Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cycles of Sweet Spots of Entropy and Information

The model of a Big Bang from No-Thing-Ness is useful for some tinkering and technological purposes.  For an ultimate explanation of reality, not so much.

If some-thing-ness burst from no-thing-ness, then no-thing-ness must not really have been no-thing-ness.  It may have been no-measureable-thing, but it was not no-thing.

Likewise with regard to the model of entropic expansion and dissipation in space-time of particularized expressions of measurable Substance of matter-energy.  Matter/Energy make sense only in respect of measurable relationships.  Not in respect of any particle-in-itself.  (Being non-relational, how could a particle-in-itself be conceptualized to be useful to relate to, measure, or react with any other particle-in-itself?)  There is no expansion or dissipation of any particle or particles in themselves.  Only of measurable relationships.  Of which none are possible without the joint entailment of C, S, and I.

So what is "really" expanding, dissipating, and fluxing, if not particles-in-themselves?

Since they flux, C, S and I, as aspects (or faces) of a Trinitarian relationship, must coordinate to feed back with and influence one another.  C must flux in respect of S and I; S must flux in respect of C and I; and I must flux in respect of C and S.

As S expands and dissipates, I increases.  At some level, S and I can be conceptualized as mere math relationships between previous, present, and potential expressions of C.  When S dissipates to such an extent that it no longer can support I or C, the measurable physics of the Cosmos becomes presently finis.  Invisible.  No-Measurable-Thing.  To produce such a condition, no big crunch is necessary.  This is because there never was any real measurable thing-in-itself to crunch. 

All that is necessary for something like a Big Crunch is for S and I to go out of measurable potential for any extant-perspective of C.  At that point, all significant meta-power fluxes to C.  S and I reduce in measurable aspect to a point (if even that).  IOW, a change/flux in C will coordinate with a disappearance of all present maths and rules for defining and showing S and I. 

No real Big Crunch is needed, because no real particles-in-themselves ever existed.  Their measurable appearance was entirely derivative of a fluxing relationship between C and math-based perspectives of Itself.

When I and/or S become immeasurable because they are being in effect multiplied or divided by zero, then the Big Crunch will have recycled.  There will still abide C and math, but particular perspectives of C will not recur unless and until C shapes new representations and images by undertaking new perspectives in maths of space (geometry) and time (calculus).  Only then will new, measurable relationships among S and I recur. 

When S and I are made to appear to recur, then newly fluxing and particular perspectives of C will be unavoidable, at least in potentialities.  IOW, there are no uninhabited physical universes.

The relationship between C, S, and I remains in perpetual flux because it can never balance out into a stagnant and symmetrical equation that is free from an ever present and carrying remainder of unfinished business.  That is what keeps its math functions back-feeding, cyclical, and active.

I also think there is insufficient good reason for gov to default to encourage self-godding oligarchs to promote either the breeding or the elimination of billions of cheap laborers. And I see no good reason for gov, by its tax policies, to incent the covering of the Earth with unlimiting billions of people.
At some point, should not quality of life issues suggest to citizens and their tax incentivizers that it may be appropriate to stop defaulting to open borders and tax-supported harems? Does the scientist in you ever consider whether some number of billions of people may put the planet out of whack and deep in a down spiral of needless dystopia?
I would agree that such issue is for God. However, I also think God functions through us. When we lack vision, our world tends out of whack.
Or do you prefer to rely only on homeostasis of Gaia? (Sorry about that last crack. I am also tired of people tagging me as some kind of pagan Gaia worshipper. Just showing the crack is not a one-way tag.)

Of one Godhead, one holistic and reconciling Consciousness, functioning as a Trinity, in infinity and eternity, innately caring about its various and unfolding perspectives. Of a Conscious Source of which we are a part, which never ceases. Which signifies to us, for us to relate to metaphorically, not as things-in-themselves to a unifying thing in itself. Equipped to appreciate and intuit the Godhead metaphorically, but not to fully comprehend it.
What part of this vision is not supported in the Bible?

I can't parse whether the Cosmos has a Creator. I can mouth words of such, but they would not make sense to me. Otoh, I intuit the Cosmos has, and always has had, a reconciling Shaper.

Per Progs, if you're not a self-godding crook, you're a crookphobe.
When everyone has a right to the fiat money machine, what value is money? When everyone is deemed deserving, what value is work?
We live in a time that normalizes pan-pleasures and worldwide free stuff. The only bad guys are the opponents of self-godding crooks. I wonder how long this will last?

The voter base for political crooks like Obama and Hillary does not care about corrupt shenanigans, so long as their corrupt pols deal them in for some of the "free stuff." Prog Base, thy name is rampant, self-godding corruption. Normalizing Evil, so long as it benefits the sold out demons.
Moreover, it appears Obama found it convenient to deploy questionable means to surveil Trump and thousands others, without actually needing to wiretap a land line. On this distinction, the self-godding, corrupt MSM gives Obama a pass, but takes Trump to task for months on end for calling it wiretapping instead of surveilling for political purposes.
Ain't it good to know the watchdog press is looking out for us? S/

Progs would have cultivated discord regardless of Russia. Had they not found a way to blame Russia, they would have found a way to blame someone else. And claimed Repubs were in cahoots. When all along it has been Progs that want to destroy the republic.
Given a choice between being ruled by Progs versus Russians, that would not be an easy choice to make. At least Russians seem not to be idiots concerning Islam, pansexual polygamy, and normalizing every abnormal agent of social corrosion.

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