Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Moon Money

Moon Money:

In the Second Book of Faust, Faust and the Devil explain to the Holy Roman Emperor how to print money that will be accepted as valuable when based on his mineral rights ownership of all the buried and unfound wealth that surely must lay somewhere under his kingdom. The U.S. could assert ownership of vast minerals in the Moon, under ground near where we planted our flag. We could survey each square inch of the surface and then issue Moon Notes backed by royalty bonds based on the common minerals thereunder. No doubt, the Chinese would accept this tender, provided they were in on the scheme. Until, that is, some private entrepreneur stakes a claim on the Moon under his own international corporate flag. Somehow, this path does not seem the way to a righteous civilizing foundation.

Re: " the idea of cronyism and government picking winners and losers was at one point a major point of contention"

The idea that anyone, including leaders of gov, can avoid picking, i.e., making choices and decisions, is itself ludicrous. To fail to make a choice to defend oneself, especially while others are attacking, is itself a choice. In the game of life, t for tat tends usually to be the best tactic. When one chooses to be a doormat, one is treated as a doormat. The notion that the U.S. should be a doormat for every other trading nation is not just ludicrous. It is spawn of evil. The measure of the effectiveness of of t for tat is not in any single transaction. The measure is in the plural flow of transactions. When our leaders demand of other leaders that they respect the U.S. as more than a doormat, then our own industrious people will have a better chance.

Yes, decentralize domestically and cut regulations. But don't advocate that America must leave the doors to her homes and businesses open to plunder. We will either have a notion or not. We will demand respect or not. To buy into the Soros notion of open season on America via an open society that is open to pillage and plunder would be purely asinine. Begging for open season to enserf producing Americans is what cronies and commies want. Cronies want cheap labor. Commies want that no one be specially rewarded for individual talent and initiative. Just cheap cheap. Hollow and souldead.

We are NOT getting cheap or free stuff in exchange for fiat money. Rather, our pols are using fiat money to use us, to sell our industries and technologies to China in exchange for kickbacks laundered through charitable foundations.

There is no free lunch. We are selling our souls, our republic, and our liberty to a worldwide apparatus that feeds and grows on absolute corruption and utter ignorance. Indeed, we are empowering hideous monsters and despots with technologies they will use to bury us and our progeny. When Obama said fundamental change, he meant Iran would be calling out the azan over our graves.

If the U.S. wants to accelerate Commie plans for replacing the dollar with a different world reserve currency, all it needs to do is print money to pay off its debt.

It's all about managing public trust: Good faith and good will. In the Source of Trust we trust.

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