Monday, August 22, 2011

It's The Redistribution, Stupid

What anarchist really believes zero government is possible, except for the purpose of transitioning to a different form of government? As to transition ("fundamentally changing" America), isn't that the goal of so-called liberals? Isn't creating crises in order not to waste them an expression of politically motivated anarchism? Where are radicals, socialists, and communists on the political spectrum? 100 percent government can be used to try to redistribute per capita, regardless of merit, and can also be used to try to obtain 100 percent control by elites over serfs. But there is no such thing as 100 percent equal distribution, because then no one would work. To incentive people to work, there would have to be employed the attractor of unequal redistributions. If an incentive attractor is not employed, the alternative would be a fear factor. This would not entail benevolent rule under elites, but tyranny under Stalins and Vlads. Big Gov, whether by printings of money or by points of swords, leads to a miserable state of being. Either way, the only time Big Gov can risk relaxing its grip is when the masses begin regulating themselves, by raising spiritual consciousness. That, too, brings a cycle, as consciousness raises to a tipping point --- a point where the masses realize just how non-elite and corrupt are those who regiment and regulate every breath and every sneeze. Points: (1) anarchism used for political purposes bends the political spectrum into a circle; (2) con artists will always abound who are bent on temporary gain at the expense of decent civilization. Few are those who truly seek a system that promotes freedom, dignity, and decency. Our Founders were, in main, among such rarities. However great their foresight, they did not foresee how our (1) industry, (2) families, and (3) spiritual assimilators would be so suddenly vulnerable to being stressed and undermined by (1) international corporatists, (2) international libertine gay activists, and (3) international communist destablizing redistributers. Collapse any leg and the seat of our Constitution cannot stand. Presently, all three legs are being simultaneously collapsed. It's not the economy, stupid. It's the redistribution. The redistribution of money, family mores, and spiritual death.

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Anonymous said...

Watch Jay Leno walking about to get a feel for the Dem base. And they are coming to be an irreversible majority. A fundie always takes whatever the facts and cites them as evidence for his religion. Dems have a fundie capability for taking the facts, processing them through their profs and media, and squirting our "evidence" to support their vision of an all knowing, all wise Big Gov, whose elites will be loving and beneficial (even though owned by atheistically self serving international corporatists). The NYT and Ivy profs will change their faith about as readily as Job. They will continue to hammer our youthful jaywalkers with gimmicky nonsense. Once we tip to more than 50 percent educated fools, the America that was will be eaten by corruption, ignorance, and greed (which the Left, per Kierkegaard, will call wisdom). I'm with Herman Cain. Against a pandemic of worldwide ignorance, every respectably intelligent American needs alligators in our moat. Draw lines, and enforce them.