Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Church v. State

Forms do not long remain conscious unless they strive to express themselves within a context that inherently both defines and challenges them.  Without change, there would be nothing to remember and nothing to be conscious of.  As change occurs, the expression of some forms will be enhanced and some will be reduced. 
Disease and death follow health and life as surely as night follows day.  Without decline in some forms, there would be no enhancement of others.  This is inherent in the math that avails the conservation of matter and energy.  Without such math, how could there abide either goodness or evil? 
The measurables of such math are conservatory.  In many ways, zero sum.  But the qualitatives (joy, grief, pleasure, pain, spirituality, empathy) in many ways are not.
From the perspective of a particular subject/form, whatever enhances its expression is good, and whatever reduces it is bad.  From an objective perspective of the Holism, it simply is what it is.  From an empathetic, caring, feedback perspective, wherewith the Holism participates by reconciling among the contending concerns of its particular perspectives, the reconciliatory math entails that some unfoldings will be favored while others will be sacrificed.
As to which unfoldings the Holism should temporally favor or disfavor, what mere mortal can say?  What is self evident is consciousness, which inherently entails caring, empathy, responsiveness to feedback.  And, at its more abstract levels, receptivity to reflection, meditation.  And prayer -- with an inherently caring and guiding Reconciler.  The feedback is such that no one, while alive, is assigned a cross too big to bear.
As a society assimilates to such faith, it may come to value the freedom and dignity of its members.  To preserve itself, such a society will need vision, through observation/meditation/prayer, to consider what is needed to establish, inspire, and preserve itself against all challenges and challengers --- while it can.  As it loses vision, it will be ground through the recycler.  For that, mere science will not be enough.  It is what it is.
As a society falls to femi-freelunch-think, believing everyone can be made perfectly and perpetually happy, and that it is society's job to ensure such, it will necessarily lose the vision required to sustain itself.  Or anything else. 
The greatest present danger to the American Ideal is the swamp of carriers of freelunch-think --- whether it be secular (such as Marxist) or sectarian (such as Islamist).  Subjectively, they believe in a trickle-down sky-master that never was.  Figuratively (so as not to judge them by race, gender, age, or origin), they tend to be, well ... I can't say it here.


Models for religion, science, and politics can all be enhanced by putting them to reasoned tests for consistency, coherence, and completeness. While understanding that perfection will forever remain elusive to mortals. Even so, we can constantly seek to improve our explanations and models. Understanding that moral models rely more on metaphors, judgment, and experience, since they rarely avail themselves to rigorous, double-blind, controlled-experiments where all untested things remain the same.

Relying only on the Good Book of Experience without enhancement by the Books of Reason and of the Cosmos is blind. Relying only on the Book of the Cosmos without appreciation for the Good Book of Experience is lame. Imo.

From every perspective, there abides innate aspiration to appreciate one's possibilities under the system of systems that has formed him.   Receptivity to appreciate The Defining Principler.  An inherently spiritual or religious relationship of unfolding feedback.
But, how one's aspirations are shaped can lead one to measure a constricted appreciation of the Principler, so that one's receptivity becomes brittle, narrow, material, abusive, sadomasochistic, self-rationalizing, and selfish.  Woe to the society that promotes such people to leadership!
Such a society encourages gang bangers to play as victims to rationalize "fairness" --- as if it requires equality in forced redistribution to them (their chosen clan), but not to others.  With no work required, other than the "work" of voting, protesting, whining, stealing, and looting.  With academics, smartasses, comedians, moral idiots, and imams promoted to rationalize such behavior as "just."  The slogan for such gang-bangers is not generally assimilating faith, family, and fidelity.  It is perversion, grooming, and booty -- but couched in Orwellian rational-eze as liberty, equality, fraternity.  Social justice against The Man.  Entitled, not earned.  S/


Depends on how you define God and/or religion. Under what philosophy do you judge yourself to be "very moral," and under what faith have you accepted that philosophy? Is this a reasoned philosophy that seeks towards consistency, coherence, and completeness, that should be taught and inculcated, like a religion? Or is it just your personal rationalization to do what you wanna? If it is a reasoned philosophy that seeks towards consistency, coherence, and completeness, then I suspect it is much more like a spiritual worldview than a moral-scientism view. Thank God.

Get government out of religion and get churches out of politics. Do this mainly with tax incentives. Do not tax domestic clubs or businesses. Do tax individuals. On yearly consumption. Do not tax income. On consumption taxes, do not give deductions for church or political contributions. Count those as forms of consumption. When domestic businesses make contributions or spend money to lobby for political favors, tax those expenditures as part of the consumption by the individual person(s) that authorize them. Do tax non-domestic businesses on their imports as they do business in the U.S.

In most other matters, accord untaxed and very broad freedom of speech for individuals. Require Congress to reallocate a large portion of such tax revenues to the States on a per capita basis.

This would reduce fake charities that launder political bribery and mass political indoctrination by oligarchs. It would help empower individuals to take back their republic. It would tax not income but wealth, when it is spent for political gain. In that way, as the influence of oligarchs is leveled and the moral voice of individual citizens is enhanced, the republic would be strengthened. If necessary, amend the Constitution to accord.

Absent some such affirmative check to encourage small business, restore a moral voice, and redistribute ill gained and ill used wealth, there is little to stop the agglomerating power of evil. Which is what we have.

Because, as God lays the unfoldment before us, we find that God is infinite and eternal -- not simple. However, you can believe God is simple minded if you want to. For other thinkers, their pursuits of explanations may tend to improve as their experiences and observations increase. I find it simpler and more satisfactory to take Jesus' parables more as metaphors than as precise injunctions. That is not the same as self godding oneself, because it depends on good faith receptivity to being corrected. That's how we can each have a personal relationship with the Godhead.

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