Thursday, May 11, 2017

Monetary Merit

As businesses consolidate into fewer corporations, and as jobs are replaced by AI, ways will have to be found to redefine merit, earning, and value.  Especially if nothing is done to discourage ever more breeding among humans.  One way is by central gov redistributing rations of fiat money, as chits to buy the services of AI laborers.  Another way is by central gov distributing tax revenues or tax opportunities to local States/Cities, for them to contract with low bid businesses for the construction and maintenance of ever more "infrastructure."
Regardless of method, there is no avoiding the role of gov at some levels to become involved in the redefinition of merit, earning, and value.  Although that is not strictly speaking Keynesian, it amounts to a same effect:  More massive gov intrusion in the allocation of wealth.
Oligarchs see the unavoidability of more gov intrusion, so they seek to monetize it.  By buying and selling gov favors, politicians, and governments.  To make a real financial killing, they lust to kill and cannibalize representative republics and turn them into people farms.
So far, most people remain fat, dumb, and oblivious.  Sitting ducks.  Honking and quacking as they are told.  To bring down Trump and prevent him from restoring the republic.
Imagine if Hillary had been elected.  Would any oligarch-owned media still, more than 100 days into the new admin, be talking about Russian meddling?  Suppose, 100 days out, Trump were still whining about the Russians?  He would have been mercilessly mocked.  Oligarchs and their media would have been laughing hysterically.  To fail to see this is to be a sold out, demonic, anti-human or an unsalvageable, Stockholm-ed fool.
If enough Americans remain to take back the republic, they will have to take the gloves off.  Trump can't stop the demons and fools by himself.  And they will have to make peace with AI, fewer jobs, and stranger ways for re-defining merit.

How much of that pre-Reagan 70% tax rate was never more than proggie pie in the sky, because it instead represented money paid to accountants to avoid it? Or to managers to pass it on?
Repubs tend to be more concerned with the real capacity of a society to increase its productive wealth than Dems. Dem Dinos (and Rinos) tend to be more concerned with constructing unicorn theories, the better to steal from your back wallet while painting phony pictures of fairness and equality. All the while, the Laffer Curve laughs at linear tax-ologists failing to appreciate business and its cycles.

Civilization seems to undergo something like a moral flip to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropic decline of ordered liberty. IOW, a lot of people want to be farmed, because thinking for themselves is so hard. They are like free range cattle, there for the collecting, farming, and mental decline.
Falling to Oligarchical Collectivism: Those that value free speech and human dignity are less inclined to capitalize, organize, or pursue opportunities to direct speech or thought. Over time, the promotion and evolution of people-farmers (anti-humans) and people-farming institutions and businesses (Twitter, Google, Facebook) is favored. Like natural selection of a meme.
Non-billionaires that value human freedom and dignity need to organize more businesses and volunteer coops to promote freedom -- to protect the evolution of civilizations that resist the natural devolution of people farms under the thumbs of oligarchical collectivists. As things stand, most institutions and think tanks have come to be run by and for anti-humans. It may already be unlikely that such trend can ever be reversed.
Absent course correction, the Uniparty Axis of Corrupt and Dumas Progs (wannabe people-farmers and farmees), by all-invasive PC political favors, propaganda, and regulations (against "hate speech", "white privilege", unvarnished truth; for open societies, open borders, and open marriages) --- means by all possible measures to outlaw and kill every representative republic.
The more people succumb to wanting to be farmed as moo cows, the faster the light will die and the sooner most people will start loving Big (settled science) Brother. Soon, they will prostrate themselves to Big Bro 5 times a day. And want to kill (shadow and bury) every heretic who still values free thinking.

Kings had Castle Fools. Modern times call for Trump to appoint a Special Yapper. Not to espouse Trump's policies, but to make the talk circuit rounds to yap with the talking yappers. To keep them diverted and occupied. I nominate Milo.

What about the Whiny Ass Card? Do you play that card in real life, or just on the Internet? if you were an employer, would you want to hire a perpetual Whiny Ass? Everyone has a cross to carry. A lot of crosses are far heavier than the one carried by professional whiny asses. If you want understanding, reach beyond the whiny entitlementism. Otherwise, talk to the hand.

The Uniparty is a Party of wannabe godless and self-godded rats.

The cognitively impaired would oppose tax policies designed to reduce incentives now in place for the most ignorant, invasive, and cultish of breeders. Given the broader context, this phases into actually incenting such breeding and swamping. To think beyond their noses, the cognitively impaired do not. They like their cognitive impairment, and they want more of it. These are the farmees of the people farmers, bred to be epsilons for the Brave New Uniparty. The unwitting vanguard for the sub-humanization of humanity and the destruction of every representative republic. Food for Soros.

By all means, let's never let up on tax and regulatory policies to encourage the most ignorant and clannish cults to breed and overrun every society that seeks an ideal of quality of life.

The purpose of parents and institutions for a representative republic should be to raise children to become competent adults and viable citizens.  Not to fill their heads with perpetual visions of cheap and phony charity and kindness.  The path of phonies, fairies, feminazis and femimen is the path for the burning down of the representative republic.  The imaginary Eden, without the sweat of thy brow.  The great challenge for every successful republic is to avoid feminizing (phony-nizing) its next generation.  Western Civ is failing.  Running to fail.  With visions of phony-femi-free stuff in its head.  Femi intentions tend not actually to be good intentions, but phony intentions.  Phony as make up.  But pretty to behead.

Maybe Trump believes that if he can relate to Ivanka and move her thinking, he can do likewise with the general proggie electorate. However, in his heart, he must know most of them are ineducable. It is very hard to fix people who have been educated all their lives to become fools.

Trump has also become a lightning rod, to attract all the opposing forces of evil and ignorance. Can he actually wield that power?

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