Monday, August 22, 2011

Oz Corp

It is not just the industry of America that is being undermined by international corporatists (who are at best indifferent and at worst actively disloyal to the idea of America). At worst, international corporatists seek to substitute the rule and worship of themselves for traditional institutions of family and spiritual assimilation.  They tend to intuit and be inspired by little more than individual greed. To that end, they find the ideals of ordinary Americans — freedom, family, and spiritual fulfillment — of little value. To dethrone the American ideal and to cannibalize it to their own interests, international corporatists seek not merely to sell our currency, economy, resources, and industry out from under us. They seek also to badger us into sacrificing ideals of family and spiritual fulfillment to falsely fabulous fun of Gay Inc. and worship of the State.
Of course, behind the curtain of the State is where Oz-Corp operates (whether by conspiracy or by natural confluence of interests among like minded corruptocrats), where it never tires of pretending that morality can be reduced to scientific quantification and that God should be replaced by secular humanism (i.e., front for Communism, i.e., front for Oz-Corp.). Thus, minions of Oz-Corp, having surrendered all notions of higher familial and spiritual values, continuously and synchronously work to undermine and replace all three legs of the ideal of America: (1) American freedom of expression and enterprise ("hate speech" codes and global warming carbon credit exchanges), (2) American families (governmental intrusion bent on consciousness bending control over children), and (3) American spirituality (banning spiritual based values from the public square).
As worthy as our Founders were, they failed to foresee the need to check and balance against the use of the international corporate form as a tool for selling all legs of America (Free trade, don't you know!) out to Wormwood, to the most indifferent or corrupt of ideas and personages. Each time Americans notice, Oz crisis managers wag their fingers and say, Don't dwell on 2 or 3, because 1 is most important. Evidently, we're supposed to believe America can seat her constituents and Constitution on a 1 legged stool. Ask: How on earth are a mess of mal-educated Jay-walkers going to sustain the idea of America beyond this generation, based merely on economic issues and free trade among international corporatists?
America's Founders failed to provide a Constitutional check against the corporate form, which is being used to convert American investors into abettors of treachery, to undermine and sell out America. So, the only check remaining is for sufficient numbers of Americans to apprehend the problem, the imminent danger it now poses, and to propel action fitted to the need. However, as things stand, we are so morally adrift and divided that we have little hope of uniting to see and do what needs to be done.
If the American Idea is not to be divided and drowned, the better part of the people need to move to: (1) internally, replace the corporate tax with only a consumption tax on individuals; externally, tax corporate expenditures that are made from America to go abroad; (2) stand up to academics who are preaching to replace spiritual, qualitative, higher values with short term pleasures and worship of faux redistributionist elites, who are bought by, paid for, or turned into pavlovian lickspittles for, international corporatists.

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Anonymous said...

An irresponsible child thinks in terms of "yes I can" and "I wanna." A responsible adult thinks in terms of what is needed to sustain his or her family, country, and civilization. Our law has seen fit to avail me with a tax break for "married filing jointly" and for children who live with and depend on me. A co-worker makes my same salary, but has no spouse or dependents. He believes he has "rights," such that he should get the same breaks and pay no more taxes than do I. After all, he dates extensively and has friends with benefits staying with him several days each week. While he lives high, most of my salary goes to my family. As my daughters finish schooling and take jobs, it is they who will pay the social security that supports my co-worker into his old age. Does society have the "right" to incentive and aid me in helping to raise the next generation? If society confers "rights" to such tax breaks to everyone, then it would do just as well to confer them to no one. Given that the majority of infants are now born out of wedlock, does it really make sense to argue that society has no legitimate interest in availing incentives to it?