Sunday, August 21, 2011

Of Non-import to Ancient Mariner

Yes, Dinos will eventually be replaced. But, not to worry, Ancient Mariner, for they'll be replaced by Rinos. It's clear that the economy of the ship of state is being deliberately rotted, so hordes of ratfinks, bent on fundamentally destroying the state, can clambor aboard. It's clear that morale concerning the fundamental values in respect of which the ship was Christened are being undermined by assaults that ridicule and conflate the worthiness of Christian values with illogical literalisms of dogma. It's clear that those invited to the party of destruction believe their adolescent understandings of illogic of dogma supremely qualify them to say America is a "downright mean" country that needs to be replaced. It's clear that the culture that applied capitalism to bring civilization, technology, and industry to their apex, i.e., the Christian White Anglo Protestant culture, is being conquered and milked by cultures bent on once again reducing the world to collectivist societies under the rule of elites. It's clear that crises are being deliberately exacerbated, so that all who oppose the variously scurrying ratfinks can be accused of minding things that, taken individually and considering the impending destruction of the state, are relatively unimportant distractions.

So, what are some of the individually minor things ratfinks are doing, while the economy of the ship sinks? Well, they are saying America lacks economic means: to enforce borders; to deport aliens; to develop energy and industry without upsetting the climate; to pay heed to the Gay Agenda; and to stop sell outs to China (the society most admired by the ratfinks). Once all the "unimportant things" are safely ignored, what's left?

Except as needed to keep ratfinks in line, the Soros-Obama Aristocracy of Adolescent Elites could care less about fixing the economy! Economic jealousy and crises are central to how Soros-Obama Inc. expect to convert all "downright mean" countries of the world into statist-religion socialist dystopias --- all under the collective thumb of an international cabal of elite corporatist know-it-all's, who intend to regulate our lives and to govern us out the ears. Hear the creak of rotting wood? Not to worry, Ancient Mariner. It's "minor."

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Anonymous said...

Well, Carter was pre multi culti diversity unraveling of American assimilation. Changes now present a serious question: What modern college students dare to challenge the prevailing professorial thought police? Who would dare question Gay Inc.? Who would dare question redistribution of wealth based on entitlements, based only on status and not at all on initiative, work, or merit? Given the openness of our borders, one ought not forget the way Big Gov Redistribution is aided by Big Academia. As Big Gov, aided by Gay Inc., replaces families in raising children, one ought not forget the Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, Red Guard, Khmer Rouge, etc. Against self interest and ignorance, mere reason has little chance. When it comes to what is needed to sustain decent civilization, all the emotion among youth is on the side of fraudulent ideas about saving the planet and restoring power to the people against "downright mean" and selfish business operators who are too prone to "acting white."

Anonymous said...

Every choice that is made manifest implicates a change in the equality of the balance of the status quo. Every equation that defines a transpositional change necessarily marks a chanve in the equality of the status quo. By definitiom, the people, through their Representatives, effect changes in laws that are designed to incentive some behaviors and often to disincentive others. The fact that some relationships are deemed more worthy of availing politically financed incentives is not an indication that other relationships are thereby deprived of "rights." Rather, it is an indication that the sovereign people have made a choice that they prefer to incentive some relationships over others, often because they deem some relationships to be more conducive to sustaining decent civilization.

I notice that Gay Inc never argues that to parcel tax benefits to it would be conducive to sustaining decent civilization. Rather, they always argue that they have "rights." Well, no. There is no "right" to receive publically financed monetary or tax incentives unless Representatives of the public first enact such rights. So far, in main, they have not. So, the argument of "rights" is at least a misrepresentation, if not a lie. And relying on it suggests a weakness: That is, if Gay Inc. had a non-ludicrous argument that it would advance better civilization to avail a tax status of "Gay filing jointly," etc., Gay Inc. would make it. So far, I have seen no such an argument, much less a credible one.