Saturday, June 24, 2017

War on Drugs

Mayhem creates a lot of tempting opportunities for well-placed people in the nexus between human vices for sex-drugs-violence.  
Our CIA in Laos used Air America to help launder drugs to pay for anti-communism activities.  Our leaders had also used Batista to funnel drug money to fund the CIA.  Then trained Cuban exiles to try to topple Castro at the Bay of Pigs.  When those exiles returned to Miami, they had skills for trafficking in drugs.   That set up the Medellin, Cali, and Noriega drug lords in South America.  Add the Contras and Oliver North. 
The Cold War, funded for the CIA with drug trafficking, led to the War on Drugs.  Which led us to godless cynicism, whereby CIA agents, Border Patrol personnel, and likely persons at highest levels in our government, promoted the drug trade even as they postured against it.  Perhaps this carries over also to the sex, violence, and arms trades.  How many have been to Lolita Island?  How much of this Skull and Bones thuggery goes unmolested, because the participants on all sides know too much about where the bones are closeted, the bodies are buried, and the teenyboppers are being molested?
I think most Americans are somewhat innocent.  But our leaders have not been innocent.  And most Americans who have dumbly empowered our leaders are not innocent, merely because of their ignorance.  IAE, the consequence of the corruptive nexus with sex-drugs-arms has been to put much of the world on fire.  Alas, Babylon.

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