Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

Might it make more sense, ideally, not to tax domestic businesses on income or profits, and instead to tax the individuals to whom salaries or withdrawals are paid, but only on their personal consumption (broadly defined to include personal purchases, personal investments, personal charitable and political contributions)?
If we want individuals to save more, then tax consumption, not income.  If we want more production to come from businesses instead of gov, then don't tax businesses on their productive operations.  if we want a more productive society generally, then don't turn a welfare safety net into a hammock.  If we generally want less gov, more production, and less consumption, then don't tax productive work, but do tax personal consumption.  If we don't want an oligarchy to be able to consume gov and destroy representative republicanism, then tax the oligarchy on its use of wealth to consume political influence by treating all lobbying expenses as if it were the taxable consumption of the agent who authorized it.  If necessary to bring the oligarchy under control, make the tax on consumption progressive.
The oligarchy loves the tax on income, since it pulls up the ladders on potential competitors.  Replace the income tax with a tax that reaches wealth by taxing consumption.


Too many Christians, Jews, Women, Femimen, Blacks, Progs, and Codependent Collectivists are taking the easy pieces of silver paid by Oligarchs for forsaking Western Civ, to grease its replacement with a NWO Syndicate of People Farming Oligarchs. As a result of brainwashing and corruption, they forsake good faith and good will to sell out their fellow human beings. The more they sell out, the easier it becomes to rationalize. (If they don't do it, someone else will. And the demographics soon tip to convince them that the people must be farmed because they cannot be saved.) And so they call all opponents of this dystopian dysgenics "Nazis."

Progs that suffer from collectivism, racism, and toenail-regulating on the brain wish to convince all others not to profile them as such. To do this, they protest in favor of, wait for it, collectivism, racism, and toenail regulating. I hesitate to call this mass insanity, but it is at least mass un-sanity.

Suppose one were asked to define "Canadian Freedom." If so, I would say Canadian Freedom is a more deadly form of Orwellian U.S. Freedom. It is the "freedom" to be herded by cults whose profs have been filtered and brainwashed by despots and people-farming oligarchs. To be progressively farmed by agents of horror: Islam and an NWO Syndicate of Oligarchs. That is, international agents of corporate petro-dollars bent on erasing all national borders, in order to facilitate the easy dividing and ruling of free-flowing masses of cheap and desperate sheeple-serfs.

In its final stages, Canadian Freedom does not allow its patient-inmates to dare to mouth nary a peep against it. To do so would expose them to being black listed, made examples of, shunned, sued, suspended, fired, fined, and punished. Everyone retaining a functioning brain, who is not independently retired, would be cautioned to be very careful to avoid going on record for saying or doing anything overt against such "Canadian Freedom." Or even to solicit, read, or research anything against it. Such as in the book within a book, "by" Emmanuel Goldstein, regarding the Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism. (Bureaucratic Collectivism and toenail regulation?) Among competing syndicates, variants of Oligarchical Collectivism include English Socialism (Common Market?), Neo-Bolshevism (Mass-Man?), and Death Worship (Islamic obliteration of the self?).

Within such a world, the easier path is to become an approved tool, to be paid in pieces of silver by a Syndicate of Oligarchs, to join the pretense that they are nobly looking out for the best interests of the little guys and of the planet. Once all Canadians, Americans, and Westerners have been "freed," then there will be "peace." Hahaha!


It makes sense to consider the Left as tending towards the Security of Regulated Collectivism, and the Right as tending towards the Freedom of Unregulated Individualism.
Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, and Fascism are different names for that which tends towards Regulated Collectivism.  Despotism, right down to the toenails.  Legal paradise for godless, pagan, law droolers.
Marketplace Free Enterprise and Capitalism , when they check against the buying and selling of political favors, are different names for that which tends towards Unregulated Individualism and individual initiative.
For Lefties to play games trying to make principled distinctions between Corporatists that collectivize the Government and Governments that collectivize Corporations is the height of masquerade and simple mindedness.
There is Wrong and there is Right.  Sub-humanization and Human dignity.  Lefties tend to be incompetent, codependent, wrong, subhumans that make a travesty of human dignity.  Claiming to want fairness and equality, they produce misery and despotism.  Scientismiscally, of course.  All their empty scholarship is the stuff of fools.
Lefties would put butterflies to the rack to try to distinguish among variants of Oligarchical Collectivism --- such as English Socialism (Common Market?), Neo-Bolshevism (Mass-Man?), and Death Worship (Islamic obliteration of the self?).  As they move towards their goals, they leave little in their wake but mayhem, misery, and morons.  They read Orwell, but learn nothing.


How many agents from the FBI are leakers, leaking to help the Oligarchy?  They hoot at Trump, saying Obama was a better manager because he had fewer leakers. 

Well, I wonder why?  Obama was a puppet for the NWO Oligarchy.  He was bent on weakening the nation and destroying the republic.  Same as the Oligarchy.  So of course the Oligarchy would not be leaking against the Puppet who was only doing what the Nation Destroyers wanted him to do. 

Why are they leaking against Trump?  Well, that would be because most of DC, including Civil Servants, are corrupti and ignoranti on behalf of the anti-American Oligarchy.  They think we are so dumb we can't see them.  Effing punk pukes, the lot of them. 

If you oppose these s for brains, Trump is the only game going.  There is no one else who can stand against them.  Trump's role is not unlike that of Moses (who also was not especially good with his own words).  Except Moses' tweets were on stone tablets.

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