Wednesday, June 7, 2017


A statement that private equity is markedly more expensive than traditional government financing would seem to sweep a lot under the rug.  Does it not depend on whether the infrastructure investment was meant at the start as a boondoggle, like a bridge to nowhere?  Or a money laundering scheme for political financing?  If locals are involved, bids are competitive, and contracts are time-limited, I don't see how an army of civil servant highway workers building and maintaining roads, bridges, and utilities would be better or less expensive than a system of competing contractors under gov supervision.
IAE, what is the alternative to privatizing infrastructure construction and maintenance?  Allowing foreign oligarchs to buy political influence to have our Representatives tax us and hire un-fire-able do-nothing civil servants with our tax money?  Allowing people to collect welfare without working?
When jobs become scarcer, is it better to use welfare money to pay people to work on infrastructure, or just to give the money away?
Are not profit-seeking supervisors more efficient than empire-building gov supervisors?
So long as bids are let to domestic corporations, maintenance contracts are limited to a few years, inspections are done by agents of local officials, and tax and toll revenues for funding them are shared with local governmental agencies, I am not sure I see a problem.  At least, not as big a problem as the alternatives of letting infrastructure rot, paying welfare for nothing, and hiring lots more civil servant blood suckers.
I would agree that foreign corporations and oligarchs ought to be excluded from the bidding and profiting process.  And that the ownership of the facilities/infrastructure to be built and maintained should be kept in the hands of the U.S./States/Cities.  And that management leases should be limited to less than 10 years.  Otherwise, privatization would not likely be in the best interests of the American people.


How few thoughtful liberals remain, who are not blinded by personal issues, groupthink, projection tendencies, free-stuff feelings, double standards, triggering jealousy, safe-space thin skin, self justification immediate gratification, and generalized entitlement-minded wussie incompetence?
Notice how that applies -- regardless of race, creed, gender, age, orientation, or origin. Maybe libs will invent a new phobia -- wussiephobia? S/
The only thing Pitts is thoughtful about is how to preserve his opportunities for race baiting and blood sucking. But for those, he would have nothing to say and no one would read him.


Many want to come here, and forcibly require service.  Americans have a choice they have to make.  Failure to choose to defend what is needed to preserve liberty under a representative republic is a choice to become enserfed under an axis of fascists and the people who wannabe farmed by them.  Scientific Marxism quickly becomes fascist despotism.  All that is required to fall under it is to fail to resist it.
The femimen and feminazis that fail to make an affirmative choice to defend liberty and instead to tolerate Marxism and Islam are making a choice --- whether they realize it or not.

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