Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As Scotty would tell Kirk, you can't rev an engine beyond its operating limits for very long, or else she'll blow. If you want to stay operational, you have to govern a complex system within its limits. You can't keep centralizing wealth and power forever and still call your system an engine of capitalism, or liberty, or anything other than a worldwide fiefdom. When you go too far beyond operating limits, whatever else you may have, it will not be a sustainable system built on free exchange of goods and labor within a marketplace. If you want capitalism within a representative republic, you need checks and balances to restrain the system with decent respect for operational limits. This is not rocket science. It amazes me that so many apologists for wide open capitalism seem blind to it. The quickening to a few owners leads to a republic in name only, where the governance is owned and only pretends to be representative. The unmoderated worm turns and eats itself. Dirty Harry would teach us that a man and a country, to survive, need to have some sense of their operating limits. You can't resist the NWO while leaving its accumulators unchecked. Cronyism is the use of wealth and influence to buy government. Unregulated, it becomes an indirect form of enslavement, or forced debt servitude. Why is this so hard, that crony capitalism is not a good thing for a representative republic?

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