Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newt and Mitt

Of our founders, four were magnificent: Washington, Franklin, Adams and Jefferson. Two were essential: Washington and Franklin. I give you the "no-good" Franklin: occasional attendee of hellfire club, abettor of illegal dissections, likely serial affair artist, part time agnostic, slaveholder cum abolitionist. A complex man who learned and changed over time. What he would advocate for himself in the individual case would often come to be inconsistent with what he would advocate for the country at large. Inasmuch as the whole is more than the sum of its parts, that is the way that unfolds for all of us. Indeed, an innocent, unfamiliar with the ways of the world, would be tragic. For that, I give you Jimmy Carter. Obama scares me in both aspects, as individual and as statesman. While Newt often falls far short as an individual, it's his evolving philosophy for the state with which I am mainly interested. Between Newt and Mitt, which one is most suited to restore opportunity and liberty for the American middle class? Without a free and healthy middle class, there's little that can restrain despotism. I don't necessarily want or need an elite ruler who thinks he knows best or how to fix things top down. I don't want a land swamped with voters who lack sense to apprehend when to close themselves to ravages of foreign despots and illegal derelicts. I want a land of liberty and opportunity, and I want it to defend itself against all despots, elitists, and fanatics of the world. Let them stew in their own nation building.

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Anonymous said...

The lower class used to be called the working class, and the middle class was referred to as the bourgeosie or franklin-independent class. Now, the lower class is the government-handout class, and the middle class is the working class. The middle class is now the class that makes the handouts the lower class takes, and is the class the upper class expects to rule. It's one thing for elites to rule their own businesses. It's another for them to expect to rule what is expected to be a representative republic --- without having to actually represent anyone, except to deceive them with misdirection and lip service. The iconic example is the way the Fed prints money to bribe the lower class with handouts while great gobs of funding are funneled to elites. The crony socialist party and the crony corporatist party find this to be a great and easy way to fool most of the people most of the time. This alliance of lower and upper cronies constitutes the Establishment, which is sucking the life blood from Western Civilization. Indeed, the working middle class has been slow to assimilate and apprehend what's going on. More and more urgently, the bill is coming due. So it has become imperative to awaken the middle class --- the sooner the better. This requires leadership with experience and skill to hold up a mirror that can pierce obamakrugmanspeak, to show everyone, including himself, what is behind the false wrapping, and what can be. This requires leaders with experience to understand and reject the dark side. Until then, obamadoriangray will continue his masquerade. Notice how Obama now lies and panders to the middle class, as if the work needed to sustain a society will continue to be done, if only we continue, like a cargo cult, to print and expend money to pay for non-productive work. Without the proper mirror, Obama smiles pretty. With a skilled mirror-holder, Obama, as well as the other wing of the establishment alliance, can be exposed for the horror they are.