Saturday, April 16, 2016

Of "Fairness"

Things may be conceptualized as "fair" or good in respect of whether they correlate with pursuing purposes. None of us is good, per se, but all of us pursue goodness. What we pursue and call "good" is affected by capacities in spirit, consciousness, intellect, energy, quickness, strength, endurance, initiative, and talent. Those are affected by contexts of nurture and nature. Cultural environment and genes.

Except in respect of aspirations, neither we nor our genes are in themselves good. However, our cultures and genes do affect our capacities. Therefore, we should ask: What mix of cultures and genes would best promote our purpose, if, for example, our purpose were to cultivate a civilization that would avail decent respect for individual human freedom and dignity?

Almost by definition, a cultural ethos that admires forced redistribution of the greatest wealth, power, security, and gratification -- whether to the few, the sub-elite, the contending-posse-wannabes, or the masses -- does not admire liberty, dignity, or humanity in individuals. Rather, it is revisionism that seeks to replace human beings with parasitical humanoids. By definition, such a culture seeks to prevent or replace every representative republic that is governed under light or limited central control.

To flourish, people that carry cultures and genes that seek freedom and dignity for themselves and their posterity cannot afford to tolerate among themselves that which does not tolerate them. They cannot long tolerate the people and genes that seek by parasitical gangsterism to replace individual freedom and dignity with thug-backed security, equality, power, and gratification. A society that values individual freedom and dignity must re-train, quarantine, or expunge opposing cultures and genes.

This is more about the survivial and flourishing of human beings than about any false propaganda of "fairness." Either one is oriented to support human freedom and dignity and representative republicanism -- or one is not. If one is not, one has little place in America. Purposefulness that amounts to more than a buzzard's esteeming itself "fairly" entitled to be gratified requires tasteful selectivity, i.e., "profiling." Not a dumping ground for inviting every kind of trash and refuse.

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