Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Am Just An Egg

What is God's religion? Consider the observer effect writ large. For fun, try Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

We have allowed Commies to weaponize our gov against Americans. Political Parties have weaponized against the electorate. Colleges have weaponized students against Americans. The IRS has weaponized audits against Conservatives. The FBI/DOJ have weaponized to support a putsch that uses third world liberty-illiterates and minorities against the First and Second Amendments. Courts have weaponized against traditional families. Media have weaponized against Christianity. Churches, through tax and gov inducements, have corrupted against individual liberty and responsibility. Foundations have weaponized for laundering foreign kickbacks. The Treasury and Federal Trade Commission have weaponized for dissolving all nations into a NWO to be ruled by faithless, syndicated, crony corrupti. The Rule of Law has weaponized into the Rule of Totalitarianism, such that even the Corrupti cannot escape the boot on the face. Do you grok this, Oh Water Brother? I am just an egg. A Stranger in a Strange Land.

All avenues of Fed funding for SJW type studies need to be immediately cut at all colleges. The Department of Education needs to be shuttered. The fact that perhaps 80% of college students support Sanders tells us that a pandemic of mind rot is rife in colleges. No thinking person can reasonably expect that the climate in colleges for Crony-Commie totalitarianism and against the American Ideal will do anything except get worse. The tipping point occurred long ago. Everyone, student and prof alike, who thinks like an American has been filtered out and will not ever again be allowed any sway. Unless taxpayers defund this mind rape, it will only proliferate. Crony-commies are mind raping the world more thoroughly than the combined rapine by the Muslims at Constantinople, Japanese at Nanking, Germans at Stalingrad, and Russians at Berlin. The longer taxpayers fund this, the more irreversible it will become. Jihadis mind rape at mosques. Commies mind rape at colleges. In spirit, they are rape brothers. Obamanites are so twisted they like to be mind raped.

Perhaps what we are living in has become more like a choomed up kaleidescope that feeds back in response to observer effects. If we want a compass whereby to smooth out some rough edges, we need in common to tune back to the great Reconciler. Its name is not important. Its common function that would allow us to choose and restore a path towards knowledge, wisdom, justice, and moderation is.

Too many people, on achieving a level of false sophistication, easily convince themselves they have earned a right to be supported by the work of many servants. To be good servants, they must be kept hungry and pregnant, paid and nourished just enough to keep their places as servants. Problem is, as they come to vote, absent moral guidance, they will by default convince themselves that they are entitled to the wealth of their employer. This will happen all the more suddenly and violently the more the employer comes to believe and teach that the only moral principle is the non-principle that all cultures are equal. This, the servants will readily believe, and they will popularize and empower the employer who tells them this. Until, that is, the servants join to smash and loot all that civilization has built.

Souldead, knowitall, socially unaware, nerdy oligarchs whose empathies are attuned much more to self aggrandizement than progeny are playing a dangerous game, gambling that they will be dead long before the excesses that made them popular come collecting. Often, they imagine that by using and holding their power by forcing other people to pay "charity" (tax redistributions) that they are doing good and "giving back." In reality, they are pouring money down a rathole that is warped to promote every vice. Living well by doing evil.

A person and a society that have no moral compass apart from pleasure cannot lead people from the bondage and violence of excess. Americans need to figure out: What is needed to establish and preserve a society that avails decent freedom and dignity for its citizenry?

The answer, obviously, is not the kind of popular democracy that promotes the lowest common denominator by promoting diversity for the sake of diversity. Our Founders, who did NOT believe that all values and societies are equal, worked mightily to gave us a representative republic -- conceived in liberty, defined and restrained by checks and balances, and glued by a common language and faith in a guiding and empathetic Creator. Now, our neo-knowitall rulers imagine they know better.

Trump projects a desire to defend America against border jumpers, invaders, crony raiders, money grifting launderers, and treasonous pols. Those who like to make crises in order not to waste them simply will not abide any such a thing. Neither will the loudmouth progs, choomers, metrosexuals, feminazis, militant atheists, reconquistas, thug redistributionists, and all their shills, dupes, and idiots. They have worked long and hard to sink ordinary American families and put them under the thumbs of the axis of corrupti-ignoranti. These pc-fascist-commie-satanic twits will blow the bridge at Remagen before they will allow Trump to cross it.

The degrading of education has been partly deliberate, partly apathetic, and wholly corrupt. Cronies have milked opportunities for taking money from morons in exchange for filling their minds with rot. Morons have milked taxpayers in exchange for 4 years or more of choomery. Profs like the aura that has grown up around certified instructors. Pols like to work weak minds in order to launder their grifting. Taxpayers have been dulled into forgetting that the piper must eventually be paid.

The consequence is that most people are now educated way beyond the power of their intellects.

One can see this everywhere. In laymen who drink to stupor from the tinfoil school of birther law. In pc-certified profs and progs who marinate in the filthy waters of social justice college. In women who are taught their wannas trump the very lives of their babies. In men who think they are women, or that their daughters should be exposed to uni-bathroom freaks. In receptionists who timidly ask mustachioed, muscled, testicle-appended, hotel guests whether they are Mr. or Ms. In parents who opportunize their children with both jockstraps and bras until they are ready to decide what sex they want to be today. In pigeon-speaking, unskilled job applicants who believe they are entitled to the same pay as the most highly skilled and experienced worker. In foreigners who think they are entitled to become citizens. In voters who think it's awful that a candidate wants to defend the borders and deport invaders. In short, people have allowed the world to be overrun by mind rot, and they call it "education."

Morlochs put out deer corn for morons, and all the Eloi ate it up. Spice enough deer corn with high grade choom and all the damsel-people can be "educated" to believe anything. The people who do not want to be Morloch or Eloi had best retrieve some semblance of sensible faith. And right quick.

We need to vet to ensure Donald Trump is not Rawhide: Just head 'em, rope 'em, and brand 'em. Or promise, grease, and screw 'em.

I don't think Donald is like Zuck, who wants an open bordered society, which means he wants all the Eloi to be reduced to a lowest common denominator of desperate peasants sharing or fighting for scraps. Zuck doesn't mind stealing everyone else's birthright, so long as no one upsets his crib. I don't think Donald is like Zuck or Soros or the Establishment.

But what in Donald's history, apart from recent promises, gives reasonable assurance? One could say that Zuck would not need to take contributions, either. But no sane person who has not choomed his brains to dust should

trust him. People say Cruz is compromised by establishment money. But look at the people Trump is considering for Veep and tell me he is not compromised in his principles. Unfortunately, the establishment has infested everyone.

Anyone who considers Zuck, Soros, and most other oligarchs, who might imagine that the last best hopes of human liberty and dignity are not on their last legs, would not be paying attention. Those ilk should be firehosed, not admired. The difference between Hitler-Stalin and Zuck-Soros is less one of philosophy than one of technique. None of them have the least respect for the liberty or dignity of anyone they mean to farm.

The GOPe is comfortable with its deal making position with the establishment and does not want to rock the boat. Hillary is a reliable establishmentarian. Even if Trump were to lose to Hillary, in doing so, the GOPe fear is that he would rouse the rabble to sweep out many Rinos and replace them with Dinos. Dinos do not want real communism, because, unlike Bernie, they know it does not really exist. Hillary and Rove both want to preserve the System of Crony-Commies (Rino-Dinos) as it is. Their entire Kabuki show depends on it.

IF Trump and Cruz are bona fide about wanting to salvage America, they must unite to list and identify all the ways the Crony-Commie Establishment (including Soros-Zuck, aka "Cattle-Book") is seeking to bury the last best hope for pursuing a decent representative republic that respects individual freedom and dignity. The American people can be united and inspired, if leaders will come together to identify the evil.

If Trump and Cruz fail to unite to identify the evil, the evil will divide and cut America and the world into pieces and enslave and devour all those rendered as helpless as Eloi. Jacob Marley is howling and shaking his chains, but most Americans remain dumb and deaf to the signs. After Hillary, abandon hope for America and seek succor and replacement elsewhere.

BTW, see http://www.northjersey.com/news/judge-ted-cruz-eligible-to-be-on-n-j-primary-ballot-1.1543279.


A lot of executive compensation comes as a result of crony conversion to a two class society, that entails the cannibalization of America and its reduction to a banana republic. Oligarchs do this to America, destroying the republic as they do so, and then propagandize us about what a good deal it is and how much they "deserve" their compensation. For what? For selling us into servitude?

How does it improve society to breed and import liberty-illiterate illegals, to convert us to a "service economy", and to sell us into fiat-manipulated debt? Apart from criminal, moral, and treasonous conspiracy, what "entitles" the crony class to connive, convert, grift, launder, and cannibalize national resources? What entitles them to regulate small businesses into non-existence and to infest lay and student minds with brainless, pre-serf prep-propaganda? Why are so many profs so sold out and letting the crony class get away with this by peddling crocodile promises and lies about spreading economic opportunity and equality? Why are more profs not exposing the axis of corrupt cronies and ignorant commies that is being so nurtured under the present circumstances of our world? So long as our best and brightest remain unwilling to identify the danger, how can humanity hope to resist it?

Why are more ordinary Americans not challenging Crony pretense about being on the side of choomers, pervs, child abusers, race baiters, felons, looters, incompetents, musloids, losers, femimen, feminazis, reconquistas, pansexuals, shills, dumas profs, liberty-illiterates, and anti-Americans? Why aren't more ordinary Americans pulling masks down to expose what the godless, faith-breaking, lying, treasonous, corrupt, gratification-addled, crony oligarchic, morlochian class is up to? The Crony-Rino class is different from the Obamanites -- how?

Kids take on a fortune in debt in indoctrination on how to destroy their national republic. Hanging is too good for the crony-commie axis of wilful and treasonous corruption and ignorance.

Animal rights, public lewdness, choomery, global warming. white privilege, self esteem, looting 101, open society, bumbler plunder, militant whining, safe space thug boys, publicity hoing, Gaia paganism, Muslim tolerance, interspecies sex, fecesflinging, child grooming, family destruction, replacement of the family with the crony-commie, anti-Americanism, reconquista -- College is a zoo of failed and evil ideas fooling around in a jester's suit posing as wisdom. Non-viable eggs. Defund them. Now.

Publicity hos are a dime a dozen. Michelle Fields. Rosie O'Donnell. Wendy Davis. Rachel Dolezal. Melissa Click. Jane Fonda. Anita Hill. These are the role models nowadays held up for little girls. Ho privilege.

The thing is, every decent, competent, thinking person knows that the Establishment HAS stabbed, and continues to stab, America in the back. Everyone knows the corrupti of billionaire oligarchs ARE dismantling, hollowing, selling out, and cannibalizing America. Everyone knows they want to rule, and to reduce everyone else to the ruled. This can be controversial only to mice and idiots.

It's not just Bush and Obama. It's Soros and Zuck. And most of the other billionaires. And a lot of idiotic followers. They don't want a free and independent America. Nor do they want little people who are free and independent -- anywhere. Stamping out white privilege is their stalking horse for stamping out independence privilege. Soon, the majority will want to stamp out the First and Second Amendments. Wilful corruption and idiocy grow and burst forth wherever they are tolerated. Unless we want nothing but wilful corruption and ignorance, they should not be tolerated. Their financiers are brazenly identifying themselves. We need to take the opportunity to round up these bad boys and draw a hard line.

There is no Left or Right. There is Wrong v. Right. Demented Sadomasochism v. Enlightened Empathy. Totalitarian Borgdom v. Participatory Will. Fascist Rule v. Human Freedom. Mindless Choomery v. the Purpose Driven Life. Strident Gruberism v. Individual Competence. Weaponized Taxation v. Individual Charity. Highway Robbery v. Armed Self Defense. Being less than zero v. standing for something.
It's a time for choosing. Faithless, morally deformed, and untrustworthy choomers, grubers, pervs, looters, self help reparators, black privilegeds, reconquistas, gangsters, oligarchs, launderers, incompetents, cronies, commies, jihadis, sociopaths, narcissists, souldeads are on one side. Americans are on the other. Obamanites v. Americans. It's 47-47-3. It's time for Empaths' Minority Report.

Liberalism has become a college and media borne pathogen.  Obama is an apex pathogen.  The plague of Liberalism has now infested every institution.  It has infested the air, water, law, manners, language, and symbols. 

There is nothing of liberty, charity, or humanity in Liberalism.  Without liberals' blood sucking from white males with responsible jobs, Liberalism would devour itself and morph into "abbies," i.e., cannibalizing abnormals. 

Vikings raided much of the world.  They did not sit on their behinds and whine.  But then they victimized themselves with the drag of chivalry and courtesy -- eventually succumbing to become hosts for whinny dregs, incompetent damsels, conniving priests, opportunistic jihadis, and faithless cronies. 

Vikings assimilating with yeomen rose above the muck, but will soon return to the muck:  victims of their own slave-raiding culture.  Per Obama, it's more important to spread the muck than to rise above it.

The way to "force people to be free" is not by crafting regulations that control their every activity.  The way to become free is to force central gov to take a very diminished role.  Defund DC.  When parasites are separated from their blood-sucking supply, more people will find it necessary to work, and more real wealth will be produced to spread around.  No More Blood Sucking FemiBoys Buzzing Off About "White Privilege!"  Enough!

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Liberalism has become a college and media borne pathogen. Obama is an apex pathogen. The plague of Liberalism has now infested every institution. It has infested the air, water, law, manners, language, and symbols.

There is nothing of liberty, charity, or humanity in Liberalism. Without liberals' blood sucking from white males with responsible jobs, Liberalism would devour itself and morph into "abbies," i.e., cannibalizing abnormals.

Vikings raided much of the world. They did not sit on their behinds and whine. But then they victimized themselves with the drag of chivalry and courtesy -- eventually succumbing to become hosts for whinny dregs, incompetent damsels, conniving priests, opportunistic jihadis, and faithless cronies. Vikings assimilating with yeomen rose above the muck, but will soon return to the muck. Per Obama, it's more important to spread the muck than to rise above it.