Saturday, August 20, 2011


TRIADS -- of Trivalent Logic and Circular Meta Relationships:

Random -- Determined -- Guided
Chaotic and Evolving Unfolding -- Synchronously Predetermined -- Caringly Guided
Substance -- Consciousness -- Information
Correlator -- Cause -- Synchronizer
Equation -- Translation -- Transcendence
Territory -- Correlation -- Map
Object -- Subject -- Verb
Essence -- Relation -- Representation
Conscious -- Appreciative -- Will
Initiative -- Equality -- Fairness
Emotional -- Rational -- Meaningful
Spirituality -- Dignity -- Freedom
Context -- Perspective -- Purpose
Uncertain -- Potential -- Manifest
Transpositive -- Quantitative -- Qualitative
Fuzz -- Particle -- Wave
Phase Shifting -- Discrete -- Continuous
Ambiguous -- False -- True
Becoming -- Been -- Being
Zero -- One -- Infinity
Unbounded -- Finite -- Circular

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the God of Fedgov: You can point out to Libs and Libertines all day every day how they get their "oughts" from a non-scientific faith, and they will never get it! After Penn and Teller, et al, there is no room in their heads for anything else. Since they believe so strongly that their God for deriving "oughts", Fedgov, is scientifically based, they can never quite apprehend how that is Not So! They will forever despise and castigate anyone who points out that their political vision is fundamentally flawed. They will insist that everyone go along with their pretense that there abides no higher store of decent values than Fedgov. (To do otherwise, according to them, is to ensure the reelection of Obama, Heaven forfend! So, they would have us "eat our peas" and accept a Rino.) Of course, Fedgov is the little god of both Libs and Libertines. Since Fedgov focuses almost exclusively on economics, the only task of Fedgov, when it comes to social issues (according to Libs and Libertines), is to ensure that no social value is promoted in the public square that is above equality in toleration for every possible depravity. On that, Libs and Libertines are united. Simply put, they tend to lack capacity or experience to fathom why anyone else (except a tea party cave man) should believe that maybe, just maybe, government OUGHT to be concerned with not impeding, and not actively deconstructing, a social environment that is friendly to the decent raising of children.