Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suicide by Toleration

Of Tolerating The Intolerable Because It Starts Small: Cancer always starts small. Then cancer feeds on its host; it does not tolerate its host. For a host to try to tolerate cancer is to try to tolerate the intolerable. To try to tolerate that which will never tolerate you is to volunteer for your own demise. There are peoples and cultures that are amenable to living in a Republic that facilitates freedom of expression and enterprise, and there are peoples and cultures that are not. Islam is a culture that is intolerant of all that do not submit to it. To host and tolerate Islam in the midst of one’s society is to try to tolerate that which will never tolerate its host. To try to pacify that which cannot be pacified is to exhaust one’s resources in pursuit of that which cannot be done. To try to reason with those who are beyond reason is a kind of insanity. To try to derive communal morality from science (“ought from is”), based purely in economic pricing and quantification, devoid of innate moral intuition and insight, is another kind of insanity. To try to legislate in order to accommodate a small outbreak of Communist or Muslim Insanity is to avail a base from which to spread and subvert. To continuously undermine those laws that regulate a host system in order continuously to accommodate that which will never accommodate itself to the host is continuously to weaken the host.

A belief is that which one comes to accept as a result of one’s own free will. Islam is not a religious belief. It is an unrelenting, forcing subjugation, that requires pretense of belief, regardless of one’s true thoughts. It is a mind cancer that is bent on producing subjugation and enslavement. Communism is a belief system that many come to accept of their own will, but only after extensive indoctrination — either forced by crazed militants, or funded and guided by duplicitous, international corporatists with motives ulterior to economic or social equality.

Communist thought control is exercised in a Pavlovian manner. It begins with state trained teachers in Kindergarten, and proceeds all through college, under tutelage of cloistered profs, whose support and research are funded by Big Gov, which itself is guided by international corporatists, bent on duping all others to believe the government they run means well and aspires to equality in economic distributions among all. To pave the way for Big Gov to function as our only savior, we have the spreading of poverty, the deconstructing of families, and the banning of spiritual-based notions of common decency from the public square.

Human susceptibility to envy and greed, united with the corporate form, actively disloyal to individual freedom and dignity, lies at the root of the communal evils of all attempts to subjugate human liberty, either under Islam or under Communism. Economic Aristocracy has learned to insinuate its rule, not with force, but with taqiyya and duplicity. Once the noose is set, and the economy fails, then there will be a return to the fear factor. Once again, we will then be forced to learn to love the ideas of Big Mullah and Big Brother, which will rule us mercilessly. Thus, communalists hope to change and pull America back down into the lowest common denominator that has afflicted the rest of the world for ages. It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the destruction of all decent, assimilating fundamentals and the redistribution of goods that is being accomplished by cannibalizing America under the guise of the corporate form. While we worry about physical boundaries, we are tolerating the intolerable:  soulless international corporations that are sucking away the spirit of America.

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Anonymous said...

Re --- the dying of the host: this is the ultimate in "let no crisis go to waste. Leftocrats hate the USA, and, in their adolescent brains, think the world will be better off after America dies. They get all their higher level political philosophy and "wisdom" from the likes of Penn and Teller, Maher, Stewart, Krugman, and various blogs for atheists and libertines. Not to mention the state run, corporate owned, political indoctrination that poses for education from K1 to post doc. In any event, many feel no compunction in raiding the joint while it burns down. Meantime, too many otherwise responsible Americans, like Michael Medved, look on, project their own mores, and assume Leftocrats mean well. Completely wrong. To add to this distress, more intelligent, yet also more sociopathic opportunists (Soros, China, Saudis, etc.) are following all of this, to see how it can be turned to their advantage to foster the complete cannibalization of America. In essence, they are turning our propensity for extreme tolerance into our death poison. Once they succeed, the Marxist utopia the adolescent burners were expecting will become a rigid serfdom, wherein a new international aristocracy will variously divide and rule all corporate fiefdoms.