannot make God into mere names. Yet, a fundie will almost always tend to force despotism once he acquires the power needed. He will live to serve social sociopathy, by snaring drug addicts, socialists, and crony corporatists. Above all else, he thinks to spend all his time trying to price moral values, square the qualitative to the quantitative, save Gaia, or save his own nest egg. However, this will sail right over a fundie's head. Indeed, a Lib fundie will hardly ever notice he is conceptual cousin to a biblical fundie.


Anonymous said...

The one problem with Paul is that he is so focused on some behaviors that are unsustainable (nation-building) that he misses the one behavior (self defense) that is most essential to support sustainability. When we convince ourselves we have no right to defend ourselves against the acquiring of nukes by nutcases because we ourselves are nutcases, then we will have made it a self-fulfilling truth that we indeed are nutcases who no longer deserve to survive. We will then have sacrificed ourselves to our own political correctness. It's not that difficult: One who is too politically correct to stand cannot stand. I gather that Paul is a Christian, but really, how many of his Lib followers are? A Golden Rule for nations!? WTH! Would Jesus really have wanted anyone to use force of government to preclude family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen from using force to defend themselves from cultures bent on subhumanizing, mutilating, and dressing half their populations in bags, killing those who become apostate to lex talonis, and feverishly praying for apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

To restore and preserve a homeland culture, put tarriffs on imported goods and put taxes on exported funds. If America were a tiny country, we would be more in need of trade than cultural assimilation. But America is not a tiny country, we have no dearth of trade, we are dis-assimilating and becoming unraveled as a nation, and we are losing our industrial base.

In this state of affairs, free trade with crony state-run capitalists with firm central rule and intimidated masses, i.e., Chicoms, is not a game America can play and win. Rather, the despots we are playing with will simply corrupt us and then eat us out from within. Indeed, our electorate has been made so ignorant and our political system so corrupt that we may already have overdosed on national poison spooned to us from beyond our borders. The Establishment may not now be able to offer us any candidates who could bring us back.