Sunday, April 10, 2016

Deer Corn

The degrading of education has been partly deliberate, partly apathetic, and wholly corrupt. Cronies have milked opportunities for taking money from morons in exchange for filling their minds with rot. Morons have milked taxpayers in exchange for 4 years or more of choomery. Profs like the aura that has grown up around certified instructors. Pols like to work weak minds in order to launder their grifting. Taxpayers have been dulled into forgetting that the piper must eventually be paid.

The consequence is that most people are now educated way beyond the power of their intellects.

One can see this everywhere. In laymen who drink to stupor from the tinfoil school of birther law. In pc-certified profs and progs who marinate in the filthy waters of social justice college. In women who are taught their wannas trump the very lives of their babies. In men who think they are women, or that their daughters should be exposed to uni-bathroom freaks. In receptionists who timidly ask mustachioed, muscled, testicle-appended, hotel guests whether they are Mr. or Ms. In parents who opportunize their children with both jockstraps and bras until they are ready to decide what sex they want to be today. In pigeon-speaking, unskilled job applicants who believe they are entitled to the same pay as the most highly skilled and experienced worker. In foreigners who think they are entitled to become citizens. In voters who think it's awful that a candidate wants to defend the borders and deport invaders. In short, people have allowed the world to be overrun by mind rot, and they call it "education."

Morlochs put out deer corn for morons, and all the Eloi ate it up. Spice enough deer corn with high grade choom and all the damsel-people can be "educated" to believe anything. The people who do not want to be Morloch or Eloi had best retrieve some semblance of sensible faith. And right quick.

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Anonymous said...

What is God's religion? Consider the observer effect writ large. For fun, try Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.


Perhaps what we are living in has become more like a choomed up kaleidescope that feeds back in response to observer effects. If we want a compass whereby to smooth out some rough edges, we need in common to tune back to the great Reconciler. Its name is not important. Its common function that would allow us to choose and restore a path towards knowledge, wisdom, justice, and moderation is.


Too many people, on achieving a level of false sophistication, easily convince themselves they have earned a right to be supported by the work of many servants. To be good servants, they must be kept hungry and pregnant, paid and nourished just enough to keep their places as servants. Problem is, as they come to vote, absent moral guidance, they will by default convince themselves that they are entitled to the wealth of their employer. This will happen all the more suddenly and violently the more the employer comes to believe and teach that the only moral principle is the non-principle that all cultures are equal. This, the servants will readily believe, and they will popularize and empower the employer who tells them this. Until, that is, the servants join to smash and loot all that civilization has built.

Souldead, knowitall, socially unaware, nerdy oligarchs whose empathies are attuned much more to self aggrandizement than progeny are playing a dangerous game, gambling that they will be dead long before the excesses that made them popular come collecting. Often, they imagine that by using and holding their power by forcing other people to pay "charity" (tax redistributions) that they are doing good and "giving back." In reality, they are pouring money down a rathole that is warped to promote every vice. Living well by doing evil.

A person and a society that have no moral compass apart from pleasure cannot lead people from the bondage and violence of excess. Americans need to figure out: What is needed to establish and preserve a society that avails decent freedom and dignity for its citizenry?

The answer, obviously, is not the kind of popular democracy that promotes the lowest common denominator by promoting diversity for the sake of diversity. Our Founders, who did NOT believe that all values and societies are equal, worked mightily to gave us a representative republic -- conceived in liberty, defined and restrained by checks and balances, and glued by a common language and faith in a guiding and empathetic Creator. Now, our neo-knowitall rulers imagine they know better.