Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stock Markets vs. National Boundaries

Regarding pent up frustration: Given the world marketplace, how can any nation, consistent with rule of law, defend its culture from being dissolved in the aggressive saliva of packs of disloyal or foreign cronies and investors bent on cannibalizing America in order to position themselves to acquire power to rule all? Under cloak of corporate form, cronies have rendered American law largely impotent to resist the: corrupting of the Fed for funneling "aid" money to foreign despots for them to use to buy propaganda, media, influence, and resources of America; laundering of money to kick back to compliant politicians and candidates in order to choke America's energy independence; buying by cronies of stock control in weak domestic corporations in order to transmit industries and jobs out of country; using of American colleges to transmit military and industrial technologies to cults bent on reducing or replacing America; and ignoring of domestic patent rights. America's antagonists are corrupting our politicians, currency, banking institutions, colleges, technologies, industries, and domestic corporations in order to dissolve our national will to exist as a last redoubt for human freedom, dignity, and decency. It quickly becomes useless to focus on borders while we continue to allow ourselves to be rotted out from within. I see no candidate who is addressing the piecemeal dismantling of America by cronies. The dominant trend is towards cronies and serfs, supers and subs, morloch and eloi. Yes, cronies, supers, and morloch do know how to use us. As far as a city on a hill for ordinary middle-class folk of good will and good faith, fuggedaboutit.


Anonymous said...

Corporations that produce jobs in America ought not be specially taxed by Americans. On the other hand, corporations that export jobs ought to be highly taxed. Individuals ought to be fairly taxed during their years of production. Aristocracies ought to be curtailed by progressive death taxes. Otherwise, there develops too much of a gulf of animus between classes, too much incentive to class war, too much solidifying of class stagnation, and too much tendency to a new age of serfdom.

Tariffs: Tax all wires and transfers of funds out of country. Impose tariffs on goods brought in. Don't tax foreign investments in non-voting domestic stock.

Transfer and Progressive taxes: On individual consumption and inheritance.

Income taxes: Nada.

Regulation: Decentralize.

Anonymous said...

In a perverse way, Lib-t fundies fight to advance their depravity by pointing up only such mores of their opponents as their opponents fail to live up to. Libs think this is win-win because they have no mores of decency of their own. Then, when the main concern during an election cycle has to do with the financial hollowing out of the nation, Libs get all perplexed, like, why isn't this working this time? Duh. It's not just the economy. It's the eating out of the middle class, to feed it to Dino louts and Rino looters. When all that's offered is a choice between a lout or a looter, people aren't going to be focusing on marital infidelities. Especially when louts and looters are allied overtime to make marriage socially meaningless anyway. The more Establishment Libs, Louts, and Looters point to Gingrich's infidelities, the better he will do. People have had their fill of Lib antics. If a candidate really had ideas for restoring liberty and opportunity for the middle class, most thinking people expect he would lay it out, in a serious way. Paul had a chance to gain credibility in that respect, but he blew it by catering to Lib social mores in a way that did not project seriousness to grown ups. As far as the others, I'm still waiting to see which one figures out that he had best put some distance between himself and cronies. When a guy's not comfortable around middle class folk, that's not encouraging to the middle class.

Anonymous said...

To restore and preserve a homeland culture, put tarriffs on imported goods, and put taxes on exported funds.