Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fundies and Elitists

A problem with literalist, fundie religionists is that elitists tend to "misunderestimate" fundies' actual apprehensions of the real world. Elitists never get past the illogic of literalisms of fundie belief systems, in order to apprehend the wealth of wisdom in Judeo-Christian parables, figurative meanings, and traditions conducive to sustaining decent civilization. Being cocky of their superiority in seeing contradictions in religious logic, elitists assume their understanding of what should be done in the political world is also superior. This is a dangerous assumption, not uncommon among adolescents --- especially adolescents who never grow beyond their ivy, academic halls.

Unfortunately, presuming elitists, bless their hearts, really do tend to believe they know what is best, often to the point of being willing to deploy all means necessary to their ends --- even when their ends entail no more vision, experience, or understanding than a short sighted reach for all that seems most immediately gratifying. Economics tends to be at the heart of their every political concern. Print more money. Let everyone marry everyone else. Ban, burn, or erase all comments and all discussion of old or religious values in the public square or on discussion blogs. Don't allow anyone to caution anyone else from making immediate demands for all that may be hankered for.

Apart from Marx and Alinsky, our post modern, adolescent thinkers have little experience, judgment, or understanding of history or philosophy by which to apprehend their limitations. Having no basis for understanding their limitations, they believe they are qualified, perhaps even "chosen," to give the law to all who are less blessed with their "intelligence." Thus, we have child-men like Obama, with no notable achievements, actually believing they are called to "fundamentally change" society and the last, best hope for freedom on earth. Choke our energy supplies. Render our industry non-competitive. Replace our currency. Substitute bureaucrats for charities. Grease the way to define marriage so that it no longer means anything. Replace parents with teacher drones. Let them teach why it is right that Johnny should have two mommies.  Deploy our military to serve international Bilderbergers. Seek to build democracies where it is impossible, in order to bankrupt democracy at home. Avail a pathway to equal rights for every desire, every alien, and every antithetical culture. This is the road our "elite" leaders deem to be in our best interest. Mommy and Daddy have elected their toddler, bless his elite heart, to rule them ... even to decree that marriage is no more to have meaning. Rather, marriage is simply a public committment to love. Charity is something done by government, using other people's money. Sustenance is something the government owes you. Industry is what other countries do. Money is something the government prints. Values are what you want, which other people should respect.  Our modern college graduates are so smart!

Bottom line: Fundies need to think more about why the Bill Mahers and Obamas of the world really believe they are superior, and why they are so wrong. The Bill Mahers and Obamas of the world need to think more about what is actually needed to sustain decent civilization. It's about more than money.

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Anonymous said...

Don't tell Michael Medved. In Medved's universe, Obama has no desire to tear America down before making it Marxist. Only, by Obama's lights, to make things directly better. But everything about Obama screams make crisis, then squeeze out desired changes. Destroying the currency, infrastructure, and Constitution are just unimportant, collateral damage. A few cracked eggs to make an omelet. Obama does not rest up to think about how to make things better. He rests up to give his minions time to plan how to take advantage of each unfolding crisis in order to move us deeper into irretrievable waters, so that we can have no hope of ever hearkening to anything except Big Gov. For Obama to consider anything beyond the Marxist cookbook would send him into an existential breakdown. Obama is not merely a Marxist; he is nothing but a Marxist! Although Big Gov puts our heads in cages with rats, Big Gov is the only thing that can remove the rats. We will come to love Big Gov. After awhile, Obama may even allow us to develop some of our energy resources. What's not to like? Imagine the horror of a child, coming into the room of his Daddy, seeing him deploying thugs along a plan to burn down the house. Don't worry, sonny; daddy has a plan for a new house.