Sunday, April 17, 2016

No Fix Wanted

The establishment does not want a fix. It is happy with the way things are. A perfect set up. Distract the cattle with promises and pretense while you rip them off from the side. Keep them unsteady and off side. The last thing the Rino-Dino Party wants to do is to fix things in a way that would restore the republic, get Progs out of school and prison and off welfare, promote individual competence and independence, and end dependence on DC.

As things stand, Pols get contributions and votes by promising to do stuff, then get kickbacks for not doing the stuff. Often by voting to reduce obstacles to stuff, and then casting fake votes against the stuff. They all get rich. Why would any corrupt Pol want to vote against his gravy train?

If Americans really want to fix the republic, they will somehow have to seize power away from the corrupt gravy addicts -- both from the Dino looters and the Rino grubers.

The establishment wants most of all to ensure it can satisfactorily deal with Trump or Hillary in order to preserve its crisis-milking hedge-rights. In no way does it want any fix that would put a stop to its abuses. If you don't like that, the establishment is anxious for you to understand it is because you haven't checked your white privilege. That is, your "privilege" to carry the dead weight of the rino-dinos. Whatever you do, you must not do the un-PC thing and actually notice what the axis of corrupti-ignoranti is doing. At least, not until the demographic has been polluted (imported and indoctrinated) to such a point that it no longer matters what you think.


Americans and their parents were unfairly privileged with the initiative, fortitude, competence, and courage to make a nation out of a wilderness. Other societies have not been so privileged. This is unfair.
It is unfair of Americans to fail to lift their lamps to parley their produce to less privileged people, including the panorama of: parasites, pinkos, predators, perps, pervs, pimps, purveyors, prostitutes, pederasts, peasants, pigmentskins, phobes, phagocytes, pipers, priests, posterior-lifters, pansexuals, peckers, punks, pacifists, and proles, Evil Americans! Sarc.

What is so "smart" or "fair" about using immigration policy to create a majority of ignorant voters in order to teach them that they are entitled to vote for stooges making the kind of ridiculous promises that are fronted by cronies who are bent on converting the world into one gigantic people farm? The only domestic promise I want from the central apparatus is that it will do hara kiri to its belly.
Every decent person who cowers before political correctness and stands for the foolery propagated by the central apparatus is making easy the path of evil. I don't begrudge anyone working to make more money. I do begrudge everyone who uses ignoranti to leverage power for corrupti to replace the republic with a people farm. We need justice that draws hard lines to make corrupti pay for unpardonable crimes. Cronies ought to be cowering and hiding, not brazenly gadding about sponsoring $30,000 a plate conspiracy dinners and polluting us with imported idiocy.

Given a choice, would you want to emigrate to any Dem stronghold, such as California, Illinois, Michigan, or New York? As more people figure out that such places are not worth emigrating to, more people may figure out that such places are best quarantined or severed. Before their gangrene kills the entire republic. Otherwise, their gangrene will vote to infest and reduce every human being to a corrupt, ignorant, Dem humanoid.

A reincarnated version of Ronald Reagan could not win with today's electorate. The demographics have changed too much. Presidential, polite, and principled speeches were effective with the demographics of Reagan's day. Today calls for stuff that is blunter, more right between the eyes, more emotive. The Eleventh Commandment has fallen by the wayside. Given all the corruption and filth the NWO crony-commie rino-dino axis has produced, much more is now at stake.
Jimmy Carter was and is UN/NWO enamored. As is everyone in his wake -- excepting Reagan, Trump, and, less so, Cruz. If Cruz, given our modern electorate as it is, cannot inspire the committment and ferocity that we need, then we need to give full and fair consideration to Trump. Like Patton, he says things that are rough going down. But he also gets needed things done. If we want to hang the paper hanging bureaucrats in DC, we need someone like Trump.
Soldier: Where ya goin', General?
Patton: Berlin. I'm going to personally shoot that paper-hangin' sonofabitch.

Tough love is one of the first steps towards individual freedom and dignity. And all the Libs say, in Greek chorus: "The horror!"


The electorate is not really attuned to follow debates.  It is more into wanting to be sold.  Trump is a salesman.  You may not always like him, but he is relentless.

I am too far removed from typical college products to have much of a clue about how they twist or think.  Or how easily people can be twisted after years of mind abuse under the media/academia apparatus that is in place.  I have considerable schooling, but I always learned the most by teaching myself and reading a lot.  If a person needs profs to learn simple sociological and political stuff, then he probably does not belong in college except as a useful idiot.

I rely little on other people to form my opinions.  I do not watch commercials and probably cannot be hypnotized.  Like a lot of AT people, I have actually read the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers.   I don't watch much TV.  

So I am by no means a barometer of social trends or conventional wisdom.   But when I converse with otherwise apparently smart and competent people, I sense that most of them are far gone in their political outlooks.  I am still suffering from a double dose of PTOE -- post traumatic Obama election.  So I would not bet much on what our modern demographic will vote for.  

I think the powers that be are more powerful in shaping preferences than most people can imagine.  Yes, they may often be wrong in predicting who would be the best front man for their operations.  However, once they settle on their front man, I think they can make or break him. 

The present disarray is because they have not settled between Hillary, Sanders, Trump, and Kasich.  They may well come to see that there is no profit in 4 to 8 more years of Obamanism through Hillary.  They may see Bernie as too strange.  They are sensing that Americans will not sit still for Kasich or Ryan.  And they do not love Cruz.  So who's left standing?

My admittedly limited intuition suggests that most voters will not follow a detailed and substantive diagnosis, analysis,  or prognosis about what is needed to restore the health of the republic.  I do not sense that Cruz has what it takes to thrill them with the kind of immediate excitement they crave.  Nor can he pander to them without losing credibility. 

They understand that the system is corrupt.  But they don't understand how it got that way.  They don't see their own stupefaction as part of the problem, and they aren't willing to invest any long term effort or sacrifice to fix it.  They want easy villains to blame, and they want to be promised easy solutions. 

Their solution is to tax the rich, redistribute their wealth, and everyone will be happier.  Promise them that, and they will dig their own graves -- cluelessly but contentedly.

Cruz' slogan has been a time for truth.  That does not sell to the modern demographic.  They think they know the truth and they have easy answers for it.  Bernie preaches bs that is easy to say, that means nothing, but plays to the young and clueless demographic.  Trump's slogan is make America great again.  That slogan sells well to a clueless generation that just wants to be taken care of.  

Trump is a successful salesman.  I think he will prove better at doing what is needed to sell his slogan.  By the time he plays with the powers that be and the clueless dupes, I think the polls will come his way.  Now, as to whether he will be good for America, I cannot say.  But I believe he would have to be an improvement  over what we have had.  I detest seeing people farmed like cattle, but the system is what it is.  Trump, at least, seems to prefer American cattle.


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Anonymous said...

Despots and Progs define "believe" differently from ordinary human beings. To a sub-human fanatic/jihadi Despot/Prog, "to believe" means to give a response that is conditioned to a stimulus. Like a trained robot or seal.

To a human being, "to believe" means to give a considered opinion based on free and rational thought. To a sub-human fanatic/jihadi, free and rational thinking is un-PC and forbidden. To engage it outloud is to risk being stoned. In the West, to rile up stoners is to breach the peace and risk criminal prosecution for hate speech (i.e., hate thinking outloud). To a human being, to forbid free and rational thought is inhuman (or subhuman at best).

A lot of cultures are run by despots who promote inhumanity. They have infested Prog brains to the point where Progs are now helping sectarian and secular Despots to promote inhumanity. Despots and Progs do not give expression to beliefs or thoughts. Rather, they plunk out conditioned PC-responses. They are worthless cowards that are content to have made themselves entirely unsuitable to decent society or human liberty.

By importing and indoctrinating liberty-illiterates, they mean to stomp their fascist boots over every human face. Eff Obama, Hillary, Bernie, Commies, Progs, and Dems. Eff them to infinity and beyond.