Friday, May 19, 2017

Auto Da Fe

What are the Russians suspected of having done, that the U.S. is not known to have done?  What are the Russians suspected of having done that is out of the ordinary?  Is some kind of punishment desired for the Russians? 
Why, if Trump is not under investigation, has there been such talk about impeachment?  If Trump is under investigation, where is the probable cause? 
No need to worry.  The Oligarchy now effectively asserts power to force Special Prosecutor/Investigators on everyone, to make them do an auto-da-fé.
The U.S. is being victimized by a Uniparty Defense that has morphed into an all out offense.  That is why the republic is in peril and why Hillary has not been locked up.  In effect, the Uniparty is pushing Trump to do an auto-da-fé for the republic, while it pushes the nation into despotism.
Progs elect and allow despots like Hitler and Stalin, but then look for whipping boys to blame.  So they project to blame their asinine proclivities on people like Trump!  See a production of Candide, where Trump is inserted midway to pronounce judgments upon unfortunates, each doing his auto-da-fé. 
Meanwhile, the real Trump is one of the rare persons trying to save the republic.


Anonymous said...

For God's sake, there is no rigorous definition of religion! But people bent on destroying the republic will interpret in favor of Islam. However, nothing in common, decent, or good sense requires any such a thing.
The issue should be: Can Islam be tolerated in a free society, without grossly endangering that society? The answer is clearly no. Regardless of numbers, a society that twists itself to tolerate what is intolerable and poison to it cannot survive.
The First Amendment says Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. But Islam itself prohibits the free exercise of other faiths. By definition, Islam on its face is 100% incompatible with the free exercise clause. Islam is a written, practiced attack against the free exercise of faith, hence of the First Amendment, hence of the republic. I can think of no other conspiracy of evil (Communism, Nazism, Oligarchic NWOism, Slave-ism, People-Farming) that is a more evil affront against human freedom and dignity than Islam.
Every moral belief system that is based on faith that cannot be tested or confirmed in measurables can be classified as a religion.
The question should be this: Is it a faith that can be freely exercised within the meaning of the First Amendment? Regarding a religion that expressly advocates killing apostates, the only sane answer is, No.
Should every faith-based criminal enterprise be tolerated just because it claims to be a religion? The only reason Islam raises a question is because of its numbers. Given incest and swords at the throat, the numbers are large.
If Pigslam had only a few followers, no sane person would be defending any "right" in its proponents to demand tolerance or to advocate, incite, urge (or lead into delinquency) for the killing of infidels or apostates.
Must a baker bake a cake in honor of a newly made man for the Mafia? My God, my God. What has happened to my country?

When you offer the crocodile your arm in hopes that he won't eat your head, pretty soon you run out of arms.

Qualitatively, the tipping point for the inevitable decline of a representative republic occurs when a nation has lost its assimilative sense of faith, family, and fidelity. When a significant percentage has plunged into godless self-goddingness.
That is when the nation no longer has spine to defend its solidifying institutions. In the U.S., all institutions have been rotted. That is when a small, willful cadre can rule the masses. Especially if backed by international evilgarchs that own politicians and means for leveraging fiat money.
Why have faith, family, and fidelity been rotted? Ask the Open Society, ACLU, ADL, CAIR, BLM, OWS, La Raza. Ask self-godded Oligarchs, atheistic Jews, militant Gays, Trans-bathroom Freaks, Muslims, codependent Femimen, Knowitall SocialScientism Profs, and incompetent Students marinated in social scientism.
These dregs, drones, and deviants cannot sustain a republic. They can only sustain a people-farm. These people lack the character to defend a representative republic. But they certainly have the character to be able to kill one for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Obscenity is sometimes comparable to a dog snarling, a cat hissing, or a snake rattling. When one dog snarls and the other runs, dominance (and possible supper) is established. Sometimes, if you don't want to be supper (if you want to salvage your nation), you have to snarl back. Femis that cannot defend a nation may tend not to understand reality. It's often not pretty.
It's one thing to avoid going first to obscenity. It's another thing to run from its users. In his day, Shakespeare was profane. Femis needed to bowdlerize Shakespeare and Gibbon.
What is a thousand times more profane is the limp wristed failure to defend faith, family, fidelity. To open borders, even though it destroys the nation. Given the times, it is long overdue to signal impatience with this crap.
It is good that the Writer was able to redirect the crap hurled by the Left back onto the Left.
The Dems champion the lowest common denominator. That brings them to champion pure evil. If the Koran is not pure evil, it comes closer than anything I have seen in my lifetime. In the name of tolerance, Dems would elect Satan and call IT God. They would make an orgy of gov and call it marriage. They would desecrate the innocence of children and call it education. They would dope their brains to rot and call it enlightenment. They would make money worthless and call it fairness. They would defecate in public and call it performance art. These people can only kill a republic. They cannot sustain one.