Friday, June 23, 2017


Popper's idea of openness and tolerance did not entail tolerance for every culture.  Popper was quite concerned about not poisoning the idea of tolerance with tolerance for the kind of totalitarianism that would destroy tolerance.

The process of replacing one model of morality and governance with another is not a process of science or betterment, but a process of choice that entails innate empathy versus enmity.

The idea of moral betterment is not enhanced by substituting an idea of diktat by knowitall fake scientists of morality, i.e., Nazis, Feminazis, Muslims, and Soros-nauts.  To substitute weknowbetter moral scientism for the freedom and dignity of individuals is to poison the very free exchange of ideas that Soros pretends to champion.  To see the consequence, just look at the anti-Republican shout downers, pretending victims, manufactured outrages, and vile name calling and violence of the hate filled Left, through its stoolies acting as hammers for their Kool-Aid dispensers.

The idea of open borders, without regard to boundaries of republics, is mind-grease for converting from rule of law to rule of international thugs of oligarchism.  It is an idea of a worldwide plantation to be run by despots for farming herds of people.  It is monstrously disrespectful of the assimilative will of people, families, groups, cultures, and nations.  By importing massive numbers of blood suckers, liberty-illiterates, and thuggish people-farmers, it would kill every decent representative republic.

The so-called supremacist ideology of good Americans is not one based on race, gender, age, or origin.  It is based on a fundamental choice to honor the freedom and dignity of individual, liberty-loving, freedom-competent Americans over the people-farming ideologies of phony moral scientisimists.  If the rainbow coalition of codependent wussie people and their armies of corrupti and ignoranti do not like that, they can sulk, rage, loot, and act out.  But they will be punished for it.  They will either be defeated by Americans, or they will be defeated by killing the very host whose blood they wish to suck dry.

Soros knows as much about morality as he knows about common decency.  Which is to say, he knows nothing.

The Left is a flim flam party among soul-dead pedophiles, drug lords, arms merchants, felons, rapists, murderers, kidnappers, pimps, groomers, thieves, con artists, child marry-ers, dopers, welfare agitators, entitlement mindsets, illegal aliens, irresponsible parents, race baiters, Nazis, socialists, communists, law droolers, people who conflate taxes with charity, people who encourage children to engage in sexual experimentation of all types, people who vote for a living, shills for oligarchs, people who believe a NWO of benign oligarchs would provide the best worldwide scientific management of the human herd, anti-Americans, and tolerant apologists for all the corruption and ignorance of the above.


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