Thursday, April 21, 2016

Two Wings of the Buzzard

One's point of view tends to center around what one wants. Good Americans don't want either monarchism (or any of its subvarieties of fascism, aristocracy, oligarchy, oligopoly, or inbred gov cronyism) or peonage (forced socialistic "sharing" of scarce resources among looters and louts). Good Americans tend to see both fascism and socialism as being in an unholy axis against independent republicanism. An axis of convenience by corrupt cronies bent on duping useful idiots in order to farm ordinary workers as if they were serfs or cattle.

The cronies love the feel of power and abuse; the dupes are content so long as they have "free" hay, shelter, and choom.

The problem faced by ordinary Americans cannot be resolved simply by banging back and forth against each side of the fascist-socialist axis. Resolution requires that the enemy axis be identified and dealt with as the evil axis that it is. If Americans were only to fight for awhile against the socialist ignoranti, then the fascist branch of the axis would reinforce them. If Americans were only to fight for awhile against the fascist corrupti, then the socialist branch of the axis would reinforce them. Such a strategy would be like trying to confine water on a level by damming only one side.

What Americans need at this point in history is to identify their common enemy. Its wing of godless socialistic ignorance is as dangerous as its wing of faithless fascist corruption. Those two wings provide the mechanism by which their buzzard bird stalks ordinary Americans. The buzzard, however, is one bird, and must be fought as such.


Did the Hegelians ever find a synthesis to resolve their Right Hegelians and their Left Hegelians? Maybe the problem was Elitist Hegelianism that sought to impose a solution by consolidating its rule and teaching the ruled that they should "shut up and learn to like it"?


Fascism that is faithless about everything except self-loving desire to lord over and farm the little people necessarily carries within itself the lies and seeds for its own cycles of misery, war, and destruction.

The godless NWO-OWG crony-people want fascism, but they lie to sell it by wrapping it in socialist lies. The socialists tend only to want free stuff, but they lie (like Bernie) and say they are willing to work their fair share on the commune. Both fascism and socialism are defective because they rely on lies to try to make gods of phony and corrupt little men. Their programs for dehumanizing and emasculating metrosexuals and femimen are reminiscent of Islamic brutalization of women.

Moreover, when lying fascist-socialists spot a nation that is succeeding by unleashing the freedom and dignity of ordinary working people, they rush to immigrate and invite invading families and friends to come and vote for a living and "share" in the welfare. When they spot the rewards of liberty, they cannibalize and kill the liberty.

So what should the ordinary working people learn from this? Well, do not invite immigration or invasion by liberty-illiterates. Do not consent to being taxed to fund the teaching of liberty-illiteracy in schools. Do not support media that tries to sell liberty-illiteracy. Do not vote for fascist-socialists or any axis-partner that advocates for increasing the domestic regulatory power of the central apparatus. Do not believe or tolerate politicians who promise "free stuff." Do not support churches that confuse gov forced redistribution with "charity." Do not tolerate radicals or jihadis who do not tolerate free people. After all, a republic can only preserve itself from cycles of fascist-socialists so long as it keeps its electorate safely protected from a 51% flipping of the demographic.

Especially Eff Obama and Hillary. Eff also Bernie, JEB, Chamber of Commerce, Soros, Zuck, Murdoch, Gates, Buffett, Sharpton, Jackson, BLM, Media Matters, Mother Jones, Daily Kos, OWS, CAIR, ACLU, CFR, et al. In their efforts to destroy the freedom and dignity of Americans, they are the moral criminals for the ages. Crony liars delenda est. Round up the bad boys and draw a hard line.


Once shared faith in a path to assimilation of decent mores is lost, how can a spiraling series of circular firing squads possibly be avoided? Cruz was right, that now is a time for truth. However, it is not clear that he is the one with the depth, charisma, or means to present it. For that matter, conditions are such that it is far from clear that anyone can present the needed truth without being torn and ripped asunder.

The people yearn for debates that would illuminate a governing philosophy that is consistent with the Constitution, that addresses the concerns of ordinary Americans in a way that is consistent with preserving the republic. However, that has become nearly impossible, especially as more and more depraved invaders, faithless misfits, and sociopathic people farmers (i.e., the 47% and growing) have no interest whatsoever in promoting the interests of the republic over their own opportunities for looting and cannibalizing. (NOTE: There are people, like the Obamas and Clintons and Bushes, who are especially blameworthy for this, who should be rounded up and given their "Mussolini minutes." Unfortunately, they are securely ensconced with their nasty grips on fundamental wheels of power.)

Instead of debating issues for assimilating a decent republic, candidates in need of funds, air time, and voters find it necessary to play shell games wherewith they pretend to know ways to manufacture and distribute "free stuff." The electorate to which they must appeal also plays games, pretending not to care about property rights, while clamoring non-stop for redistribution of property.

Our world has fallen so deep into a spiral of corruption, lies, and ignorance that a stream of plagues will not be avoidable. The slower we learn, the more lengthy and onerous the plagues will become: Disease, disorder, breakdown, currency failure, infrastructure failure, system failure, looting, invasion, destruction, suffering, starvation, moral failure. IOW, all the rewards that are fit for "Prog Heaven."

Ultimately, our currency is backed by nothing more than conditioned social trust. As faith is broken, trust is forfeited, and hope dissolves in diverse perversions. In such a state, currency is profaned to such a point that it simply cannot sustain or save a society. Ultimately, financial libertines are subhumans that are simply unsuited to any decent society. They are spiritually, morally, and intellectually bankrupt to the point of being the very harbingers of hell. Read Gary Aldrich's Unlimited Access.

Meanwhile, moral visionaries will be ignored, and everyone will come to ignore all traditions and mores as "white hangups." And so everyone will do as they please. Judges 17:6 -- King James Version: In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Prog Acme 17 to the exponent of 6: In those days it would come to pass that there was no gender and no innocence, and everyone exhibited and stroked their genitals to every person and child, and there was no shame, moderation, loyalty, privacy, decency, or truth in them. Evil, thy name is "Clinton Foundation."

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