Monday, June 19, 2017

Reverse Racism

In the case of so-called secular or atheistic "Jews," it is a concern to learn how top heavy they are in Scotus, Law, Banking, Wall Street, Lobbying, Media, Academia, Hollywood, and the NWO Open Society.  I suspect the extent of that has more to do with tribe-indoctrinated favoritism than with merit.  (If Jews can claim not to be white, they can assert inoculation from white privilege --- even as they saddle others with it.  Sort of how Blacks often get free passes for being racists.)

People don't pay for an Ivy League education because it is necessarily better.  They pay for the connections.  Many choose a church for the same reason.  Children tend not to seek out what makes sense, but simply to adopt the religion of their parents or profs and then to rationalize it after the fact.


Most (atheistic) "Jews" are of the Left.  The Left is a loose coalition of convenience to take down the big game.  Once the republic is bled out, the various race-based groupings of the Left will bleed each other.  Like the Muslms do.  Lefties always gotta hate.  Hate is all that unites them.  They are not united by any vision of a decent republic that avails freedom and dignity for all good faith members.  Rather, they are united only by selfish blood lust, envy, and material jealousy.

I say this as someone whose basic stance, sans the diet-dress-ceremony hoopla and believerism-fetishness, tends to be not incompatible with the Old (and New) Testaments. That is, I believe that the way and the truth and the light are found in the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule.


A person can believe as he wishes.  I tend not to care, so long as he does not deploy factually false or socially asinine beliefs for the purpose of oppressing other people or gang-banging with those who do. 
A person may attend temple, church, synagogue, or mosque services because he is a true believer, or he may attend primarily for the advantage of networking with a power group.  People don't pay for an Ivy League education because it is necessarily better.  They pay for the connections.  Many choose a church for the same reason.
The negative side of networking is that it is often exclusionary and oppressive.  When a person chooses a network, label, mark, or propaganda system for the purpose of oppressing others, that is a concern.  It is a concern when I see the nonsense in university shout downers, BLM traffic blockers, Minority nation dividers, Islamic no-go zoners. 
In the case of so-called secular or atheistic "Jews," it is a concern to learn how top heavy they are in Scotus, Law, Banking, Wall Street, Lobbying, Media, Academia, Hollywood, and the NWO Open Society.
For whatever reason, all groups except Conservers of Liberty seem to be hyphenating themselves, to discriminate against ordinary Americans.  This is reverse racism!!!  Hello!!!  And it needs to be called out, unless we want to acquiesce in the bleeding out, weighing down, and replacement of the representative republic. 
I do not accept that it is permissible for persons who choose to unite --- and call themselves by a label in order to engage in race-based gang-banging --- should be given a free pass to complain when there is blowback against their racism and their group-based efforts to undermine the republic.

I put most of the blame for divisive rhetoric on those who want to replace the American republic with a borderless NWO under the rule of oligarchs. That tends to include the following: Race baiters, the Black Caucus, BLM, La Raza, Acorn, CAIR, Islamic supremacists, those who want to divide and rule, the ADL, the ACLU, the media oligarchy, the critical studies professoriate, Marxist agitators, the University shout-downers and safe space cadets, and those who worship the idea of a sex-dope-sadomasochistic god.
What I see coming from Conservers of Liberty is defensive blowback against utter rot.

Where crony capitalism flourishes (which is now nearly everywhere), free markets are dying. Linear thinkers believe you can never have too much capitalism. Crony capitalism proves them wrong.

By the time Obama left, he had imported a lot of liberty illiterates. That may have artificially inflated his popularity, especially among the zombie wusses. As Trump deports more of them, his popularity will go up. No one but a zombie wuss would prefer the guy who appeals most to liberty illiterates. Have you grabbed a wuss today?

If Conservers of Liberty are against it, Proggies think they must be for it. Two ways to ruin a child: Brainless violence, and brainless tolerance.

Of course there is an American Ideal. It is obvious to anyone who can see and think. There are millions of Americans --- of whatever color, gender, age, origin --- who value human freedom, dignity, and decency. Who value responsible parents and the Declaration of Independence. Who value the Great Commandment (good faith) and the Golden Rule (good will). Moreover, that kind of empathy is spiritually innate to the cosmos, available to all who have not allowed themselves to become blinded by rot.
Moreover, those Americans are waking up to the warped corrupti and trained ignoranti who walk among us, who want to destroy the last vestiges of representative republicanism to replace it with dystopian NWO tribalism under absolutely corrupt oligarchs, liars, perverts, child abusers, race baiters, and dividers. They are recognizing the necessity of stopping the insanity of all who are intolerant of the American Ideal. And they are waking up to the nightmare of the alternative -- which is unjust tribalism on behalf of selfish people farmers and their whiny tools.

Absent responsible judgment among individual moral agents, every so-called scientific (liberal) pursuit of max pleasure will tend to neglect to factor the opportunity-investment cost. This is because science cannot very well factor that which was not selected. That is the job of moral judgment. As an organizing "principle," so-called "scientific" group hedonism (fake enlightenment) neglects what is necessary to raise children to become the next generation of responsible citizens. Somehow, no-harm-no-foul Libs seem always to forget about (or forfeit) the children, i.e., the generation that will be taxed to clean up their mess. Indeed, they are hardly willing to procreate. In Patton's patois, they know no more about philosophy than they know about forn i cat ion.

There is nothing in being black (or any other skin color), per se, that disallows a person from becoming superior in intellect, physicality, and virtue. Rather, the problem is with how the gene pool has been generally filtered. (To consider how rapidly this can alter a human gene pool, compare the history of dog breeds.)
Nor is there anything, per se, that disallows any immigrant from becoming a valued, free-thinking, competent American. Rather, the problem is with how our controllers are generally filtering the applicants.
When poor filtering of genetic and immigration pools is not sufficiently and generally opposed, every representative republic is endangered. (Note: Lest linear, one-dimensional, wussie-cretins get their panties in a bunch, I am not talking about specific or invasive genetic design. I am talking about general programs for factoring immigration and job applicants, so as to avoid the enserfing destruction of a republic.)
There is nothing morally superior or enlightening about allowing oligarchs and their Brooksian tools to swamp a republic with easily enserfed liberty-illiterates.


If the essence of Jesus is The Word, what then is The Word? Is it in the context, writing, symbol, sound from vibrations forced through the air, synapse jump, electromagnetic exchange? Is it conscious thought, communicated from the Expresser-Transmitter to the Expressee-Receiver? The spiritual exchange of good faith/good will?  Is it the conscious choice of Empathy over Enmity?

To the Atheistic Entitled, their perversion of the purpose of The Word is neither to serve nor to sustain, but to suck. And to network and swarm to enhance the sucking. Not empathy, but enmity. Not to serve The Word, but to profane it.  Not to receive for service, but to mass to take.  To be entitled by massing.  And all who resist are called racists.

Muslims who choose to propagate Islam have been responsible for most of the war killing.

Atheism is a faith-based stance that there can be higher (meta) mindedness without a spiritual (meta) connection. Every choice made by a perspective of consciousness is based in some aspect on a leap of faith under higher axioms.
Science, for its axioms, depends on measurable replicability. It depends on faith in what has been evident in measurements. Moral purposefulness is not so availed. It depends on what is evident to its self intuition and moral judgment. Which unavoidably entails leaps of faith.

Self-godded Evildoers usually find it helpful to rationalize what they do in terms of higher mindedness. That tends to come after the fact.
Their real motivation was lust, envy, jealousy. After the fact, they rationalize it, by forcing people to call them god or by arguing that they were in the service of a god.
The people who blame religion are just allowing the Evildoers to hide behind a cloak, perhaps to rationalize the continuation of their own evil. But the real cause was in the badly-churched, poorly-parented hearts of the Evildoers.

Mueller and what he is tasked to investigate are creations of the oligarchy that wants to kill the republic. Mueller's job is to serve his creator.
In effect, the oligarchy that controls the media-academia-news-lobbying apparatus is making itself the prosecutor, jury, and judge in its own cause.

We need a Special Investigator to investigate the Special Investigator.

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