Friday, April 29, 2016

Observer Effect in Dreams?


NON-EMPIRICAL GOAL:  I'm not especially seeking to prove or confine God by empiricism, because I think that is beyond us.  What I seek is a best model for internal consistency, that is as consistent, coherent, and complete as possible.  That may provide a framework for relating to some of our most important moral and  political concerns.

To "test" such modeling is to consider how it may relate across the spectrum of potential experiences.

OBSERVER EFFECT:  For example, the observer effect is interesting in respect of how light comes to be expressed as particles versus waves.  So, I wonder about whether dreams may be similarly affected by some kind of feedback-observer effect.  Are dreams entirely byproduct, or is the way they are appreciated by the  dreaming observer a feedback-factor in affecting how they unfold?  May the observer effect be related to Psi?

NOTHINGNESS:  What do we mean by "nothingness?"  Whatever the Source is, it is not reasonably conceptualized as nothing.  Yet, none of our particular senses can measure it, except in respect of such inferior derivatives as it expresses (space, time, matter, energy).  In how we can measure it, it is as if it were nothing.  But in how we may intuit it, it seems to be everything.

IS POTENTIALITY LIMITED IN ANY WAY:  What might be the potential power of this Source-No-Thing-ness?  Well, depending on how it may come to organize pre-sets, such as AI machines, its potential power seems astoundingly unlimited.

MATH:  I think no matter how the Source imparts specific expressions, they will obey conservational maths -- for equations, phase shifts, transpositions, transitions.

PSI:  How does the Source take on (adopt and bind to) particular perspectives of self aware identities or AIs?  Is there some unproveable, immeasurable, psi avenue of apprehensive or guiding feedback between each particularly receptive perspective and the Reconciling whole of the Source?  If so, can improving pre-sets for forms of particular receivers improve the appreciation or feedback of any potential psi effect? 

BEGINNING OF INFINITY:  Insofar as the Source-No-Thing-Ness may be unlimited in potential, what astonishing events may potentialize to unfold before us?  Is there a way of thinking about such relationships that can make consistent sense for evaluating meaningful and moral concerns and purposes?  What may the Source be seeking to communicate for its feedback-appreciation from the perspectives of  particular identities?

PROBLEMS:  I don't know.  I have not found the perfect (consistent, coherent, complete) way to model for such concerns.  Every model I have considered or conceptualized presents problems.  "His ways are not our ways."

RESEARCH:  I think I will see if there is a good book on psi experiements that is put out by a "respectable" author.  Then see what is said about it by the "smartest" people who have taken their best shots.  Then see if I can make any sense for myself out of the upshot. 

TURING TEST FOR GOD:  The Turing test for a conscious fellow being pertained to whether or not a reasonably competent person could tell if a communicant were a robot or a person.  Can a reasonable Psi evaluator tell whether or not the Source is communicating information to him beyond ordinary channels?  I suspect:  No Psi effect can be  "reliably" replicated in any way that can be "proven" to be beyond  random chance, because our imaginations are perhaps unlimited in supposing defects in our tests to "account" for whatever the statistical "anomalies."

Yet, reasonable people think they "know" when the Being they are communicating with is a real person versus a pre-set algorithm.  So, may it be "fair" to ask whether a "reasonable" perspective of Consciousness may "know" when it is receiving information that is from (The?) Source and that is being channelled beyond ordinary mediums?  Well, I don't know, but maybe I feel a little like Hunter Thompson, sans the Weed.

Time for my walk.  :)

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