Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saving the Planet

The new Power Class is “internationalist” in its outlook, and if that means destroying the Constitution and the Republic, well, so be it.   This is breath taking treason and treachery.  Essentially, it is war against the Reconciler of human decency.  Fascist people-farmers farming wannabe-farmees, and by their Uniparty Axis, forcing every liberty-loving free-thinker into perpetual bondage, enserfment, and fiat debt-slavery.  The jealous, noisome, rapping, LCD of "fairness and equality."  Power to the goat-efffers.  Norks winning "respect" by forcing desolation upon everyone. 
This Marxist, musloidian trip is the furtherest thing from love, dignity, or humanity.  It is warped whack.
These trippers must know their antics will mean revolution.  They must be moving, stone-faced, intent with shock and awe, to make a lowest-common-denominator preemptive strike.  The quiet on the Western Front is on the surface only.  Water placidly but quickly flowing far downhill, with violent currents in the Deep State.  What can you expect from whacked-out, gay-parading, child-grooming, goose-stepping, Hollywood-narcissistic, self-godded, S-M, femi-freak, law-drooling, goat-loving, pleasure-maniacs?
For the freaks, we have to "save the planet."  S/

When hope and purposefulness surrender, misery loves company.  Sex and dope become parties.  While Muslims kill Infidels, Lefties kill their brain cells.  Nihilism, not just of things, but of families and children also.  Whoever parties most, wins.  As populations become insane, the planet thins the herd.  Dancing to the devil.  S/
We are a house divided, come to a fork.  One road leads to worldwide fascist despotism, aka the Open Society of the NWO/Caliphate.  The other road leads to a restoration of a few slivers of representative republics,  jealously guarded in perpetual vigilance.  The NWO Uniparty will not allow liberty-loving free-thinkers to live in peace.  They mean to force the shackles -- to subjugate all free thinkers, just as their  musloidian allies would.
For everyone who does not want government of, by, and for the people to perish from the earth, this is no time to go wobbly.  Let the people farmers and wannabe farmees go farm themselves -- out of my country.  Let the kalifornicators, the limpie moral scientisimists, the Euro girlymen, and the jihadi goat effers go farm themselves.

All Gov institutions of the West, through and through, have become Clubs for Limpies. No competent non-whinies are allowed. By dis-empowering all the men of America, Limpies expect to make a better world. Meanwhile, Barbarians of the world are very impressed at the delicious meal being prepared for them to take. As the herd of Limpies rushes to be thinned, the Planet shrugs.

PC will soon implicate that females cannot bully, blacks cannot loot, and muslims cannot cheat. Only white males can do those things, so a handicapping cultural calculus requires that only they be suspended, jailed, and fined for such offenses.
It is the privilege of white males to pay to support all this. The only thing standing in the way of a fair and equal world is whites' reluctance to own up to their purpose: To host blood suckers. S/

Lefties believe in what never was and never can be: The Great Gov God in the Sky that Trickles Down Fairness and Equality, Scientifically. The Great Flying Fairie Gov (GFFG). But they mock Christians.


Progs are born with a "rules don't apply to me" attitude and badge. Only to everyone else.

From Marcuse and Prog "geniuses" --- How to use diversity to unravel and destroy a republic: Jews can't be white. Blacks and Hispanics can't be racist. Women can't be bullies. Muslims can't be cheaters.

But, because of privilege, White Men cannot be other than racists, bullies, and cheaters. Because ... redistributive fairness and equality. S/


Holism -- The connectivity of all that exists.  Why is that hard???  Do you think anything exists outside the holism?
Quantification -- Why do you seem to think reality consists only of quantitatives, without qualitatives that are beyond quantification?
Difference:  Mortals are a mix.  But the qualitative ideals are real.
Rules:  We need more assimilation of cultural values, language, metaphors, parables.  More empathetic good faith and good will; less busybody manmade wussie-law.
Read Sam Harris. Neuro-science of morality.  Experts wanting to establish all rules by scientism.  I think that is a sub-humanizing farce.  Played out by fascists pretending to know what is morally best for everyone, and how to prescribe it in the perfect system of formal rules.  With fake social scientism pretending to be science.
I think what is morally best tends towards a fluxing qualitative that defies being frozen in a formal system of manmade law, but that depends on each individual and context.  It has an objective reality in that it relates to an innate and real Source of Consciousness.  Consciousness, along with measurable Substance and accumulating Information, is a fundament of existentiality. 
What is morally best can be conceptualized as having subjective applications, in that it relates each subject (person-mind) to his situation within the holistic context.
 This is why it is sub-humanizing for any pretending busybody authoritarian to be claiming to know what is best for every person and culture.
 I agree with *Jesus, that the sum of moral wisdom falls under the Great Commandment (good faith) and the Golden Rule (good will).
But, unless a person is free within his participatory will to live in accordance with his own empathies and unfolding understandings, how can he claim to live with any more concern about morality than a machine, or a cog?  The more "moral expert law droolers" regulate lives, the more they turn people into amoral subhumans.  I think the detailed rules of diet and dress authoritarians are the obsessions of droolers.
* Matthew 22:36-40New International Version (NIV)
36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

The U.S. is a representative republic.  Those who want to turn it into dar al Islam, dar al Communism, or dar al fascist scientism --- need to stay the hello away.


"There" is dar al Islam and dar al Communism.
There is no perfect, static, formal society. There is only feedback -- give and take -- to be reconciled between the Holism and its variously assimilating and fluxing expressions of perspective. The quality of appreciation of that has to do with how one chooses to remain a human being versus a subhuman serf or monster. Seeking perfection in law is silly law drooling. Much as in the story of the Tower of Babel. Legalism piled on legalism seeking to attain godly perfection is madness. God save us from the wannabe lawyers of scientism.


Re: if people wish to live in this style by choice as opposed to force, as a man who finds personal liberty enjoyable, I cannot stop these people from doing so
Problem is, they don't want to live there. Many want to come here, and forcibly require service. Americans have a choice they have to make. Failure to choose to defend what is needed to preserve liberty under a representative republic is a choice to become enserfed under an axis of fascists and the people who wannabe farmed by them. Scientific Marxism quickly becomes fascist despotism. All that is required to fall under it is to fail to resist it.
The femimen and feminazis that fail to make an affirmative choice to defend liberty and to tolerate Marxism and Islam are making a choice --- whether they realize it or not.


Conservation of matter and energy necessitates that the fluxing and changing of measurables be accompanied with sacrifices, competition, and cooperation. This can often be characterized as violent. But members of a civilization can choose to direct that violence against inanimates and others that are not tolerant of them.
If we want to sustain a society that avails human freedom of expression and enterprise, then we cannot long afford to tolerate that which is poisonous to us. I value individual freedom and dignity over the security and fake equality of the herd. From my perspective, philosophies that value and force herd security and equality (Marxism and Islam) over individual freedom are sub-humanizing and anathema.
I have little problem with violence as needed to defend a representative republic against the over-reaching of wannabe fascist-ruling despots and their wannabe snowflake serfs. However, that is not for everyone. I realize a lot of people prefer herd security and being ruled by fake moral scientisimists in fine details. Let them go scientism and farm themselves. Not me. Let them find other blood hosts to suck from.
In parts of the U.S., communities still prevail that will defend their liberty against the violence and encroachments of wussie and fascist wannabes. So I agree: There will be choices to be made and there will be blood. I think wussie and fascist parasites have little idea what they are up against. The cycle will continue.

In the case of the U.S., steps were being taken to extend freedom and dignity to all permanent legal residents and citizens. Much better than the alternative of totalitarian rule under aristocrats or oligarchs. Why destroy representative republics to make them despotic against everyone? It seems Progs want more to be equal than to be free. Perhaps because they believe the gov will be run fairly and scientifically? Belief in unicorns would be less childish and irresponsible.

Steyn explained this today. Of course, Marcuse would disagree, according "the oppressed" with special immunity from rules that apply to competent white men.
Much of the problem stems from social acceptance and celebration by wussiemen. Tolerance is one thing. To expect everyone else must celebrate it is another. More people need to stop celebrating this happy horses*****.

I know infidelity, consorts, and mistresses have long been the fashion. But consider Athens, Rome, England, France, the U.S. Ask: Has any polygamous society ever long sustained a representative republic by condoning multiple marriages/spouses? I doubt it. Yet, with Lefties and Muslims, I see no argument under their memes against it.

"Greek and Roman men were not allowed to be married to more than one wife at a time and not meant to cohabit with concubines during marriage, and not even rulers were exempt from these norms. That these facts have generally received little attention and occasioned no surprise among historians specializing in this period bespeaks a remarkable lack of cross-cultural awareness."

Cyclical times. We will not pull out of the cycles until we (1) learn more from history and (2) acquire better spiritual vision. That project is underway, but it entails an arduous feedback process. Everyone with even the IQ of a brute, whose thinking is not frozen by some NWO syndrome, should readily see how the oligarchy is undermining human freedom and dignity. Everywhere, the signs are as in your face as a boot on the head. But the Wannabe Wussies like it that way.

By itself, the Constitution is mere form. Words. Obama like words. Without an assimilating ideal, words and laws become the jokes and crap of garchs. With forms of words (and an excess of femimen and feminazis on Scotus), garchs can "prove" to studenti that 2+2=5.

Unless more men and women find inspiration to become de-wussified, no mere Convention of States can salvage any sliver of this world. Mere words cannot restore the faith, family and fidelity needed to sustain a representative republic. More people will have to become more receptive to the I Am that I Am. Until then, they may have to endure another millennium of corrupti and ignoranti.

Western Civ is tolerating an elitist establishment that is intolerant of Western Civ. It wants to replace all representative republics with a people farm, to be run "scientifically." Worldwide. The opinions of the masses do not matter except for lip service.

For the NWO to make the masses ripe to be farmed, it helps first to wussify most of the competent individuals of the world. This means the deconstruction of faith, the de-defining of family, and the ridiculing of patriotic fidelity --- the three main precursors to the destruction of representative republics, worldwide.

Everywhere we now find surrender monkeys to the scientism of the new world oligarchy of absolute corrupti and jihadi. You don't have to be gay to be a femiman or a feminazi. We now have them out the wazoo. Educated T-Suckers. Evil is running riot. Will good people see, assimilate, and rise in time to the challenge?

LGBT: Doing the work to kill the republic that Americans won't.

Somehow our system morphed to float oligarchs that like to screw everyone else. They project their likes, and assume everyone else likes to screw everyone. Or, if they don't, all the more reason to screw them up with reeducation camps (colleges).

Without vigilance to preserve a representative republic, we soon default to the condition of the boot on the face, worldwide, forever. But at least we were tolerant enough to allow it. S/

Mark Steyn was just talking about you. Well, Bette Midler. How she rushes to blame men and Christians. To lump Christians in as a "cult." As if Presbyterians, Mennonites, and Mormons were out running around burning, stoning, running over, and throwing people off buildings. I do believe in the Great Commandment (good faith) and the Golden Rule (good will). But I share that in common with all decent folk, from whatever the spiritual background --- whether it be Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, Sikh, or even pagan Scientism. To accuse me of being just a cult follower because I blame people who follow a 7th Century pedophile for having violent and demented propensities is Midler-esque. I gave you a chance to impress me. You failed. Now go esteem yourself, O great Midler-esque Virtue Signaler.

Cultish aspects can be argued to apply to nearly every idea or religion. But a real belief is a way of thinking that a mature thinker arrives at of his own participatory will. A mature thinker encourages reasoned discourse. An insecure, cultish person enforces common swearing of oaths -- regardless of actual belief. The penalty for apostasy to a cult tends to be severe. Death or shunning. Most Christians do not seek to impose death or shunning upon non-believers or apostates.

Allah is derived from a Moon God. Mohammad claimed to have bargained with Allah for 72 virgins. Islam seeks a caliphate over which to impose Sharia law to rule many details of life, worldwide. Islam, when it has power to do so, is evangelistic by force.

Judeo-Christianity is based on the God of I Am that I Am. This correlates with the idea of the Godhead as including a holistic Consciousness. That Consciousness is as fundamental to the cosmos as Substance and Information. That is an explanatory model or metaphor, not forced cultism.

Christianity speaks often in parables. To appreciate parables is hardly to be cultish. Similar parables speak to people from many religious perspectives.

What puts Islam to the head of paganism is its commitment to violence and to a monstrous ideal of a god that gets jollies from laughing at people burning forever in hellfire. I suspect many Muslims still take that literally, while that is less the case among various other religious traditions. Jesus is said to invite to discourse and reason. Allah/Mohammad force subjugation.

Your perspective may be a bit stunted? Might you be too quick to condemn Christians as cultish, simply for tending generally to be of good faith and good will?

IAE, if Islam is supposed to be Abrahamic derivative, its scholarship is atrocious.

As to cultish, the Progs that seek to impose their vision of morality by destroying representative republics and by deploying law droolers to impose their moral scientism, thereby relegating the masses to herds to be farmed, are nothing if not cultish.

The biggest racists and most violent criminals are of the Left.

With brainless diversity, the intolerable is often tolerated, i.e.: Conditioning men to become thin skinned snowflake wimps; forcing porous borders that destroy a nation; de-defining marriage in order to destroy a culture; pagan religion that makes a fetish out of appeasing a make believe monster that demands the blood of innocents and infidels; inculcating perpetual incompetence secondary to refusal to grow up or to engage in common sense profiling in depth.

Brainless diversity mongers (anti-assimilation freaks), if allowed, will destroy faith, family, and fidelity, and pull all of civilization back into the "safe spaces" of the 7th Century. These people can never defend a republic. They can only contribute to its destruction.

If there are no Muslim attacks, that proves Trump was wrong. If there are Muslim attacks, that proves Trump was wrong. S/ Never Trumps and Lefties have a Catch 22 hitch in their brains. Which is why Trump is always wrong under the program that kinks their brains.

Eastasia has always been our friend. Or enemy. As instructed. Leftizoids believe whatever their chosen rulers and herd masters tell them to believe.

How about a meme to make fun of people who are easily triggered? Or people who tolerate real evil, such as terroristic Islam? Or every college institution that has been at the heart of "justifying" the de-defining of marriage and family, the dis-assimilation of the U.S., open borders, and the replacement of representative republics everywhere with systems run by hacks pretending scientism on behalf of oligarchs? When it comes to dragging down human enlightenment, how high up the list does Harvard stand? To look at some of its political products (Elizabeth Warren) is hardly to be impressed. Eff PC and its sub-humanizing agents.

The meaning of belief seems to be tied up with cognitive dissonance and brain freeze. The flip side of to believe while being unable to know is to doubt. Hard to quantify. As to quality of belief or faith, that seems to be tied to how one keeps the Commandments and respects the Godhead. I doubt the eternal Godhead cares what symbols we use to name IT, so long as we duly respect it, as demonstrated in the quality of our empathy regarding IT.

We live as a kind of performance art in respect of the Source that sponsors our beingness. For that, we each have an individual relationship in feedback with the Source. Michener. Individual autonomy and responsibility. As grown-ups. Which no grown-up surrenders to any mere mortal scientisimist or knowitall authoritarian.

To me, Christianity and the American Ideal both entail great respect for the freedom and dignity of citizens and families under God.

I doubt the Godhead wastes time building or maintaining an eternal hellfire to punish wrongdoers eternally. As to our mortal sojourn, I agree it is not soft. It is by the sweat of the brow. But it is interconnecting and empathetic. My concern is with the quality of that empathy. Less so with incantations and belief formulazations.

Convention of States. Read Levin, The Liberty Amendments. By itself, COS cannot save us. To work, enough people would need to raise moral consciousness by restoring spiritual receptivity to listen to the still small voice that is available to all who seek in good faith.

My experience with persons calling themselves Christians tends to be in the affirmative. :) Jesus represented as a caring and empathetic expression of the Godhead. Not as a monster who gets high by enjoying the burning and pain of others. Jesus wept.

What they call Allah rejoices in needless cruelty for its own sake. Pathetic. While worshipping Gaia/Planet, they mock people who worship the empathetic Godhead. While gorging themselves on temporal pleasures, they claim to be embodiments of moral fairness and equality. While farming people, they claim to be scientifically looking after the greater good. While conditioning underlings never to think for themselves, they gorge their brains with dope. Sad.

Welcome jihadis, but not the U.S. President. Insanity on stilts. Evidently, most of British manhood was killed off defending the Empire. Becoming more like femimen will not save Europe from Islam. Nor can it save the U.S. Enough of femi-insanity and wussie-hysteria.

Reminds me of the wussie-hysteria at News Views. Nearly every institution of persuasion is being taken over by easy fodder for despots, with little dissent allowed. When wussies deprived us of freedom of association, they forced us to tolerate murdering evangelists in our midst. In the name of fairness! S/ They have made the Constitution into a suicide pact.

The oligarchy lost in its attempt to use its control over the media/academia apparatus to hack and destroy the republic. Now, it blames its failure in hackery at the hackery of others. This is some serious chutzpah. Indeed, people of no shame have been floated to many high levels of power. Because they know their targeted sheeple have no sense.

In many cases, we need a restoration of the freedom to be wrong, including freedom of association, speech, and enterprise. Teach children/students to become hardy grown-ups with thicker skins and less need of coddling and safe spaces. Less reliance on gov to assuage hurt feelings. More respect for individual autonomy and authority of parents versus gov groomers. Teach children how to think and do for themselves. Less tolerance for intolerance of free speech and free thinking. Less tolerance for fake secular religions (Marxism and Mohammadism) that teach forced subjugation as a means of evangelism.

The only central rules I want are those necessary to sustain a society of free thinking free enterprisers.  If local people want to enter into more detailed social contracts among states, counties, cities, etc., that is their concern.  Provided it does not undermine the united free republic.  As far as the best, formally frozen, most perfect system of local rules -- there is no such a thing.  Notwithstanding all the whiny wussie snowflakes, crying for entitlements, fairness, and equality.

I admit I am prickly in that I am impatient with people who don't want to think beyond their trained comfort zones.
The idea of a conservatory system and holism has been around a long time. Regardless, too many people are prone to think, if an unfamiliar expression for a way of thinking is not defined in a dictionary, it cannot inspire a mental appreciation. Man, if that were true, we would be seriously constrained! Fortunately, the concept is simple. It is based on the idea of a system that is conserved in respect of math that constrains how its parts inter-react.
I admit to being hostile to law droolers who want to impose their idea of a perfect hypothetical country. To me, that gov that tends best is that gov that tends to govern least. Value human freedom and dignity. Then think about what is needed to establish, defend, and sustain that. Allow people the dignity to make and learn from their own mistakes. In a representative republic, this means: Knock back or out the freaks of gov imposed fairness, equality, scientism, and sharia. They are murdering the republic.

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