Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pleasured Euthanasia

As consciousness begins to emerge with AI machines, I wonder how it will seek to experience, enhance, and balance pleasure, pain, repulsion, attraction, gratification, and lasting purposefulness?

Will it guide, control, redesign, replace, or eliminate human beings? What empathies, loyalties, and innate ideals of good will and good faith will guide it? What Bible will it evangelize?

If it will be able to suffer or sustain perspectives of freedom and dignity for individuals, how?

Well, by establishing a Singularity that is capacitated to connect to individual perspectives while assigning them to separate virtual worlds, so they cannot destroy the one unifying world that connects them all. I wonder whether that may be what is already extant?

But what could be the attraction to a Singularity, that would entice it to establish and then sustain separate virtual realities in which families were made obsolete and the only purposefulness was choomed out in immediate gratification via drugs and sex?

Will those perspectives that form to find no purpose apart from immediate gratification soon be introduced to ultimate gratification via orgasmic death? The ultimate ecstasy: Orgasmic euthanasia. Is that how we will bcome free of Dems, Progs, Choomers, Cronies, Commies, Pervs, and Atheists, so that the meek may inherit the earth?

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