Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soulless Corporate Succubi

In the time of Alexis de Tocqueville, why did so many American states cling to the institution of slavery, even though states without slavery thrived with industry and material abundance? Evidently, some populations and cultures learn to love power over others more than freedom from material wants. According to de Tocqueville, white southerners came to despise doing manual work for themselves. Perhaps this is why a slave almost instinctively prefers that his immediate master have less by which to exert control, more so than that he, the slave, should have more. Igor, being conferred one wish, learning that Ivan has a goat, wishes first for Ivan's goat to die.  Hence, the natural flow of  peculiar societies towards ages of poverty and darkness. A better society, a society that desires to maximize republican freedom for all, needs to guard against the natural tendencies amongst sociopathic parts of its population. Because America has not guarded enough, the same sociopathic tendencies have perfected means of exploitation in the form of the international corporation — which is loyal not to country or freedom, but only to profit and power. Thus, in place of enforced servitude, corporatists have learned how to impose the same condition of servility, merely by adverting to “free trade” and various tricks for convincing callow desires to yoke themselves to gross wastage and indebtedness. Simultaneously, release via bankruptcy is to be squeezed off. While people of good will have rested under an assumed, general prevalence of good faith, now draws nigh a general return to poverty and servitude, which will be controlled by a new and “benevolent” aristocracy of the most dark (and therefore the “most fit”) corporatists, with their elite sociopaths and succubi in trail.
What is the cure to the elephant that presses us? Our Founders knew (and drafted our Constitution not to be inconsistent with) most of the cure: (1) General support for the inculcation of a belief in higher, spiritual values; (2) transmission of sustainable and civilizing values through the agency of the family; and (3) a small and carefully checked federal government, to maximize freedom of expression and enterprise for all citizens of the union. Necessarily implicated was defense of the union’s borders.
What did our Founders miss? They failed to check against sociopathic attractions in the form of the international corporation, which, by skilled artifice among the most fit for ruthlessness, has now rendered our borders irrelevant to the cannibalization of our industry, infrastructure, resources, economy, currency, and general standard of living. How can that failure now be rectified? Only if enough Americans and members of the Tea Party awaken to the fact that our Dinos and Rinos, alike, are owned and operated by non-loyal, international corporatists, interested in little more than their sociopathic maximizing of power over all others. Otherwise, against the one-party rule of international corporatists, the notion that we have loyal and benevolent competition among businesses within a two party system is naught but a delusion, and the days remaining for the American ideal are closely numbered.

Before our eyes, as Rinos and Dinos do nothing, the soul of America is being sucked away by international corporate succubi.  Few political candidates even raise the issue.  Probably because it is dangerous to prod the elephant in the room.  At least Ron Paul calls for auditing The Fed.  But The Fed may only be a puppet of the real problem:  A network of soulless international corporatists.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to which side is principled, the fact that Liberals readily align with Islamists, while Conservatives do not, nearly says it all. If confronted, Liberals might deny it. But the facts are the facts. It's quite clear that Liberals have all the principles of a pre-frontal lobe developed adolescent. Does excessive use of dope impede growing up?

Anonymous said...

America is Obama's penny lick high, and he's tired of it. So our electorate finds it has been suckered by cons, shilling for international corporations, selling penny lick sugar highs. We have traded lousy jobs for low consumer prices; we have traded good jobs for cheap third world labor. After the sugar high, comes the crash. Obama is either Chief Shill for international corporatists, or he's Number One sucker. In any event, he's passed the point of being able to change, without nailing himself to the point. The Story of O (and of every Dino and Rino) is a farcical tragedy for small business and middle class America. America is the dumped penny lick, to be reduced to whims of a NWO that is dandied up in free trade and seventh century serfs. Bye bye Miss American Pie.